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Mar 13, 2018
It has just been updated on April 9. I don't think it has new features, but it's amazing see that it's still being developed. Snap Camera HDR is one of my favourite apps!


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Mar 18, 2012
If it's dead it would be really sad. I paid for full version quite some time ago and loved its features and usability.

Gesendet von meinem SM-T813 mit Tapatalk


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Aug 31, 2009
Garden City, MI
Yes, I can confirm the issue too on a OnePlus 7 Pro.
Latest update fixed the crash, at least in my OnePlus 6T. Now, if I could just figure out why the viewfinder display smears if I turn Denoise off... it isn't just Snap Camera (happens with FreeDCam, Open Camera, etc.) and it works fine in my daughter's LG Stylo 5. Worked fine in my other phones, too. (Actual photos look fine, but the viewfinder does this.)


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Dec 6, 2019
Looking forward to 8.10.1

Glad to see a new release. Up through 8.9 worked well to generate DNGs and decent HDR on my old Android L (Camera1 limited) ZTE, but was unstable on a new Moto Z3 Play with full Camera2 API. Look forward to trying it out again. Updated to Snap Camera 8.10.4 : SC8.10.1 caused screen problems on Moto Z3 Play (as do some other camera apps). SC8.10.4 seems to be working now.

Suggestions for Settings: 1) the word "MODE" should be limited strictly to the separate preset screens, not used for settings like Low Light applied across the different dialled Modes, 2) most important, some settings are global across all Modes, and some are applied only to the current preset Mode - just a simple indicator for the global settings would save a lot of trial and error, 3) "Denoise" setting should be added to the On Screen choices.
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May 21, 2020

Some my suggestions to HDR mode:
1) Please add Auto mode for "HDR Overexposure", "HDR Underexposure", "HDR Images". These values should be determined automatically based on the shooting conditions.
2) add lower values for "HDR Underexposure" ("-4.5" often is not enough, like small illuminated billboards (or bright glowing letters) in night-time photos).
3) add auto-choice HDR-mode in Auto mode based on the shooting conditions.


Nov 12, 2019
I do really love this app ?. SOOC shots were really good its the same from my stock camera. The main reason why I love this app is it allows me to shoot a flat picture profile on my phone itself. Whether its on photo or video mode. It gives me a wide dynamic range straight out of the camera shots. I'm that a kind of photographer who loves taking long exposure photos. Please add long shutter, just please. Overall great app and always be.


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May 21, 2020
Please add mode like Olympus Live Composite

Please add mode like Olympus Live Composite

blue whale

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Nov 26, 2010
I have a redmi 3 pro se with android 9 and magisk 20.x installed. I have the latest version of snap camera.
I choose ''api2: activated'' and i get new icons with ''half moon'' and ''half moon with an A'' .
I would like to know what are those new options and the difference between them.
Can i have one of the 2 enabled and the other disabled, or the two must be either enabled or disabled together? I do not know what makes sense.

when i choose ''force hal1'' those icons disappear.
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Oct 20, 2016
When photos don't show up in the gallery, are they actually stored correctly? If so, it could be a problem with the media store rather than the app.
I'm running Snap Cam 8.10.1 in Havoc Q on Xiaomi RN3 kenzo, and face the same issue with Snap Gallery. It shows grey boxes in various storage folders with file count, but can't view any picture or video saved in any format anywhere. The same pics and videos are easily viewed in Google Gallery and other gallery aps. I switched to Force HAL1 in Cam2API, and that didn't change anything. Is that a bug, or how to fix? The log says: "No local sync point found".

Also, the Snap Cam refuses to accept any external card location except DCIM folder - it shows error "Choose SD Card", so even on a rooted phone I can't create and dedicate any specific folders in DCIM or elsewhere to store the shots, except the DCIM folder itself.
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Feb 22, 2014
Hello, in the screen setting is set the Flash icon, when you press on it to change the mode, the flashlight mode and the Red Eye mode do not appear.

Can they be set to show all modes?

Thank you.


