[APP][2010-01-06] PocketShopping 2.0.1


Mar 7, 2006
PocketShopping is a totally free shopping list software that allows you to maintain a master list of products you buy on a regular basis. The user interface is similar to iPhone applications, finger-friendly, smart scrolling, gestures and animation effects.

It requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5 or later.

I have attached the English language file (english_us.zip). If you want to translate the application to another language you can create it from this file.

The CAB file includes the following languages: English and Spanish. Also it includes the following languages with no all texts updated to v2.0: French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek.

Thanks to Thomas Gerber for his fluid control library and eboelzner for his Sense SDK library.

Changes of v2.0.1
- Fixed: it was not possible to save or load the shopping list if the files were in a storage card with special characters (dot, colon, etc)
- Fixed: the categories could not be deleted.
- Fixed: when adding a new product, the default measure type of the category was not put automatically in the new product.

Changes of v2.0
- Fixed: an exception was launched when displaying the keyboard without any textbox selected.
- Improved the products management:
Now both the products and the categories are shared between the different shops.
When adding a new product or editing an existing product, you can choose the shops where the product can be bought, and the product will be displayed in these shops. Therefore it is not necessary now to copy manually the products to another shops.
When the properties of a product is changed, the changes will affect to all shops which contain the product (except the price, which can be changed for each shop).
When a product is checked, it will be checked automatically in all shops where the product can be bought. Likewise when a product is bought in a specific shop, the product will be marked automatically as bought in all shops.
When a product is moved to another category, the product will be displayed in the new cateogory in all shops.
- Now you can manage all the products from all the shops with a special category named "All Products".
- Added a new command "Cancel Shopping". When you are buying in a shop, you can cancel the current shop with this command, and so the bought products aren't unchecked (different to push "Finish" which unchecks automatically all the bought products). So you can continue the shopping later or you can check more products to buy if you forget to check them.
- The shopping list can be both imported and exported.
There are three importing types: import from a file created by PocketShopping (backup), import from a text file (with tabular separated values) and import from a CSV file (Comma Separated Values).
There are four exporting types: create a backup, export to a text file (tabular separated values), export to a CSV file (Comma Separated Values) and send the shopping list file to a e-mail recipient.

Changes of v1.8
- Fixed: an exception was launched when displaying the keyboard.
- Fixed: landscape mode was not supported correctly.
- New option which allows to keep the scrollbar always visible.
- When a shopping is finalished, all the bought products are unchecked automatically as products to buy.
- A numerical keyboard can be used to set both the quantity and the price of the products.
- Now it is possible to set decimals when setting the quantity (for example to set the weight).
- The products can be checked by using the OK/ENTER key on the device.

Changes of v1.7
- Fixed: sometimes the checked products were not saved.
- Improved the look&feel of the dialogs (settings and element properties).
- Now it is possible to reset the shopping list for only the current shop.

Changes of v1.6
- Fixed bug that the shops could not be deleted from the shopping list.
- Fixed bug when changing the data folder.
- The shopping list is saved automatically when the application goes to background.
- On edit mode now it is possible to copy and move both categories and products. On the toolbar four new buttons are displayed (copy, cut, paste and delete) and the same actions are accessible from the new "Edit" menu.
- Added option which allows to hide the bought products.

Changes of v1.5
- Fixed some bugs.
- Language is configurable from the settings dialog. Now each language is loaded from an .ini file, and therefore it is easy to translate the application to another languages.
- Added possibility to set the price for each product. By clicking on a product, a panel is displayed which lets you to set both the quantity and the price of the product. A new status bar is displayed which shows the total price of the shopping list.
- Added configuration options to show the product description, the category description and the shop description.


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Jul 24, 2009
Near Utrecht
Looks very interesting, simple and clear. I will give it a try on my simelation box, and then we look further.

What's your planning for the next versions? You have some information for us uses?


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Jun 29, 2007
I like this app. simple and to the point. price list would be great. There's a spelling error When Adding a new Stores. The word description is spelled as "Discripction"


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Nov 12, 2007
Great program:), easy to add items to shopping list, easy to check off when in the stores. Only issue is that the startup time is a little slow. Also it would be great if the description for an item could be easily viewed when shopping.


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Nov 12, 2007
Some more comments:
[*]Would it be possible to move the items and categories that have been completed to the bottom of the lists.
  • There is something wrong with the numbers next to the category when I go shopping: Fruit and Vegetable is my first category, I have 3 items on the shopping list (more in the master list), all of them have been checked off, and next to the categories it says "5/3", and the font is still black. For the other ones, where I have checked all off, it says 2/2, 1/1 etc, and the font is grey.
  • The back arrow at the top of the screen says "Stores", but the font is tiny.
  • When going shopping, if I want to change the order of categories, the category disappear from the screen, and I have to go back to the store screen, and then in again, but no changes in the order. The reason for doing it while shopping, is that I go to a lot of different grocery stores, and I don't really want to have one list for each store (since sometimes, I start in one, they have some of the stuff, but I decide to finish off in another store). Instead, I would have one list, and then just change the order based on the store I happen to be in.
  • It would be great if you could have an item without a category. When going to the liquor store, I don't really need any categories (I don't buy that much there;)).
  • Also would it be possible to have a category assigned to a store?
  • It would be great if you could move items between categories, instead of having to reenter when you put it in the wrong category.


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Mar 8, 2008
Feature Request

The app works pretty good for a V1.

I think a great feature for V2 would be to add photo images of the products as well as barcode scanning with a price finder for items.

Thanks for your work! :)


Jul 21, 2007
São Paulo, SP
great idea.. congratulations for your idea!

today I use an Excel to do this, I mapped all the corridors of the super market with a list with what product is in what corridor.. not all the products individually, just the kind of products that are found there...

so, some nice new features sugestion:
- categorize products & location information, and add option to group by these fields
import/export list (my wife also has a windows mobile device and I would like to share the shopping list with her)
- keep price history to show minimum/maximum/last/average


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Apr 13, 2010
doesn't work on my HD2

I tried to instal on my memorycard, but after that no possibilities to work with the program. Cannot make lists, no grocerylist appears. Only possible input is making shopnames.


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Apr 6, 2010
ooo ooo

thanks for the great app! it would be great if my wife could make a list on her phone and send it to me on mine. just a suggestion. thanks again!


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Apr 20, 2010

By no means am I a developer a lurker yes developer no. Here is an idea for you add a bar code reader to scan the price and load it from there eventually you could build a library of what you buy on a regular basis and its price and it could keep up with price trrends


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Aug 5, 2009
great app!

Is it possible to create categories, products using PC? Initial entry of categories is quite lengthy, would be easier to do it on PC.


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Oct 5, 2006
Nice tool. It would be nice to have this in german as well. So, if I can help you to translate the text, send it to my account e-mail adress.