[APP][2013.11.04] RegionLock Away v1.3 [ROOT]

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Sep 7, 2016
galaxy a3 2016

It shows are you rooted?
Then disappear, I want to unlock galaxy a3 in India originally purchased from Germany


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Sep 16, 2016
The Resurrection

Newer Galaxy phones from Samsung continue to suffer from the same region lock problem, and unfortunately they have changed the locking mechanism by burying it deeper. So this app no longer works.
But we would never give up... here is another app that was tested successfully to unlock a regional locked Galaxy S7 with an European regional lock.


Jun 9, 2013
New Delhi
Same question.
Does it work on S7 Edge G935F?

The answer is a big NO! Because Samsung has changed the region lock mechanism since the original "Region Lock Away" app appeared first 3 years ago. I have tested it myself in a region-locked (European unlocked SM-G935F) Galaxy S7 Edge and it gave error "Unexpected error occured" and exit. So no luck!
@Chainfire Sir
Please update the app to work in newer Galaxies. We need it desperately! Please please!


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Oct 23, 2016
Hey guys im using a rooted Samsung S4 GT I9515L (VE) with CynonagenMod version 13.0. This phone has a region lock, although I got the unlock codes (NCK, MCK) directly from Samsung they seem not to be working. I tried RegionLock Away but i get this message: "could not locate CSC data! You would try flashing a CSC package to correct this".
Could anyone help me with this issue?
Thanks in advance!
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May 1, 2011
Hey guys im using a rooted Samsung S4 GT I9515L (VE) with CynonagenMod version 13.0. This phone has a region lock, although I got the unlock codes (NCK, MCK) directly from Samsung they seem not to be working. I tried RegionLock Away but i get this message: "could not locate CSC data! You would try flashing a CSC package to correct this".
Could anyone help me with this issue?
Thanks in advance!
U need to be on stock the csc folder with the files it's looking for is not present in custom roms like CM

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Jan 5, 2015
URGENT. Worked before in many countries...but

I used regionlock away and it worked great in numerous countries. Now I am back at one of those countries and it's not working.

I also tried enroute during a stopover and it didnt work their either. I've tried numerous sims. I go thru the 'registering...' process but get a 'unable to connect. Try later' message.

What could've changed on the phone that might he causing the problem.?!?!?

Urgently need a reponse (please) - stuck, without a phone and data plan.

Am on a rooted Note 3 with MOAR mod. Thanks...
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Dec 1, 2016

When i runthe app said: An enexpected error occurred! #3
You can help me? Is a Note 4
So thankfull


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Dec 29, 2016
Regionlock Away > Galaxy S4 > ROOTED 7.0 NOUG

does anyone know if there will be an update for this or how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 SGH-1337M canada running rogers? i recently changed my ROM to run android 7.0 noug, this worked when i had the stock rom with root 5.0.1 lolipop

if there is other ways to unlock a 7.0 let me know :3 i have a koodoo sim and need an unlock ASAP this is a rogers phone sim wont work.


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Jun 4, 2011
I tried doing it on a note 5 and also got error code 3 , in December I did a note 4 and it worked with no problem please advise , as I am going to attempt on a S6 T-Mobile today and want to know if imam wasting my time thank you


Mar 11, 2015
Thanks again, CF. Worked like a champ on my "new" SGH-M919 same as the old. Question - I am still a noob, but did some snooping around in the /config XML files. Seems like there's a value "16" and 16 different network codes. Is this an encryption scheme? (16 iterations) or is there a way to find the memory location for the unlock code? (TMo gave it to me, it just worked so good on my last mobo, I wanted to use it again)


Nov 21, 2015
Have you tried the AT&T online unlock request site? It's free, courtesy of AT&T.

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Yeah I put the request in, I'm just being a little impatient since it said 1 to 2 business days and tomorrow is Sunday but either way would it let me use my metro sim?
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May 30, 2015
I bought my sm-g900a from a pawn shop and I went to the online at&t unlock service and it said that my phone was blacklisted. Are there any other options?

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    Sammy, in their never-ending quest to make sure they've pissed off every single one of their customers at least once, have decided to region lock their latest model devices. This means for example that you cannot use a European device with an American, Middle Eastern, Asian, ... , SIM card. You'd still be able to use the European SIM all over the world, but you would not be able to use a local SIM card while travelling outside of Europe - which would of course be much cheaper.

    Sammy claims you can use any SIM card in the world after you've 'activated' with a SIM card from the region the device is from (in our example, Europe), but this has been proven by various (angry) Note 3 owners to not actually be the case.

    The region lock is implemented in the form of a network blacklist. Beware that this is not exactly the same thing as a SIM lock, even though they are somewhat related. This blacklist blocks a number of whole countries and carriers, while a SIM lock whitelists one specific carrier. This app clears the network blacklist (region lock), but it may or may not remove the SIM lock, if present. Some have reported it works for them (for example: T-Mobile US Note3 on AT&T network: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2471742), but this should be considered a side-effect.

    While removing the region lock does not necessarily affect the SIM lock, various users have reported that inputting a proper SIM unlock code does remove the region lock as well. You can purchase SIM unlock codes at various places on the internet for 20 bucks or so. A benefit of using such a code is that you do not need to root your device or use this app. If you are not rooting your device already for other reasons, I would personally not root it to just region unlock, and buy an unlock code instead.

    Compatible devices
    - Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (MI7, MJ1, MJ3 firmwares)

    Right now, this has only been tested on Note 3's, and found working. Rumor has it Sammy will be bringing the region lock to a lot of devices, even backporting it to devices sold in the past (aren't there laws against this?). There's no way for me to know at this time if this specific method will keep working on the Note 3, or if it will work at all on other devices. Maybe the app will need updating, maybe Sammy will block this hack altogether, etc. Only time will tell.

    In theory this hack can be done without rooting or voiding warranty with some device flashing and app modding, but I'm not currently working on that because it would be highly model-specific and I'm a root user anyway.

    It is not currently known exactly when the network blacklist is updated. Beware that for example updating your firmware may cause the region lock to reactivate.

    Google Play
    Support my efforts (or buy me a beer) and get this app from Google Play (or download it for free from the next post)

    Crappy video


    This download is identical to the Google Play version, the only difference is you're not buying me a beer :)

    (v1.0: 9070; v1.2: 135)

    2013.11.04 - v1.3
    - Added option to relock using backed up files

    2013.11.03 - v1.2
    - Support for multiCSC ROMs - if it didn't work before, try again now!

    2013.10.05 - v1.0
    - Initial release
    Unexpected result from updating modem

    (Note3 only) In this case, the app cannot determine if the fix worked or not. I might be able to fix this, but I need you to do the following:

    - Reboot
    - Run RegionLock Away
    - Region Unlock
    - Pull complete logcat and attach to your reply ("adb logcat -d > logcat.txt")

    TMOUS SIM unlock

    It's great that this worked for some people, but the AT&T networks were never in the blacklist. I'm not sure how or why the SIM lock got deactivated on blacklist update, but I would certainly not *depend* on this working. Of course, the modem is a black box, but this should be considered an unintended side-effect (with positive outcome)
    Great work this is going to be very useful for many, Samsung should have never put the lock on the first place. We buy an unlocked device only to find it regional locked, shame on them. Do you think it will be permanent or Samsung could patch it?