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Oct 20, 2016
Perhaps I'll add an option in the gallery menu to ask for a media scan
Pls use Android's API MediaScannerConnection feature. Snap Camera is about the only cam app I tried, which in its latest releases doesn't auto trigger Android media library update on adding new photos and videos to its default or another folder on SD Card. As a result they don't appear in any Gallery until reboot. The media lib update is only triggered when photos are added to the phone internal memory. I'm using Xiaomi phone with A10.
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Feb 22, 2014
Is this application no longer valid for use on smartphones with four cameras?

For example, in the OPPO Reno2 Z smartphone, which has four cameras, one of them, the main camera of 48 megapixels, does not detect it, because when taking a picture, the quality is very bad compared to the standard camera of the smartphone, it does not recognize the wide-angle camera.

Can you update the application to be able to continue using it?

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    This is a thread to discuss my camera app.

    It's a modified Android camera/gallery/editor with many features for Android 4.0+ (an older version also runs on 2.3).

    Now with full 4K video recording on the Nexus 5 (3840x2160) , see this post:


    It's available on the play store for about US$2.

    I really want it to work on as many different devices as possible so let me know how you get on with it.
    The app is here:


    See the website for tips and FAQs:


    Attached to this post will be the latest release and/or beta test, if you have purchased the app you can install this to test.

    If you haven't purchased the app you can still install this but it will only work if you do not have a network connection on your device (wifi or mobile data).

    If you have bought the app but want some extra features you can get the beta from the play store here:


    You can opt out of the beta at any time by visiting this link again.

    Thanks to:
    ????????? ?????? (Andriy_11) for Ukranian translations
    Kov�cs Kriszti�n Istv�n for Hungarian translations
    ????????? ?? and ?????? ?????????????? for Russian translations
    Ruben Nogueira for Portuguese translations
    �zer �zta? for Turkish translations
    Mittaa for Danish translations
    maxfli, dusan2 and zedgar for Czech translations

    If you want to help with translations, go here:



