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Nov 25, 2011

I present you "Instant", our new app for sharing/transferring files from one device to another one easily without registrations.


With Instant, easily and instantly transfer any data from your phone or your computer (<30Mb) to any connected device or computer (windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone or iPad) without USB/Cables...

Share your files seamlessly with your friends, at a glance. No sign-in needed, no personal information needed !

Send or easily receive files from your friends or anyone from your contacts in a limited time.
Files are automatically deleted after expiration time that you defined, from 2 minutes to 1 hour.

You are at a party, you take a photo and would like to share it ? Instant automatically create a QRCode and links to share with anyone at this party for you, no need to sign in.
In a group, you can define IDs so that you can instantly share anything at any time with automatic deletion within that group with no need of exchanging personal information ! You can even be anonymous while sharing files within a group !


Some features:
*Send any file of any type (<30Mb) : pdf, archives zip, doc, images, short videos ...etc, any data
*Receive any file from your friend directly to your phone or computer
*Shorten URL
*QRCode from any file to quickly share with your friends
*Set expiration time : automatic deletion of uploaded file
*Group sharing : share files with a group of friends, no personal information needed
*Companion website inst.li for sharing from any computer to any connected device

Happy sharing with Instant.
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Nov 25, 2011
With Instant, exchange files with your friends or between your different devices easily, without registration !

Your files automatically expire at the end of the duration chosen by you !

Check also our web compagnon site for exchanging files directly from your desktop to any other devices (iPhone/windows/ Android phones, tablets, other computers or mobiles ...): inst.li

Have a nice quick experience with Instant !