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[APP][4.0.3+][2016/02/26 1.0.2036]Parallel Space - Multiple accounts

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Apr 26, 2015
ParallelSpace needs to access my notifications? :-/

I've other applications that are not activated and they run very fine, without going further IFTTT and I receive all notifications of my recipes.

The bad thing is that there's a fixed notice in the notification list and it is very annoying:
To receive the menssages on time
Enable to remove this notification​

Does anyone know for what ParallelSpace needs to access ALL my notifications?


Senior Member
Sep 16, 2013
Remove account from parallel space

I am having 3 google accounts logged-in in parallel space account. Now i wanted to remove 1 account. But i am unable to find any options. Can you please lead me a way through it. ??


New member
Feb 20, 2018
Locked Out

I Have Been Locked Out Of Parallel Space For 2 Days Now. Is There Any Way To Reset The Password Without Losing The App. My Phone Is New And I Don't have Root.:confused::confused:


Nov 1, 2015
i was playing with parallel space very smoothly since i rooted my phone, after rooting, app started freezing and black screen whenever i try to open any app.
mobile- MOTO G5+
android:- rooted stock 7.0
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Nov 12, 2019
Seems to be the best of App Cloning due to the hugh number of downloads, however, not completely support Android 10 for using with Google Account. I got the problem that can't restore the backup from Google Drive using LINE application. It stucks at the "Checking Info" stage and can't proceed. So I need to use LINE Cloning without my backup. Please try to correct this problem and I will subcribe for Lifetime membership. Today I just pay for 1-month subscription first as to see if you can solve.

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    Parallel Space is a "container" app for Android devices, it creates a virtualized, isolated environment and allows other apps to running inside.

    We have fixed all known battery drain issues in version 1.0.2036. If you still have abnormal battery drain problem, please kindly follow this thread, thanks!

    1. Have multiple social accounts online simultaneously on one device, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, VK and even more.
    2. Play two game accounts together to have more fun, like COC, COK and many other games.
    3. Separate your work and personal apps and accounts.
    4. (Future release) Have your little private space for your private apps and data.
    5. More scenarios to be found.

    As of 1.0.2036, Parallel Space has been translated to following languages: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, English, Italian, Hindu, Spanish, Russian
    Welcome to help us translating Parallel Space:

    Change log

    2016/02/26 1.0.2036
    1. Fixed issue with MediaStore API
    2. Fixed a issue in 1.0.2033 which crashes Line.

    2016/02/25 1.0.2033
    1.Fixed an issue which causes abnormal battery drain.
    2.Fixed an issue with WhatsApp that can’t send location messages
    3.Fixed a problem of wrong page jumps when click shortcut
    4.Fixed a problem that causes request permission dialog keep appearing on Android 6.0
    5.Fixed several crash issues with Alipay, QQ mail, Renren, COC chinese version on certain Android phones.

    2016/02/19 1.0.2002
    1. Added translation: Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Hindi and Russian
    2. Removed "Facebook+" and "Instagram+" icon on apps drawer.
    3. Fixed issues with WhatsApp (can't change profile photo, chat wallpaper, etc)
    4. Better support for 64bit Google Play Services and system apps.
    5. Fixed a issue which causes abnormal battery drain.
    6. Experimental support for Intel based Android devices (Asus Zenfone series, etc).

    2016/02/05 1.0.1963
    Initial release

    Zenfone users: we have temporarily removed Zenfone and other Intel based Android devices from supported devices in Google Play due to poor reviews. We will not make Parallel Space available to Intel based Android devices in Google Play until x86 support is complete. During this time, the only option to try Parallel Space is to download and install attached APK directly. Sorry for inconvenience.

    1. How many apps does Parallel Space support?
    Most apps in Play Store should work within Parallel Space.
    Some system apps may not work since they require permissions not available to Parallel Space.

    2. ROOT?

    3. Does it modify or repack app?
    No, what we did is created something like QEMU user mode, which is a virtualized environment. Apps running inside are completely untouched.

    4. Which device does it support?
    Android 4.0.3+
    ARM based devices are fully supported.
    Since 1.0.2002, we have added experimental x86 support. It's incomplete for now so some apps may not work properly.

    5. So many permissions!
    Parallel Space delegates all permission requests from apps running inside. In order to make sure apps running inside not crash due to insufficient permission, Parallel Space has to request as many permissions as possible.

    6. Huge memory/battery/network consumption
    Same as above. Memory, battery, network are used by apps running inside, not Parallel Space itself, just relax and enjoy.

    7. I have concern about my privacy
    We promise we will NEVER touch anything private inside Parallel Space.

    You can find it from Google Play:

    Or download directly from the attachment below.

    Thank you and hope you will like it!
    I'm experiencing wakelock with this app. It prevents my phone deep sleep.

    I had the same problem, and I found because of the location service used by this app. After I removed the location permission for this app, wakelocks reduced.
    About whatsapp, this it what I have. Whastapp verify and start ok on Knox Vault.

    When I try the same thing on parallel, whatsapp pass verification, but never ends initialization, it stays on that and keeps CPU on 100% eating the baterry in an hour.

    Playstore in parallel installs and opens ok.

    I had to uninstall it because after three restarts an battery recharge I could not stop the fast battery consume.

    Anyway may be the problem is on my phone, but after I unistalled parallel everything is normal again.


    Thanks for the information, i think google play might keeping crash on your phone and that causes the battery drain.
    I guess there might be something related to google drive. We will reproduce this problem in our own environment.

    Thanks for your confirmation!

    If restore function in WeChat Android version is unavailable, can I get the history files from Windows phone and paste onto my Android phone. I found the the folder in Android phone but could not find it in Windows phone. They must be hided somewhere. Any guidance from experts! Much appreciated!

    I suggest you can ask help from WeChat custom service, I guess they might have the solution to help you migrate data.

    Is the App similar to a virtual image on PC?
    Can I assume the same in terms of sandboxing and resource separation between host and client (here host and parallel space)?

    Currently it's not. We have some plan to introduce full separation for better privacy protection.


    I do not run social apps, time-wasters like facebook, whatsapp and all, but the idea here is fantastic. Recent Android versions, mostly on tablets, have multliple user logins and such, must be similarly implemented.

    My question: I am running on an older dinosaur. Such animals have smaller brains. That is, not a load of memory or internal storage space. Do I need to have all the parallels resident, or do they swap in and out of storage, preferably the sdcard?

    (Link2sd will link the apps data and cache storage to an sdcard partition so this is available, but there is much more space on the regular vfat sdcard partition.)

    Sorry, I think you can combine parallel space with link2sd to achieve this, but personally I have not tried.

    hey i tried this app. I love the idea. the only problem is I want to use this to play summoners War. and it uses more or less 1gb resources saved on android/data/package. if I use this app I downloads another 1gb of data and eat my storage.

    is there a workaround on this?

    I was thinking of putting all the resources inside parallel space then create multiple accounts there so no redundancy. would it be possible?

    Sorry, it's the problem of summoners war itself. game resources should be put to android/obb/package where parallel space already shared with host. android/data/package are used to put user specific data which can't be shared across accounts.

    Can you be more specific on how this works technically?
    Because depending on that it may be possible to install a highly modified version of xposed inside the app space without requiring root(for theming apps, adblocking etc).

    parallel space implements a container by: emulate some system services like TaskStack, AccountManager, PackageManager and translates other system service calls like ActivityManager, PowerManager etc, performs path redirection and Process managements.
    It's completely technical possible to have a highly modified version of xposed without root.

    I am getting FC whenever I open keyboard to type something in whatsapp second account

    Please submit feedback from "Feedback" icon from inside Parallel Space (problem type: crash, problematic app: WhatsApp), crash log will automatically uploaded.

    Great app! :good:
    How can I remove default facebook and instagram shortcut?

    It has been removed in 1.0.2002.

    How does the app work under the hood?

    Please check my answer above.

    Two questions

    1) is it possible to have the same app multiple times in parallel space?
    2) is it possible to change the name on shortcuts?

    1. Planned, will have that in future.
    2. Thanks for suggestion, will discuss with our designers.

    It keeps force closing on me trying to run the Starbucks app on my Moto X Pure. Uninstalled for now. Might try again later when more of bugs are worked out. Good idea though.

    Thanks for report. Will try to reproduce in our own environment.

    Love the app so far, I've tested it on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 US T-Mobile running 4.4.2 and it works great for clash. App not compatible with Lenovo Tab2 A10-70F running 4.4.2 according to the play store. (I'll try the APK when I can tonight). Found a funny glitch though with a Galaxy Note 5 US Verizon running 5.1. On the Note 5 when attempting to do another login, it shows the devices existing login and does not allow me to sign out to switch Google IDs. Any ideas as to what could cause this or work arounds to fix it?

    Please try 1.0.2002, which might have resolved your problems.

    Whith whatsapp I've this problem:

    Inviato dal mio PLK-L01 utilizzando Tapatalk

    Please try 1.0.2002, which supports latest 64bit android devices like your phone.

    with 2 separate CloudMagic accounts, it simply doesn't work. It works for a little while, then the parallel app account will stop synching indefinitely

    Sorry, it's due to ContentService not implemented (which manages synchorization), will implement that in future (sorry it will take some time for ContentService is relative complex).

    Working really fine on Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F on both stock Lollipop and CM 11.

    I really appreciate this idea and wish you a bright future for this app.

    What I think is that by coupling this app with the low level things you could achieve something like Knox container (obviously without hardware stuff and no tripping e-fuses :D ) or Android for work or divide like app.

    Once again congratulations for amazing idea and app.

    P.S. is it possible to provide feature that will fake details like IMEI or phone number to apps inside vertual container. (I am not doing anything illegal, I just don't want my phone number stolen by idiots). And is it compatible with XPrivacy settings of host or I have to install 2nd XPrivacy inside container?

    And how to get rid of instagram and facebook shortcuts in app drawer. Uninstalling them removes Parallel App also.

    Sent from my SM-G900F Gadget of Mass Destruction with CM 11 using XDA Premium App.

    Thanks for your comment.
    The shortcuts are removed in 1.0.2002. Fake details might violate google play terms so I'm not sure to implement that feature.
    For xprivacy, currently there's no way to control individual apps inside parallel space.


    It works very well but why does the app create a shortcut to my desktop every time? I remove it but it's coming back all the time.

    Another thing: I remove Facebook and Instagram shortcuts from the app but they are also coming back after restarting parallel Space..

    Why?? I don't want them..

    Sorry that was a bad design, removed in 1.0.2002

    Does not work on my Zenfone 2, it said "Unable to open App XYZ. Try again later" (Android 5.0.2)

    Please try 1.0.2002, which has limited support for x86 devices.


    Hi, how to use an app which need root access inside Parallel Space?

    Not possible yet. Add to our TODO list.

    In how far can this app used to improve privacy? I reckon that Virtual Machines can greatly improve privacy as programs can't do anyting outside the VM, this app sounds similar.

    Currently it can't help to improve privacy because we didn't emulate the whole system, so resources are not complete isolated.

    I tried so many times installing play games app but not working inside parallel space environment please help me how to install it...

    Sorry, please send us feedback by using "Feedback" icon inside app (problem type: crash, problematic app: Google Play Games)

    There is an option to hide/protect with password the multiple accounts?

    Today I use two phones, because one its the "official" (my gf access it) and another is the "private" (I comunicate with my friends, talk about any bull****), that I dont wanna my gf see. I want to merge these two phones "sthealtly". Is it possible?

    Well, I wait anxiously the x86 version. I will try the ARM version first (maybe Houdini run it on my Atom) but natively would be much better.

    Yes, planned in next major update.

    not able to sign into playstore or play games. gives play services error.

    Sorry, please send us feedback by using "Feedback" icon inside app (problem type: crash, problematic app: Google Play Games)

    Hello, very good app, I want to know if i can remove the icons of Facebook or instagram (which I have not installed on my device)

    Already removed in 1.0.2002, thanks!


    Great app, I would like to remove the facebook and Instagram icons too.

    If one app gets updated through Play store, do parallel space clone also gets updated ?


    Doesn't seem to work for clash of clans.

    Sorry, please send us feedback by using "Feedback" icon inside app (problem type: crash, problematic app: Clash of Clans)

    Its not singing in to Google play games.

    Sorry, please send us feedback by using "Feedback" icon inside app (problem type: crash, problematic app: Google Play Games)
    @eoc - the app is a good start, but it is troubling to XDA users when bug reports and/or concerns are not addressed. Do you intend to follow this thread?

    I am going to just standby for a few months until the bugs are squashed. The bug I posted above twice, unfortunately, makes the app less useful to me. But I look forward to seeing it progress at some point.

    My apologies, it was chinese new year holiday until last week and I can't get online during that time.
    Sorry again and I will follow this thread regularly from today.
    Would be nice to have more control over notifications for the parallel app. Like do not disturb hours etc... That was I can turn off work notifications when I don't want them etc. Cool app

    Happy that you like it! Notification management and private mode is already our top priorities, next major release will have these features implemented.