    Video Pause for Nougat
    Better RAW support for Camera 1
    Selfie flash
    Allow copying photos between albums
    Hold and slide to select multiple photos in Gallery
    Realtime HDR setting for Galaxy s5, s6 and s7.
    Fix geolocation for Low Light photos.
    Lock video rotation if the orientation is locked
    Chinese translations
    New 5 frame Low Light algorithm
    Fix nexus 5 4k video focus
    Add setting to allow forcing Camera 1 api. (gives full resolution on Sony z5)
    Vertical scrolling in gallery (select menu..change direction to swap)
    Pinch to resize in gallery grid mode
    Icons for filmstrip and grid mode in gallery
    New HDR filter in editor
    Fix tap to focus during video for camera2
    New translations
    Fix starting from lockscreen on Nougat
    Change save icon and add export icon to editor
    Better HDR tonemapping
    Fix wrong height for action bar in gallery after rotation
    Fix crash on mtk devices where face detection fails sometimes
    Better focus and precapture for nexus 5
    Fix crash when opening single photo in gallery
    8.1.2 (play store release).
    Limit exposure time for preview to .5s to allow very long exposures on lg G4 in camera2 mode.
    Better format for exposure stats in camera2 mode.
    Double zoom for camera2, works on most devices.
    Fix denoise not always switching on for camera2
    other bugfixes
    Show snapseed icon if it's installed
    Better HDR tonemapping
    Fixes for when the app is started using an intent
    Circular HDR progress indicator
    Faster HDR with improved tonemapping
    Better HDR contrast
    Fix panorama crash if dial not enabled
    Disable swiping when menu shown
    Multiple raw images.
    Fixes for Camera2 on LG G4 and Samsung S6 (video recording doesn't work correctly with audio on the S6 but I think this is Samsung's fault!).
    Exposure compensation and bugfixes for Nexus 6p
    Slow Motion Video for Nexus 5x and 6p
    Allow multiple lowlight photos to be taken and be queued for processing
    Fix crash when switching cams in manual mode, fix iso appearing when it shouldn't
    Fix raw preview on s6
    Fix crash on some old devices which report a step of 0 for saturation values.
    Use less memory for HDR
    Fix panorama not working if rotation policy is not the default
    Fix return to gallery after share action
    Fix camera2 focus on some non nexus devices (only tested on sony z5)
    Disable scene mode change when using a dial scene mode.
    Disable some on screen icons for various dial modes.
    Fix bad HDR alignment when the exposures were not very different
    Remove large dial transparency
    Fix small cutouts in focus indicator corners
    Make dial help text large and centered
    Dial haptic feedback on by default
    Use blue tint for default setting in arc controller instead of underline
    Show HDR progress percentage
    Fix HDR when review not enabled
    Fix antighosting slider
    Fix raw and m appearing in dial when they shouldn't
    Change share icon behaviour
    Better low light merging
    Fix upside down panorama preview on nexus 5x
    Fix default saturation, contrast, sharpness and brightness values.
    Update translations
    Better preview in HDR editor
    Better alignment for rotated images
    Fix crash when processing lowlight frames
    HDR editor improvements
    3:2 cropping
    Better HDR merging algorithm
    Fix HDR and Timer Mode
    Much faster HDR
    Automatic Thresholds for HDR
    Fix Nexus 5x exposure compensation in low light
    Completely rewritten HDR algorithm, now uses 3 frames and performs much better alignment, tonemapping and ghost removal.
    Improved Lowlight processing for camera2, can now merge up to 32 frames.
    Exposure compensation for nexus 5x (not for preview)
    Compile native code for armv8
    Preserve exif data when postprocessing
    Make panorama full screen and fix bugs when switching to/from panorama on the dial
    Fix crash when using Camera2 in legacy mode
    Minimise dial by tapping outside it
    Add haptic feedback for dial
    Fix crash if external card is removed while app is running
    Fix indicators when switching to a mode with an on-screen icon
    Greek translation - thanks to efthialex
    Fix sharpness setting on g2/3
    Allow focus to be saved in Auto mode
    Fix focus areas and stable shot not working together
    Make dial more transparent
    Fix crash when raw is added to dial by mistake on some phones
    Save all settings (A and scene modes share all settings except scene and focus mode)
    Make large dial transparent
    New settings dial with programmable modes.
    New horizon indicator with pitch
    updated indicators
    Changes to nexus 5 focus and flash
    Make solid ui the default
    fix stable on-screen indicator
    show ISO and exposure values in indicator
    renumber saturation, brightness contrast and sharpness settings to have 0 in centre
    add RAW support for more devices
    fix orientation on RAW and lowlight shots
    Fix flash and focus on Nexus 5x
    sharpness and denoise settings for camera2, denoise works on Nexus 5
    focus changes on Nexus 5
    new setting for exposure locking
    change style of title text for controller
    fix odd rotation issues
    Update to new marshmallow permissions model, on marshmallow you will be asked to accept some permissions when the app is first installed.
    Fix flash on camera2 api for some devices
    New solid arc style ui for the controller
    Fix colors in lowlight mode
    Add icon for stable shot off
    Fix bug if display is rotated from landscape to portrait to reverse landscape and then back to landscape.
    New timestamp icon
    Optimisations for some ICS devices
    New post-processing setting - create a new preset in the editor to allow you to apply any effect to a photo. Open the editor, choose the effects you want then select color effects (bottom left) slide the thumbmails to the left and click + (Preset) and give it a name. This name will then appear in the post-processing menu.
    OIS mode for LG G2/3
    Lens Shading
    Volume Button setting for Shutter+Video
    Timestamps on Photos
    16x9 Cropping of Photos
    Add Chromaflash and Memory Colour Enhance support
    Better Storage Access support
    Option for names to start with date
    fixed a bug where sometimes pressing back from the gallery wouldn't start preview correctly.
    removed some unnecessary thread creation
    Fix saturation change causing crash.
    Fix exposure not unlocking after taking a photo with ZSL on.
    Allow left/right swipe gestures to navigate menu
    Fix for initial reveal of menu
    Fix menu closing if separator tapped
    Fix exposure locking during HDR
    Fix DNG created by G2/3 not opening in photoshop express
    Fix saturation on Nexus 5
    New lowlight mode for full camera2 devices, this combines up to 15 frames to reduce noise with the flash off. The autolowlight mode switches it on only when the iso is over 1000. Both modes disable the flash.
    Allow turning flash on/off during video recording
    Raw support for LG G2/G3
    On-screen Metering and Focus Areas
    Allow some settings to be always shown on the screen (in Settings..Other..On-screen Settings)
    Video pause for Mediatek devices
    ZSL for Mediatek devices
    Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Sharpness for Mediatek Devices
    Fix GPS icon not flashing on Lollipop
    Make horizon indicator more transparent
    Disable flash with manual exposure
    New warning when Camera2 is in legacy mode
    6.5.2 (Play Store Release)
    New translations
    Change "Store Location" to "Geotagging"
    Enable Storage Access Framework for lollipop. This lets you use external sd cards but has some limitations (the editor will always save to internal storage).
    More rotation settings. These only apply to the camera, the gallery always rotates.
    Gallery action bar is now transparent.
    Fix reveal menu during video recording.
    Fix saturation value of -1 not working on nexus 5.
    Smoother menu scrolling
    Better lockscreen layout (needs a reboot on some phones)
    Option for landscape only mode
    Better saturation on Nexus 5
    Nexus 5 bugfixes
    Display video quality when recording
    Fix location on Camera2
    Fix cropping crash on some phones
    Fix menu button appearing when it shouldn't sometimes
    Fix panorama with camera2 API
    New icon for "awb off" (this setting doesn't work on Nexus 5 but does on Nexus 9)
    Fix crash when swiping to open menu sometimes
    Fix initial focus on Nexus 5
    Material Design animations (circular reveal to open and close menu and ripple on menu item selection)
    Swipe right to open menu with circular reveal
    Fix stutter at start of Nexus 5 4K video recording
    Remember last self timer value
    Fix saturation on nexus 5 (once saturation is applied, white balance won't change until you refocus)
    Fix possible gallery crash when lots of photos are deleted
    Add text to indicate when a time lapse video is being recorded
    Focus correctly for self timer shots
    Allow sorting photos by size in the gallery
    Better feedback when menu tabs are selected
    Set default HDR time between shots to 0 on Nexus 5
    New translations
    Nexus 9 compatibility (4k is supported but it only manages 20fps)
    Add vp8 codec and webm video file format (only works on some lollipop devices and won't play back on some of these)
    Fix menu layout when large or huge fonts are enabled
    Fix HDR on 8 core devices
    Fix crash when switching from camera1 to camera2 API on some devices
    Updated translations
    Fix crash on Nexus 5 when switching camera quickly
    Czech translations (thanks maxfli, dusan2 and zedgar)
    Fix video torch mode with camera2
    Fix 4k time lapse on nexus 5
    Fix crash on dual core s3 with some ROMs
    Fix crash if focus duration = infinity and face detection is on
    Fix stability Indicator
    Add brightness settings for photo and video (be careful with the dim setting, on some phones it switches the backlight off completely)
    Make 2G filesize and splitting the default
    Make switch camera icon default to on
    Fix video intents
    Bugfixes for HDR processing when started from the gallery
    Exposure Bracketing (Uses HDR setting as for max overexposure)
    New setting for time between HDR shots (also used for exposure bracketing)
    Always keep screen on during video recording
    Pause during video recording for recent lg devices
    Extra video bit rates (Nexus 5 can record at up to 150Mbps!)
    Manual focus for LG G2 and G3
    4K Video quality for G3
    Setting to show detail in centre of preview (useful for manual focus), enable opengles-2.0 to get an oval shape.
    Setting to disable flash icon
    Settings for max video size and split video (splits the video to get around the 4G limit on most devices) There will be a few seconds pause between recordings.
    Face detection for camera2 on Nexus 5 (Doesn't always work correctly)
    Saturation for camera2
    Updates to the focus logic
    Fix random crash after video recording on Nexus 5
    New launcher and shutter button icons
    Make camera2 and gles2.0 default on nexus 5 running lollipop
    Fix disappearing manual sliders on Nexus 5
    Add 1440p video for Nexus 5
    Fix video recording with manual exposure
    Fix disappearing exposure stats
    Fix a random crash after recording a video using Camera2 sometimes.
    Correct date on videos as shown by "details" menu option.
    Performance and stability improvements for 4K video on Nexus 5, now does 30fps at 4K.
    4K video for Nexus 5 (enable camera2 api and opengl2 to see 4K video quality)
    Manual focus for Nexus 5
    Fix default audio source for video
    updated translations
    Draw shadow under controller arc
    Raw photos now appear in the gallery
    Onscreen controls for manual exposure
    Display of exposure stats (next to flash controls, tap to open manual controls)
    faster preview framerate on older devices when menu or focus is shown.
    Support Camera2 API on lollipop
    Raw image capture, full frame video and manual exposure control for Nexus 5
    fixes for note 3
    slow motion video qualities for note 3 and s4
    samsung camera mode
    fix crash on lollipop
    fixes for brightness and metering on some phones
    Add infinite focus duration, 0 cancels the focus when a photo is taken, infinite doesn't. Keep the shutter button pressed to lock exposure and whitebalance in these modes.
    change controller tap mode to go back one level if tapped outside setting
    keep focus if focus duration is 0
    fix menu icon appearing in gallery after playing a video
    Slow motion for more devices
    Picture size on controller
    Menu icon can be disabled
    Fix exposure lock when ZSL is on
    Whitebalance indicator
    Separate video exposure
    Extra parameters settings. Add parameters as a semicolon separated list. e.g. name1=value1;name2=value2
    released on play store
    updated translations
    setting for video audio source (allows video recording without audio)
    move "show advanced settings" to the top of the "other" menu tab
    fix switch camera icon disappearing sometimes
    fix menu display problems after changing video quality
    move horizon setting icon next to grid icon
    fix crash when switching to front camera
    more new icons, translations and bugfixes
    New icons and layout - tap flash icon to change it, tap an indicator to remove it, tap left (top in portrait) to bring up the controller
    Almost every icon has been redrawn
    High frame rate support (for slow motion) on some devices (tested on G2)
    Allow HFR to change the preview framerate (needed for G2)
    ZSL support for some Cyanogenmod ROMs (tested on S3)
    Fix a crash when enabling ZSL on some devices
    Setting to enable 4K video, (even asking if 4K is available crashes MTK based devices)
    Fix exposure volume buttons during video recording
    Show GPS status when "store location" is on.
    Change background colour when swiping from camera to gallery
    Fix shutter button glitches with preview cropping off and running Android 4.0
    various bugfixes and performance improvements
    Setting for LG Camera Mode (allows silent shutter on the G2)
    Setting for Preview Format (Allows higher frame rate video on some devices)
    Setting for English instead of the system language
    4K video support for LG G2 (with modified media profiles)
    recommended settings are: LG Camera: on, Preview Format: nv12-venus, Video Quality: 1080p, Video Bit Rate: 40Mbps, Video Size: 3840x2160, Video Preview Size: Video.
    Updated translations
    Fix some menu bugs
    New icon for smart focus on the g2
    Return correctly after playing video
    New settings menu layout with android L style checkboxes
    New settings for LG G2/3
    Various bugfixes
    Optional flash charging sound
    Horizon Indicator (use the adjustment setting if indicator is not level)
    Zero Shutter Lag support on some devices
    Headset button can be used for shutter
    Themes for Dark, Light and Material Design
    New menu animation and menu icon on preview screen
    Material Design style action bar menu
    Smart Focus for lg g2 and metering area in custom settings
    New metering modes and areas (not on all devices)
    16x9 cropping
    Show picture sizes with Mpix and aspect ratio
    Updated storage location dialog
    Added button for private store on external card to location dialog
    Add option to use mediastore for 4.4.2 devices
    Better error reporting if saving a photo fails
    Show menu titles
    Fix crash when zooming on nexus 5
    Faster denoising
    Fix switch camera icon not always appearing on launch
    Updated translations
    Fix video button on some devices.
    Smoother swiping on android 4.0
    Updated Russian translations
    Add support for 4k video
    New ambiance filter in the editor for advanced contrast enhancement
    Various bugfixes and performance improvements
    Fix preview after video on nexus 4
    New denoise filter in the editor
    Fix enhance filter when image is zoomed
    Fix panorama
    Fix torch mode for video
    Fix parameters not set on nexus 4 on first run
    Fix preview layout for video when cropping is off
