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Dec 8, 2010
Just bought it to support your app, have all your apps now:)

Noticed that on my GN2, when I have use camera for smart rotate, I cannot use my camera. I get a "Camera Failed"

Turn it off and camera works as normal.

Any ideas? GN2 VZW


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Apr 22, 2008
I installed this on my s4 when I uninstalled it the rotate icon is stuck on my status bar, I've tried turning it off and on, restarting my phone, restarted yhe status bar, nothing worked

Any help or suggestions would be amazing
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Feb 28, 2007
Southeast Missouri
Can someone tell me how well this works in complete dark rooms? I like reading ebooks in the dark and this sounds like a good alternative, but from experience the camera isn't great in the dark, are there a back up method??


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Feb 28, 2007
Southeast Missouri
for some reason today Smart Rotate isn't so smart anymore... today, whenever I turn the phone landscape and face the front camera away from me, it WILL go to landscape and vise versa for portrait. I have Smart Rotate: On as global.

When I try to click on "Send Log..." it first tells me it will give me a choice which app to send it with.. but then nothing happens... click on it the 2nd time, nothing happens

Using the Show toast... when the front camera is away from a face, it say "Camera: Face not detected" then "Rotate (Camera):Rotation 90" or "Rotate (Camera):Rotation 270"
and then it proceed to turn to landscape.
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May 13, 2014
Works on Omate TrueSmart (except camera)

The GMD Smartrotate does allow me to flip the screen to wear my watch on the right wrist. The only problem is that the camera image is upside down. It does flip the controls and menus for the camera app but the camera image is not flipped and is upside down. All the other apps seem to be flipped just fine. (Oh well, at least when I show pictures to other people, it will be right side up for them.)


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Nov 20, 2012
I can't seem to find the Pro Key anywhere -- was it removed from the play store? And if so, is there still a way to get it? I love me that per-app rotation preference.

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    Everyone knows how annoying default Android rotation algorithm can be. So we tried to come up with better solution and this is how GMD Smart Rotate was created. It is co-developed by me and Vitalij (developer of Touch Screen Tune).

    Smart screen rotation using front facing camera.
    Smart keeping screen on using front facing camera.

    This application replaces default Android screen rotation and add smart features:
    - Use front facing camera to evaluate your face position and decide if device screen needs to be rotated.
    - Automatically keep screen turned on while you are looking at it (Full version only).
    - Lock rotation in landscape or portrait.
    - Force rotate applications that does not allow rotation by default.
    - Set per application rotation preferences (Full version only).
    - Easy rotation preference access by pressing default Android lock rotation toggle.
    - Rotation preferences widget and launcher shortcuts.
    - Clockwise and Counterclockwise rotation shortcuts.
    - Integrates with GMD GestureControl and GMD SPen Control using shortcuts.

    Development version - may contain bugs!

    Tested and working on:
    - Samsung Galaxy S
    - Samsung Galaxy S2
    - Samsung Galaxy S3
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    - Samsung Tab 7.7
    - Samsung Note1
    - Samsung Note2
    - Nexus 7
    - Xoom
    - HTC One X
    - Motorola Atrix
    - Nexus S
    - Galaxy Nexus, Verizon Galaxy Nexus
    - Droid Incredible 2
    - Sony Xperia
    - Sony Xperia Mini Pro
    New version 2.0.0

    I uploaded new version
    - Redesigned application.
    - Fixed issues with camera application.
    - Added reverse modes.
    - Added mode to turn Smart Rotate off.
    - Android rotation lock now is taken into account and when it is 'locked' Smart Rotate is locked too.

    I didn't post much lately as we were rewriting the application. Initial idea to change stock rotation with smart rotation was not working in some cases, like Camera application. On some devices it was too slow, so again - inconvenient. So we sit and think again how to properly incorporate it and decided it will be better if it is just one of the modes. So now there are 6 modes:
    1) Smart rotate: OFF - this is stock Android rotation.
    2) Smart rotate: ON - automatic rotation that forces all applications to rotate. If camera use is enabled it will use front facing camera to confirm rotation, so it won't rotate screen when you are lying in bed. Also it takes into account rotation lock (android) setting, so you can lock rotation in any orientation even for apps that do not support rotation by default. If camera use is disabled in settings it will work similar to stock rotation, but will force all applications to rotate.
    3) Portrait
    4) Reverse Portrait
    5) Landscape
    6) Reverse Landscape

    Reverse modes were asked by many users so we added them and screen will not rotate by accelerometer anymore when in any of portrait/landscape mode. Old 'force' setting was removed and now all modes from 2 to 6 force rotation. Mode 1 does not force rotation as it is stock rotation.

    Camera automatically will not be used for if applications that uses camera is running. This solved camera application fc on all our devices, so let me know if you still have problems.

    So now it is possible to run stock rotation (mode 1) as global setting and only force portrait/landscape or enable Smart Rotation just for particular applications.

    Let me know what you think about this change and if you have some suggestions.

    P.S: If screen rotates in wrong orientation on your device with this new version, please post here. I cannot reproduce it but I want to fix this on devices where it is happening. But since a lot of code changed please try again this latest version.
    I cannot install the app on my N7. But somehow the key to unlock it :D

    But all I can say. Nice app. Keep on developing ;) i like your other apps as well.

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    Can GMD smart rotate includes lock screen rotation?

    currently it doesn't affect lock screen. Thanks!

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    We will add this.

    Greetings :) first, thank you for this application. I just bought the pro version to replace some of Samsung's functionalities on cyanogenmod. And it's working great :p

    However, it looks like firefox (version 19) prevents smart rotate to work correctly. I could not find any related post in this thread, hence this one.

    Did anyone else experience this problem?

    Edit : forgot to mention that when activating toasts, they don't appear when firefox is launched. Doesn't look like to be related to full screen apps as it works well with moon reader.

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    Thanks, I will take a look. Is firefox any good now? It used to lag a lot, so I don't use it lately.
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