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[APP][2.3+] Bumper - the overlay keyboard

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Feb 11, 2012
Attemption to get 3 of 3:
- big buttons
- full buttons set
- big visible area of the running application

Generally designed for two-handed input in landscape mode.
Mimic side-sliders physical keyboard. Enforces landscape screen-mode

Current status: community expectations

FAQ: v0.5 and higher

1. What's the idea, advantages, strong sides?
- Big, semitransparent, only and just for landscape.

Enforces landscape by itself. Designed for two-handed usage.

Also - automatically switches system back to the previous IME,
so you'll be using whatever keybard you like in portrait.

- (from v0.6) working hotkeys on Ctrl+key
(...on android 3.0 and higher; try Menu+key on android 2.x)

2. How to launch?
- Settings > Languages and Input
Enable "Bumper", and set it as the default keyboard.

3. Where is the preferences?
- Settings > Languages and Input.
Search for button/line marked "Bumper".

4. Wow, i've just enabled it, and the phone/tabled are now fixed in landscape! Make everything back!
- Slow down, that's the point! Keyboard enforces your device to stay in landscape.
So, the main way to get things back - choose/launch another one.

5. That's weird. Are you suppose I'll go to the Settings each time?!
- Of course no! You only have to enable "Bumper" in accessibilities,
this will create quick-access area at the top-right corner of the screen.

6. I've enabled accessibility, and see weird semitransparent pink box.
- You are on the right way. It is the "quick-access area". Now, you can do next things:
a. tap it: force keyboard appear/hide
b. swipe-down: show keyboard picker
c. swipe right-to-left: minimize area into notification
d. swipe left-to-right: switch back to the previous IME, if "Bumper" is ongoing
e. long press: preferences

7. Do I need to use keyboard picker dialog each time i wanna lauch Bumper?
- Yeas, there are no other "non-root" way to switch the system to new IME - only you can do it, manually.
From the other hand, currently set IME is able to freely switch system to the any other enabled IME (and die after that, ha-ha)

8. I wanna change layout/labels/language, or add new. What I have to do?
First of, you have to create somewhere folder, and specify it's path in the preferences.
After that, you are free to put your custom files according to subfolders structure:
- "layouts" - there are button grids expected
- "labels" - what to draw on the keys
- "kcms" - similar to android kcm files, except of "axis" and "map" signatures are not currently supported
- "themes" - appearance

9. I wanna change layout/labels/language, any readings?
You can unpack apk as a simple zip, and check for content inside of "assets" folder.
All used files are the plain text, so you'll need any text editor.

Key names:
keycode names in cm11 sources
they are again, in cm12 sources

Notes about labels:
Instead of .kcm files, there are sequences of the Unicode characters allowed.
But the space character is allowed only stand-alone, so use \u0020 insead.

More info:

Related targets:
- KCM* files community, for more languages support
- Button-grids and layout-localization community, just for project's growing
- Linux-on-phone community can also find it usefull, I think

*KCM-parser currently used allows only "key" description in file, "map" and "axis" signatures will cause errors

Dev notes:
- since I'm a newbie in development, project will grow slowly
- but when I'll not be scared of own code anymore, I'll make it open-source
- you are free to make repacks/reposts. (WTFPL)
- you are free to make own similar projects. Just post link here, maybe i'll use your one =)
- behaviour is sensitive to the whole **** going on deep inside android, can't fight with that

- will be added during beta test, but you can ask in PM

Download: alpha 0.8 (2016 mar 13)
Lack some language? Make your own .kcm


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Feb 11, 2012
Update: alpha 0.4

What's new:
- added correct portrait-mode support
- added non-overlay mode for landscape (breaks the whole idea, lol)
- support of autopopup
- added basic (primitive) settings

There are still 2 separated versions due to hardcoded reasons.
You are free (and welcomed) to make own repacks based on ru-en version if you need 2 languages.


  • Bumper_alpha_04_enUS.apk
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  • Bumper_alpha_04_ruRU-enUS.apk
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Feb 11, 2012
External data support - update 0.4.2

It's a starting point for the comunity: now you can freely add custom files.