    Minimise initial display rotation on some devices
    Fix possible media deletion on kitkat
    Don't centre the uncropped preview
    New grid that resizes correctly
    Allow video snapshot even if not supported
    Better enhance filter
    Icon for preview cropping
    Settings for OpenGL2.0 and icon animations
    Smoother animation when swiping left
    Fix preview after video recording on optimus 2x
    Support for writing to external sd card on kitkat (editor may behave differently)
    New "Enhance" filter for the editor
    Fix video recording on nexus 5
    hide camera switcher during video recording
    Fix a crash during video recording on some devices if the orientation changes
    Allow torch on during videos on s4
    New setting for face detection (off by default)
    New setting to disable capture animation
    New setting to enable pause during video on samsung phones (may not work on all models so off by default)
    Fix landscape panorama on devices with transparent navbar
    New "Zebra Patterning" mode shows stripes where the photo will be overexposed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zebra_patterning
    All graphics now uses OpenGLES 2.0, this may cause problems on some devices.
    Pause during video recording (For stock Samsung phones only)
    Better layout on large tablets
    Add white balance to custom settings
    Flashing indicator during video recording
    FIx crash when taking HDR shots from lockscreen
    New settings for Preview Framerate (photo and video)
    Setting to not show advanced settings
    Setting to add a "switch camera" icon to the main display
    New scene mode icons (probably too many now)
    Allow gallery launcher icon to be disabled
    Save and load settings to /sdcard/snap_settings.bin
    Allow launching other gallerys
    Fix preview orientation for photos requested by other apps
    Fix controller displaying under settings menu when opened in tap mode
    Fix review controls
    Fix HDR scaling
    Change brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness scales
    Released on Play Store 10/2/14
    Fix for bad picture sharpness on some phones
    Updated Turkish translations
    Fix for crash with small HDR photos
    Fix faint bands in some HDR photos
    New Icons
    Fix focus area on some devices
    Fix selection in tapmode
    Fix janky swipe to gallery
    Add ISO setting for some mtk based phones
    Add frame skip option for S4 in video settings (gives fixed frame rate video)
    Fix wrong way round menu sometimes
    Remove scene detection for htc one (it crashes the media server)
    Fix video frame rate on Nexus 5
    Use transparent navigation bar if possible
    Keep menu items on screen when using tap mode (allows you to try different scene modes etc. without having to go through the menus again)
    Disable rotation animation if possible
    Don't lock exposure when HDR is enabled
    Fix capture intent previews on some devices
    New self timer animation with beeps
    Fix shutter buttons not always rotating on startup
    Fix crash when choosing storage location if certain debugging options are set
    Fix name of "None" border
    Add Continuous(Video) focus mode (not stable on all phones when not recording video, use with care)
    Better tap to focus during video recording
    Fix for rotation problems if long press while video recording
    Fix for crash on snapdragon sgs3
    Fix touch to focus during video recording
    Focus mode fixes for galaxy nexus and nexus 5
    Fix out of memory error in editor on low end devices
    Use jellybean API for silent shutter when possible
    4.0.5: - (in production on the Play Store)
    Prevent gallery menu from appearing in wrong orientation sometimes
    Updated translations
    Fix panorama on galaxy nexus
    Show default values for HDR settings
    Fix photo deletion with CM11
    Add gingerbread compatible version (without new editor)
    Android 4.4.1 updates for image editor
    Don't show hexagon when focussing with old ui and new focus animation
    24fps and 48fps settings for video frame rate
    Dutch Translations
    Never lock the orientation to reverse landscape
    New animations for the shutter buttons and indicator icons
    Fix left side menu not always working in landscape
    Larger panorama preview in landscape
    Fix crop UI on ICS
    Change the look of the HDR editor and add HDR threshold setting
    Lock exposure and whitebalance after tap to focus
    Fix crash after video recording on some devices
    Various bugfixes for the image editor
    Add Redeye flash mode if supported
    Show 1/2 or 1/3 ev settings in exposure control
    Better blending of HDR exposures
    New focus animation (optional)
    Action bar is shown when swiping to gallery if possible
    Override flash for night scene mode
    Update sound off icon
    New non-destructive editor from Android 4.4 with lots of new presets and effects.
    This release only supports Android 4.0 and above, I'll release a version with all the changes except the new editor for 2.3 soon.
    Add setting for 30Mbps video encoding
    Fix HDR editor bounds
    Add Launcher Icon from Android 4.4
    Various bugfixes
    fix deleting HDR exposures when cancel pressed
    better bitmap cacheing for gallery
    workaround for memory leak on Android 2.3
    Improved HDR editor with higher resolution preview and support for rotated photos
