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Mar 21, 2016
Secrecy not on Play but I found some good APL alternatives there, including one named Calculator which is not a calculator but a very good secret vault app. The icon for the app mimics a real calculator app so a visitor to your phone is likely to pass it by. The app is free but has a premium version which has some very good features but not really necessary.


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Jun 5, 2021
Hello, I have been Secrecy for long time. It was one of the best solution I could find for my needs. But recently, I couldn't open any of my previous images. Vault is showing empty even though there are files. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me the issue and how to fix this. The images and files inside are really important to me.

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    BIGGGGG credits to @MiroslavVitula for the promotion video!

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    Secrecy is where you can safely put your files without worrying that others will see it... They just can't.

    I am starting this project since I have tried a number of Apps for secure file storage, while not finding one that best suits my expectations:
    - some, like Vaulty and Hide it pro, do not store videos securely and just stores the raw file
    - most only support storing pictures and videos. I occasionally want to store word documents but can't find a way.
    - some produced by major software companies are simply bloated and litters temp files everywhere... That's just as insecure as not using them.

    I am aiming to produce an all-rounded one that maximizes security but still ensuring ease of use and quick encryption time.
    (Tailor-made for keeping your *precious* photos(or files) from your geeky dad/mom/friends/whoever-they-are's prying eyes.)

    Features :good:
    1. Semi-Material look (does this even count?LOL)
    2. ENCRYPTS every file with AES256
    3. supports all file types
    4. Leaves no trace of any temporary files in the system
    5. Custom vault location
    6. Import from other apps, Batch import.
    7. Stealth Mode (donate)
    8. (WIP) Dual password for an alternative (clean) vault
    9. (WIP) Recovery option for any corrupted vault
    Play Store link
    In need of COFFEE for college exam... Please use in-app donation function to donate to me :D

    It's All Here:
    Please bear with my messy work LOL

    Q. This project is useless
    A. Please leave a comment and let us know what more you expect

    Q. Is it safe for everyday use?
    A. Depends. DO NOT USE on PRECIOUS files that you can't afford to lose. It is still very much alpha stage and I can't guarantee the safety of your files. :crying: sorry.

    Q. There is a freaking bug!!
    A. Please leave a bug report below.

    Q. I like your project.
    A. Please buy me a coffee and kindly share this project to your friends :victory:

    Thanks for the attention and hope you can leave something for me here:laugh:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Secrecy the File Safebox, App for the Android General

    Source Code: https://github.com/SecrecySupportTeam/secrecy

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2014-04-03
    Last Updated 2014-11-24


    ### Welcome to Secrecy.
    I believe you come from XDA or Play Store, and you are interested in helping out in our project. As you may know, I started this project off with myself, but when it gains popularity, it seems that I cannot do everything on my own. Thus help is needed badly to breath new air into this project.

    ### Wait, I'm not professional.
    Frankly, I'm not professional too. I'm just, as you think of it, a kid with thoughts. I'm looking for all kinds of support, and you may find possible roles in the latter section.

    To put it simply, no one is unfit to contribute. From newbie to experienced, everyone is welcome!

    ### What can I do?
    At the moment, I can think of the followings:
    * Translators
    * Quality Assurance (Testers)
    * Collaborator (Code Contributor)
    * Marketing advisor
    * Design and Promotion
    ... You name it!

    ### What can I make out of it?
    I don't work for money. It is not possible to repay you with money. However as a contributor, you could get a life-time worth of donation package. You may message me when you are a member and I'll add you to the list.

    It is practically the Google Play's testers list, that when you try to purchase the donation package, Google Play does not charge you.

    ### I'm in! / I wanna know more!
    Please contact me at [email protected] and specify the followings:

    1. Your Github username (If you don't know, here's it: https://github.com)
    2. Your preferred role, if any

    You could also migrate directly to https://github.com/SecrecySupportTeam and get started with the source code!
    Thank you everyone for things happening here!

    especially @laura almeida for all the bug reports and @L-Henke for handling things for me when I'm away.

    Any plans to add function to hide apps and run it inside the app?

    I think we never thought about that. (I never did, because I'm running Cynagenmod which already has this feature).
    It might be a tricky feature. I'll open an Issue at GitHub for this feature request and we will talk about it then.

    About Hiding apps, it would be most tricky of all, and has always been asked as one of the requested user feature.

    The concern is, it quite deviates form what we're doing here (Using best encryption method to encrypt files). The main focus of the app would have been deviated. I always hold the believe of doing one thing and doing it best, which is better than doing multiple things but doing them only mediocrely.

    Would really want to listen more to what you guys think about this.

    To keep everyone posted... I have been doing much work recently. This thread is not dead yet :p

    The next version comes in code alpha 4.0, which judging from the digit upgrade you know we have something new :p

    BIG CHANGE: Add filename obfuscation

    Other Changes:
    - Ditch uservoice SDK in favor of link to website -- smaller APK!
    - let users add vault during import mode
    - Enhance loading photos in gallery, prevents OOM and better bitmap resource handling
    - Custom implementation of action mode because original one does not work in jellybean (sorry!!)
    - Fully implement Navigation Drawer -- add Android L navigation menu icon

    For those of you that are requesting a non-crashlytics build / no-Internet build, one already exists over at
    It has already been accepted by fDroid moderators for inclusion. It is a matter of time before you can start downloading it over at fDroid!

    Enjoy being safe!
    - Implement gallery for viewing photos easily
    - even tighter controls over temp files

    - slightly enhance performance (?)

    - Redesign to materiaL-like layout
    - lets user choose whether to submit analytics data

    Long awaited :DD

    V1.0 has just been pushed to the play store. Please wait for some time before it is pushed to your device. :eek:

    Enjoy our project? Come join our Google Plus community: