[APP][27/12] BsB Tweaks 1.6 (More tweaks and features!)

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Nov 26, 2010
Stockton (cali)
Ok, when I try to install this I get an error message saying the the install was unsuccessful. I've also tried to install .net cf 3.5 but when I do that it says I already have a newer version, I assume I have v 3.7 on my phone, but I have no way to check. Is there a way to uninstall v 3.7? Or is it something else I'm doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated.


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Apr 2, 2010
Ok, when I try to install this I get an error message saying the the install was unsuccessful. I've also tried to install .net cf 3.5 but when I do that it says I already have a newer version, I assume I have v 3.7 on my phone, but I have no way to check. Is there a way to uninstall v 3.7? Or is it something else I'm doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated.

Ihave the same problem....:(


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May 27, 2008
The new 'left soft key' feature does not work correctly. Well at least with me it doesn't. I've been trying to assign the 'contacts' page to the key and it won't. It just keeps giving me 'start' which does absolutely nothing when I press it or its actually jumping back to the main page but I don't notice bc its already there and its the only place the left soft key appears. Help?


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Jan 12, 2010
the internet
Have manually installed netCF 3.5 on ROM in my sig.
Installation unsuccessful

Had an earlier version on my same ROM before, but didn't play well with CHT 1.85, resulting in Hard Reset.

Alls I want is the 'remove incall slide cover' feature.
All the other reg tweaks this sw offers I have done manually
What a bummer:eek:


Dec 25, 2008
Didn't find by search:
Which value does "Radio De-Emphasis" hack change? Because I don't notice any changes and would like to check, whether value has changed or not.


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Aug 14, 2010
Hey first of all nice work,
I installed bsb tweaks 1.6 wch had few gud updates, but i missed out few gud things i had earlier.. Like i was able to see the message(Sender name and msg details) on my screen even wen if der was a lock screen bt now i am not getn that. I thnk i shudnt had done this update as i have allready updated my rom and manila version (provided by t-mobile in may 2010) and you hav made this update in january 10. I unistalled the application but still i am not able to get that notifications.
Pls let me knw how can i get dat norification back, will it ll be back if i make a hard reset or by someway els...

Thanks in advance,
my phone details are
T-Mobile HTC HD2
ROM Version : 3.14.531.1
Manila Version : 2.5.20181424.0


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Dec 2, 2010
BsB Tweaks 1.6 on HD Mini.

Right after install BsB program device do not save any video records!!!
I am dont touch any video/camera extra options in BsB list yet (but it nothing change at all).

Could anybody help me with it? Its realy pissing off when you cannot use your video feature in htc :/

ps. also even i try to "on" option "wifi on standby" after soft reset device turning off it again and again.
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Nov 19, 2009
I use BsBTweaks in the EnergyROM. I have a question, how do I backup the changes I Make in there for the next flash of a ROM? Or do I just have to write them down and save them?

Thanks - great product!


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Mar 4, 2011
Doesnt work

It doesnt work on my htc hd2.
i have .net CF 3.5
my OS version : 5.2.21869
manila ver. : 2.5.19211619.0
ROM ver. : 1.66.468.1 (76641) WWE

what can i do , pls help me!! :confused:


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Mar 16, 2010
I'm trying to install BsBTweaks and I continually get the message that I need to upgrade .net Compact Framework to 3.5
I have done this and checked in the registry and the appropriate boxes are ticked/unticked in DWORD.
I have reset the phone and still get the message evrytime I try and run BsB Tweaks
Any help would be appreciated


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Feb 26, 2006
Thanks for the nice app.

I would not recommend the two tweaks that say "performance improvement", one that increases the Glyph cache, and the other I think TCPIP cache. Perhaps one is OK, but I don't know which. I did both of these (who wouldn't want "performance improvement", although HD2 is speedy as is?). Rebooted, and my system was much slower and less stable. So I went back into BSBT, turned those two tweaks off, and rebooted again.

So, I would recommend leaving those alone. (Or--has anyone found them to be worthwhile?)


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Nov 19, 2009
I have had them set ON for some time, maybe a month or more, with Energy ROMs (I have flashed several has new versions have come out), and I have not had any problems in speed or stability...


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Jul 29, 2008
close data connection after lock?

Maybe I can't read it all, but it is possible with this app to close (set to OFF) data connection automatically after the device is locked?
I have an HTC HD Mini and I just discovered this tweaking app...


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Aug 26, 2006
I can't seem to get the opera 9 tabs to work using BSB-v1.6. I am using Opera 9.7.

Everytime I get to the fourth tab, it white's out. Just a blank white screen and doesn't load the page.

Any suggestions ?

mann kumar

Dec 26, 2009
Thanks for great App...but Windows Media Player does n't rotate

First of all, many thanks for the great app...seems to work fine on my HTC HD2 (i.e the extra opera tabs & start up animation seem to work fine).

However, after adding Windows Media Player (by shaking) it does n't take effect after the soft reset.

my OS version : 5.2.21869
manila ver. : 2.5.19211619.0
ROM ver. : 1.66.351.1 (76641) WWE (locked to Virgin Media)
Radio ver :

has anyone managed to get WMP to rotate to landscape ?

mann kumar

Dec 26, 2009
apologies...problem solved from reading earlier post....need to so manual soft reset (rather than the auto prompt option)

thanks again for the great app - keep up the good work !

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    hmmm this might be stupid but from where do i get the sensor sdk4

    »BsB Tweaks
    »by Makeveral

    • Many Tweaks and Reg changes.
    • Rotation: Add rotation support to any applications easily.
    • Pinch to Zoom: Add zoom support to any application easily.
    • Data Connection: Enable/Disable Data connections.
    • Manila Language: Changes manila language.
    • Take screenshots of the screen when shaked!
    • [New] Change Manila Left Softkey easily!


    Current Tweak list (Thanks to gmo) (List outdated... i'll update soon xd)

    Tweaks list
    • General
      • Power Saving
        • - Enables the power setting options to save some battery.
      • Hidden Camera Modes
        • - Activates hidden camera modes (GPS photo mode & video share) .
      • Auto Lock
        • - Automatic lock the device when not in use.
      • Auto Sync Clock
        • - Automatic sync the clock and time zone.
      • STK Service
        • - Enable or Disable the STK Service (Sim ToolKit).
      • Windows Settings
        • - Show normal settings in start menu
      • SIM Contacts
        • - Show SIM contacts in your contact list.
      • SMS Mode
        • - Change SMS view, between Chat and classic view.
      • HTC Vibration
        • - Enable the vibration in HTC applications.
      • Customer Feedback
        • - Enable or Disable the custom feedback service.
      • Error Reporting
        • - Enable or Disable the error reporting service.
      • Owner Info
        • - Show or hide the Owner Info in settings.
      • Screen Sensitivity
        • - Decrease screen response sensitivity.
      • Polices
        • - Allow install and run unsigned applications.
      • HTC Magnifier
        • - Enable or disable the HTC magnifier option.
      • Phone Slide Cover
        • - Show or hide the incall slide cover option.
      • Windows Notifications
        • - Enable dismiss X time in windows notifications.
      • Radio Deemphasis
        • - Improves radio quality.
    • Performance
      • Glyph Cache
        • - Enable high glyph cache, graphics render for faster graphics.
      • TCP/IP Cache
        • - Increase cache of TCP/IP
      • Startup Animation
        • - Disable the startup animation for faster boot.
    • Graphics
      • System Menus
        • - Enable or Disable the default windows menu.
      • Manila Send Button
        • - Show send button in messaging applications.
    • Led Notifications
      • Message Notification
        • - Enable LEDS when you have a new SMS.
      • Voice Mail Notification
        • - Enable LEDS when you have a new entry in voicemaill.
      • Call Notification
        • - Enable LEDS when you have a missed call.
      • Reminder Notification
        • - Enable LEDS for reminder notifications.
    • Connections
      • Wifi N
        • - Enable Wifi N, to improve network throughput.
    • Opera 9.7
      • Opera Vibration
        • - Enable vibration in Opera browser.
      • Opera ZoomBar
        • - Show or hide the Opera zoom bar control.
      • Opera Visual Back
        • - Enable Opera visual back feature.
      • Opera Link Click
        • - Enable the ability to click links without zooming.
      • Opera Tabs
        • - Allow having 9 opera tabs in browser.

    [Ver. 1.6]
    • Added option to change manila left softkey easily
    • Fixed problem that rotated apps wouldnt save if a softreset was made just after adding it
    • Changed some descriptions and names
    • Fixed Screenshots not working in some ROM Languages
    • Added tweak to enable wifi in standby (not working in all rom versions... will see if i find a workarround)
    • Added tweak to change album X behaviour
    • Added tweak to enable adobe reflow
    • Added tweak to change sms max recipients to 50
    • Added tweak to improve video recording in mpeg4
    • Added tweak to enable hidden video recording formats
    • Other Minor Fixes

    [Ver. 1.5]
    • Fixed problem that reg changes wouldnt persist after soft reset
    • added smswakeup tweak
    • added 8mp camera tweak (thanks to DAMIEN123_666)
    • Added soft reset in menu
    • other minor fixes

    [Ver. 1.4]
    • Added Tweak to increase tap time to avoid missclicks
    • Fixed a problem with unexisting keys in reg
    • Fixed typos
    • Added tweak to Enable/Disable calculator vibration
    • Fixed led notifications again xD
    • Added function to take screenshots when hd2 is shaked! Screenshots taken are saved on storage card.
    • Disabled the auto set cache to 0 to fix file cacheproblem.
    • Some other minor changes

    ver 1.3
    • Fixed LED Notifications
    • Fixed a problem that could make changes not applying after a softreset
    • Fixed autolock for 1.48 roms
    • Fixed Remove modulename of an item from rotation list.
    • Fixed customer/error report
    • Added tweak to enable default windows notifactions to allow dismiss X time.
    • Added tweak to add send message icon to htc messaging app
    • Added tweak to enable radio Deemphasis (better sound quality)
    • Removed file cache tweak, it's better to set it to dynamic (dont worrie it's set automatically after running bsb tweaks)
    • Added tweak to enable "repeat" option in Sound & Notifications //removed in 1.31

    ver 1.2
      • Fixed AutoLock Tweak
      • Improved Rotation code, now it also add modulename so almost all apps should rotate!
      • Optimized some code
      • New Tweaks Added:
        • Lower Screen Sensitivty
        • Enable Polices (Hides warning when running unsigned soft)
        • Enable/Disable Startup animation
        • Show Opera Zoom bar
        • Increase max Opera Tabs to 9
        • Enable Opera Link Clicks without zoom
        • Enable Opera Visual Back
        • Added Led notification on Reminders
        • Enable/Disable HTC Magnifier when copying text
        • Enable/Disable InCall Slide Cover

    • If you like the program and want me to keep updating it, please donate :)

      • michyprima (for manila SDK)
      • gmo (for the explanation of each tweak)
      • Dijor69 (for the nice icon!)
      • cyberde (for the code help!)

      Important Notes!
      1. Programs that are listed in Rotation & Pinch to Zoom should rotate , no matter if checkboxes are checked or not. Checkboxes are just there to choose the apps that you want to remove from the list (implemented in ver 1.1)
      2. .NetCF 3.5 is required

      if you have any suggestion/comment etc i'll be glad to hear it!
      I also want to thank michyprima for the manila SDK!