    Allow tapping on indicators to switch off burst, timer, stable and fast modes.
    Fix storage location for HDR photos
    New HDR review mode allows you to change HDR parameters on the fly after a photo has been taken.
    The top slider is the scaling between the two exposures, with the box unchecked it uses automatic scaling
    You can perform HDR processing from the gallery by selecting two photos
    (long press a photo in album view and then press another one) and selecting menu.. "HDR Process"
    Allow volume keys to change exposure compensation
    Fix exif date on HDR photos
    Flash display when taking a photo on android 2.3 or a video snapshot on android 4.0
    Only flash the display once when taking a photo on android 4.0 and above
    Open controller when area below shutter button is pressed
    Allow volume up/down keys to be shutter/focus or focus/shutter
    various bugfixes and updated translations
    updated translations
    fix crash when stopping video recording with the power button
    fix crash after video recording on nexus 4
    fix squashed preview after video recording on some samsung phones
    allow launcher icon to be changed
    fix controller orientation if phone is rotated when the action bar is displayed
    fix wrong picture size after video recording
    fix front cam on sgs3 lte running CM10
    updated translations
    Display settings menu at top of screen
    Reset focus to centre after controller is closed
    Fix touch to capture during video recording
    Reset exposure compensation if hdr is on during video recording
    Updated translations
    Tabbed settings menu
    New "touch to capture" setting
    New launcher icons
    New Russian and German translations
    New controller menu for camera settings (aperture icon)
    Scene modes and ISO available from controller menu
    New setting for HDR underexposure
    Smaller font in settings menu
    Fixes for safe mode
    Updated German and Russian translations
    Fix note 2 front camera (untested)
    Draw controller menu at an angle when opened near the edge of the screen
    Change size of menu when there are few items
    Allow ISO to be added to the custom settings
    Double the internal dynamic range for HDR
    Fix video snapshot on Galaxy Nexus
    Add Native HDR scene mode for Nexus 4
    Don't use 1392x1392 as default picture size on samsung front camera, it doesn't always work.
    Fix for a crash when taking a photo on the note 2 and some s3 models (hopefully)
    Fix for phones that need flash mode set to off during video recording
    Add video flash mode to video settings menu (off by default)
    Fix preview on dual core S3 front camera
    Fixes for new Nexus 7
    Fix video preview on Galaxy S4
    Fix zoom display on Galaxy S4
    Disable torch during video on Galaxy S4
    Add focus mode to controller instead of fast mode
    Allow hiding of albums in the gallery, long press to select albums (click "1 selected" to select all and then deselect the ones you don't want to hide if you have lots) Then choose "Menu.. Hide Selected". To show them again, from the album view use "Menu.. Show Hidden".
    Save HDR intermediates by default
    Add Brightness, Contrast and Saturation to the settings menu (if supported)
    Save exposure compensation setting
    Allow focus mode to be set from the controller (you need to add a custom icon the controller to do this)
    Add ghost preview icon to custom set
    Smoother selection for the controller
    Allow panorama and settings icons to be moved to main controller
    fix for crash when zooming on sgs2
    change to Android 4.3 icons
    allow flash mode change during scene modes (won't work with all devices)
    Add 6Mbps video bitrate and extra audio bitrates
    Improved HDR registration
    New setting to keep HDR intermediate shots
    New setting to show a ghost image of the last shot in the preview (useful for stop-motion)
    New setting to refocus between HDR shots (only needed on a few devices)
    Settings to allow customisation of two controller icons
    New UI is now the default
    Add sharpness setting
    Change position of new controller when opened from indicator icon
    Fix bug if orientation is changed while the camera is opened
    Allow self timer with burst mode
    Change the direction of the new controller if it's opened on the left third of the screen
    Add exif information for HDR Images
    Fix preview on Motorolla phones with 960x540 displays
    Fix for bad preview on Galaxy Nexus and RAZR when taking a photo after a video
    New user interface based on Android 4.3 (in settings select "New UI")
    Menu button opens settings menu
    Fix for low video frame rate on some samsung phones
    Improved HDR
    Faster HDR on 4 core devices
    Better memory management for HDR on Android 2.3
    Allow preview cropping to be disabled
    Change HDR image combining algorithm
    Fix face detection when camera orientation is changed
    Disable flash when HDR is on
    Add HDR coarse contrast setting
    Add focus duration setting
    Add saturation control for HDR
    Change shutter button positions slightly
    Update Russian translations
    Add video stabilization setting (if supported)
    New shutter animation
    Don't try to focus if it's not supported
    Change NW settings icon
    Allow scene modes with HDR
    Fix video recording on i9100
    Fix crash on EVO3D with silent shutter
    Planet earth calling @dzo, over...

