[APP] [4.0.3 +] Metal Detector for devices that have Compass Sensor or Magnetometer

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Oct 28, 2017

Metal Detector
By: Ultra Droid

Are you someone who is a fan of Metal Detectors and want one but you cannot afford it because it's expensive ??
Do you want to amaze your friends and you do not know how ?

That was in the past now Just a small app that you can get for free that can turn your smart phone into a working Metal Detector that detect Metals Using your phone Magnetometer available in more than 10 different colours that you can choose your favourite colour from also powered with sound effects that will make the experience even more amazing .


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The app can detect the following things using your phone Magnetometer ((Compass sensor)) :

1) Magnetic attracted metals.

2) Magnets.

3) Magnetic Fields.

4) Devices that have Magnetic Fields.

The app can make your phone detect those from a distance starting from 1 to 10 centimeters.

Depending on :

1) Your Mobile Phone

2) The Metal Type.

The app is powered with a Theme Editor that allows you to customize the app colours to your favourite colour .
There is 19 colours included in the Theme Editor.

The app is also powered with Sound Effects that will make your experience even more amazing and fun .

If you do not like the Sound Effects or the Vibration the app have a settings menu that you can turn off and on those there .

The app is designed for accuracy so you will be able to see the readings of the total field

and the X , Y , Z axes

and also check the accuracy of the detection.


If you have any issues or need any help feel free to contact me through :
[email protected]


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Apr 12, 2011
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