Ho to load files from sdcard:
1. Create the "root" folder somewhere you wish.
2. Make subfolders you need, you'll be placing files here*:
- "layouts" for key layouts
- "labels" for displayed key names
- "kcms" for .kcm files - languages support
3. Specify the path to the "root" folder in preferences.

This files are plain text, so you can modify them by simple notepad
Examples may be unpacked directly from apk, they contain small helping notes

* - "root" subfolders structure are similar to "assets" structure inside the apk.
Files from the "assets" are listed dynamically, so it's easier now to make own repacks, but the "defaults" are still hardcoded.

What's new:
- additional files may be loaded from sdcard
- preferences to switch layouts and labels
- preferences to manage languages
- vibration may be switched off

If you want to write your own layout, check out for the keycode names:
keycode names in cm11 sources
they are again, in cm12 sources

Dev (mine) request: post here .kcm files of not yet supported languages, they'll be included in the future builds. And share the keyboard layouts.


  • Bumper_alpha_042_external_data_supported.apk
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Feb 11, 2012
Update 0.4.3 - Small fixes

What's new:
- fixed unicode character sequence reading from .labels.txt files
- added quick-toast notification on language switch
- added Ukranian kcm and labels (due to my location)

Remind you: For more languages be supported, make appropriate .kcm files
How to load files dynamically from sdcard:

If you unpack apk like a zip, you'll find "assets" folder with 3 subfolders:
- layouts //grids of keys
- labels //names of the keys, displayed to user
- kcms //languages

Make somewhere on the sdcard "root" folder with similar subfolders you need,
and specify the path to this "root" folder in the app preferences.

That's all. Now, files will be listed from this subfolders.

I'm thinking on way of keys autorepeat realization, so it'll be the next ferature.


  • Bumper_alpha_043.apk
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Feb 11, 2012
Bumper alpha 05 - back to original concept

What's new:

- removed portrait mode support (instead - previous IME is auto-enabled)

- removed non-transparent mode

- trigger is now on separated service (which have to be enabled in "accessibilities")

There are also updated first post, to match changes.


  • Bumper_alpha_05_back_to_original_concept.apk
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Feb 11, 2012
Bumper alpha 06 - autorepeat & hotkeys support

What's new:
- keys are autorepeating!
- hotkeys (Ctrl+X/C/V/A/arrows) are working! on android 3.0+
- Enter now calls for fields action

Any feedbacks? Any custom .kcm files or grids?

Notes about hotkeys:

- I haven't reimplemented the existing wheels, just made better communication with android, so hotkeys on Ctrl work on 3.0+ since it was presented in android 3.0

- As far as I know it could be possible to use Menu+X/C/V combinations on
Android prior to 3.0. Can't test it without device.

- Opera mini freezes/crashes on Ctrl+key combinations outside of input fields (you could force Bumper appear anywhere, remember?). Not my fault. AFAIK it behaves similar with physical keyboards.


  • Bumper_alpha_06_autorepeat_and_hotkeys.apk
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Feb 11, 2012
Bumper alpha 07 - themeable, little improvements

What's new:
- customizable themes*
- quick access area now looks nice
- new gesture on QAA: long press -> preferences
- QAA contains CAPS/SCROLL/NUM lock's ligths/lamps
- CapsLock at the first row (where was big dead key)
- better stability during typing

*place theme files into [directory_in_preferences]/themes/


  • Bumper_alpha_07_themeable_and_leds.apk
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  • default.gklvt.txt
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Feb 11, 2012
Bumper alpha 0.8 - sticky modifiers, fn key support

What's new

- sticky mode (affects Shift's/Ctrl's/Alt's)*
- fn+key -> another key**
- "key_toggled: " field in the themes
- theme files are checked for the errors, like other files do
- changed included set of keyboards
- minor fixes

*first tap - key is sticked, second - toggled, third - released
You could use modifiers as before (till pressed), since sticked state will not be set in case of non-modifier was pressed when modifies was being holded

** Check for assets inside of apk for more info

It seams like I have 8-10 followers, who are waiting for each update...
Don't be silent!

P.S. Updates... There will be no any new features for some months, I think.


  • Bumper_alpha_08_sticky_modifiers_and_fn_support.apk
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