    Apologies for not reading this thread recently, I've been really busy improving the app. (v8.0.0 in this thread and on the play store)
    I've spent the last month completely rewriting the HDR code and I think it's much better now.
    There's not a single line of code left from the old HDR, and it now uses Halide (http://halide-lang.org/).
    I've also updated the Low Light processing (Camera2 only) to align and merge up to 32 frames. You can use it in good lighting conditions for noise removal too. 32 frames will be slow to process so 8 or 16 is more sensible most of the time.
    The new code runs great on a Nexus 5 but is noticeably slower on a 5x, I'll look into this but it's probably a hardware limitation.
    There may well be bugs in this new release, it's still a bit experimental.
    4K video on Nexus 5

    I've just published a new beta with one exciting early Xmas present for Nexus 5 owners.
    The app now supports 4K video, yes you can record full 3840x2160 UHD video (only on Nexus 5).
    I've put a very brief demo video on youtube.
    It's still experimental but it does work, I'm pretty sure no other app lets you do this.
    To try it, switch on the camera2 API and opengles 2.0 settings (in the "Other" menu) and two new entries will appear for video quality, 4K and 3.5K.
    4K is 3840x2160 and 3.5K is 3264x1836.
    It runs at about 28fps at 4K and 30fps at 3.5K, the default bitrate is 48MBps but you can change this if you want.
    The sensor on the Nexus 5 is 3264x2448 so it uses the GPU to crop and interpolate to the full 4K size.
    Pushing all those pixels around is very taxing on the hardware so don't expect the battery to last long while you are filming!
    I've only just got this to work and it is experimental, it may crash sometimes so please don't rely on it for recording important events.
    I don't actually have a 4K TV so I haven't seen what the output really looks like at full resolution, let me know.
    Thanks and Merry Xmas.
    Is the camera dev given up with it ??
    Absolutely not, I've been away for a couple of weeks but will release a new beta soon.
    I've just put a new beta release on the play store and in the first post here. The biggest change is that there's now an optional mode dial that appears bottom right on the screen. This lets you have multiple configurations and easily switch to raw and manual as well as some useful scene modes. This is what the modes do:

    P1,P2 and P3 are fully programmable and keep their settings when you close the app. P1 should be your existing settings (although a few now apply to every mode and will be reset to their defaults).
    RAW, M and HDR are also individually programmable but will always enable the selected mode.
    A (Auto) uses the default settings and you can change them but they will be reset when you switch mode or exit the app with the back button (but not if you switch briefly to a different app with the home or recent apps buttons).
    The scene modes are the same as A but enable the selected scene mode.

    The dial is usable when small but you can also tap on the centre to make it larger. Tap again to make it small. Long press to bring up an arc menu bottom right.

    This is still a bit experimental and you can disable it if you don't like it.
    Recent Samsung phones don't have any scene modes, they will still appear on the dial but only the focus mode will change.
    Let me know if you have any problems.

    Thanks and Happy Xmas.