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[APP] (2.94 - fix bug) : GST (Galaxy S Tweaker) - 17/11/2010

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Nov 27, 2005

(Galaxy S Tweaker)

This post is not about your Tax! (lol)

Before anything this application is not par of any other project.
This application is a new version of this one : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=808555
I create a new thread because the application has changed a lot, and in the first version, there was a very very very very annoying bug which has formated their SD-CARD (I'm really sorry for them!).

The bug has been fixed, but may be their are others more dangerous, I've not installed all firmware available, so I've not test all the options.

To avoid some strange bugs, turn on USB debugger in your preference menu (in section application, sub section development).

Disclaimer: I will not be able to test each and every version of the MOD included, so I will not be held responsible if the mod doesn't work, or if your phone doesn't boot. Though the max you will have to do is to reflash firmware using odin.
Please keep a current backup of you apps/data and the original framework-res.apk before flashing

The best thing you can do is a nandroid backup before applying any modification to your phone !!!!!!!

Please, I read most of the comments here and in the market. Most phones broke run a firmware not supported by the app. The name of firmware supported for each function is always indicated.

Don't try a file not made for your phone. Particularly, don't use JP6 file for JI6 firmware (15 phones
broke for this firmware only) !!!!!!!!

Technic to repair your phone when it's broken : flash it by using Heimdall with the same firmware that the one installed. If you use lagfix, don't forget to reinstall it. You should recover your data.

Now, about functions of this application:

  1. help to root your phone (Eclair, and just JP1/JP2 for Froyo)
  2. help to install voodoo lagfix (version beta 4, the beta 5 does not exist yet in update.zip, and is not yet totally finish)
  3. help to disable voodoo lagfix (needed to update your ROM)
  4. help to change your screen lock
  5. help to change your fingerprint to access protected applications on the market (at the moment I use the fingerprint of droid eris phone, may be it's a better idea to use Nexus one / Desire fingerprint to access to only froyo app, like flash, if you have one of these fingerprint, can you give me it?)
I've other ideas to include, but for the moment I must be sure what I've ever done is Ok. So let me know if their is a bug.

Before using this application, make a backup of your data.

It's really possible that this application break your phone (I don't hope, but I know now that all is possible). You will have to flash your phone again. So, MAKE a BACKUP.

Most of the things included in this application is from another thread of this forum. Thanks to the authors of these tips/tools...

In particular, I want to thanks : supercurio (voodoo lagfix), Ateisti / Project01.exe (Screen Locker).

If you are interested in these project :

Updates (I forgot what I've done in other updates..., but now, I'll update here!) :
Error in downloading JP6 deodexed stock screen locker and vibrant voodoo lagfix are fixed!

  • version 2.93 : Add JPO/JPA support
  • version 2.92 : fix bug in fingerprint function
  • version 2.91 : Before this update, the app was not able to get write rights on system directory when voodoo lagfix was activated. Now, it's Ok!
  • version 2.90 : add a new backup/restore your kernel function
  • version 2.85 : display bug fix
  • version 2.84 : bug fix
  • version 2.83 : now use thread to execute the script generated. Should improve things.
  • version 2.82 : another another another bug fix... I will fix it!
  • version 2.81 : another bug fix (now ask su rights at the launching of the app, I think that it's a source of some of bricked phones)
  • version 2.8 : bug fix (add a sync command at the end of script to change battery icon, should improve things)
  • version 2.70 : new function - change icon battery [experimental]
  • version 2.60 : support now voodoo lagfix v5 for screenlock changer !!!
  • version 2.50 : add some security checks
  • version 2.40 : remove use of busybox in change screen lock
  • version 2.30 : another big bug corrected... and some text modifications thanks to Darkstriker
  • version 2.2 : some messages updated
  • version 2.1 : correct a bug in screen locker changer (about rights to write in system folder)
  • version 1.5 : bug fixes

To come (make some propositions):

  • APN file
  • Stop media scanner
  • Change battery icon
  • reboot buttons

But to make improvement, I must be sure that the actual version works well, so don't hesitate to write here the function XXX works well :)

And don't hesitate to rate 5 stars the app in the market!!!!!!!

Screenshots are not up to date... but I will do it... but I don't when :)



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Jul 31, 2010
another idea for you, add an apn file download button. can help so many ppl setting their apn setting right with a click of a button ;)