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[APP][4.0.3+][NO Root] LAN drive - Samba Filesharing Server SMB1 and SMB2

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Dec 18, 2010
Rio de Janeiro


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Dec 25, 2010
Got a new phone that i dont want to root.
Could netsh be a way to make the app work without installing additional portfowarding software?


Jul 8, 2017
the app is great and is working /w openwrt.
Previously I forget that a IP is hard code-ed in the verigio multi port forwarder and blamed
openwrt and make this post.

now it's solved (see below) and I will remove the bulk of rubbish,
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Jul 6, 2017
Tried the port forwarding through a mikrotik router and then netsh. App says it cant use the port because its already used. Dont want another sw just for that, dont know what to do. :)


Jul 8, 2017
It's all MY faults, I apologize for this.
LanDrive WORKS perfectly with openwrt.

In Verigio, in the TCP tab, there is a hard code-ed IP address,
And after trial period, you can still USE it but you cannot CHANGE it.

So I setup my Tplink within the trial period, thus working well.
With the recently bought openwrt I forget/don’t remember there is a hard code-ed
IP address, so of course openwrt 's IP will never work with that.

Very much Thank you esp to Krazeh who helped by installing the app and software for me.
Thank you everybody.

(PS seems that one have to buy the ultimate version of
Verigio for working with LanDrive, which is 20USD….)

The tutorial of landrive is here:


The limitation of trial version of verigio is here:

ps: i use landrive+multi port forwarder to transfer from old phone to new phone.
it seems you need the ULTIMATE version of verigio for using with 2 phones.
(2 hard coded IP in 2 rules, which makes it need 4 rules)
Luckily if you somehow claim to them you are a student,
you get a discount at about 50% off.
which is just USD 10 and it acceptable.
(however, it's more expensive than landrive itself, which is 4 USD?)
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Nov 9, 2020
Actual problems with Verigio

Download the Multi Port Forwarder for my Windows 7. The driver install doesn't work. Tried to get a license. That didn't work either. Is there any other (working!) option to connect via unprivileged (>1024) ports? I unsuccessfully tried to use a different port forwarder and also forwarding via Fritzbox. Thanks in advance.


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Aug 12, 2004
for me multiport forwarder worked ok but max lan speed of my pc was reduced to max 400 Mb/s from 1Gb/s as it was before. Uninstall of this soft solved the speed problem


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Feb 17, 2016
hello, i don't have a working play store on android tv box. where can i get the unlimited pro version apk? will pay


Jul 12, 2012

The app looks great and works fine on my phone.
But on my MiBox S (Android TV 9), when trying to create a new share, after I tap on the Folder Picker and, I get the following error message:
0x80131500 : No activity found to handle Intent {act=android.intent.action.OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE flg=0x43}

I don't know if I can install something that too give me a Folder Picker or if the code needs to use something else to work on this device.



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Jul 12, 2021
I like the idea of wireless transfer from a phone and I am considering buying the full version. What are the achievable transfer speeds of the app (mostly uplink - from the device running the app to an e.g. computer), when connection speed is not a problem (WiFi 6 at 1201 Mbps)? Is it only truly limited by the (lower) speed of (both) devices connected, or does the app itself has some limit/overhead? I hope that I can achieve at least USB 2.0 speeds (60MB/s), would that be possible?
Thank you


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Jul 28, 2021
New Albany, Indiana
I just wanted to get on here and say, this thing is hard as f*ck to figure out how to use. But I persevered, and I have the connectivity I need with my old Proscan PLT1077 tablet, which runs KitKat, and FTMC (old Kodi). Mostly, FTMC pulls media from a shared hard drive on the LAN, but it's got a 32gb sdcard, too. So, thanks!
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Jul 28, 2021
New Albany, Indiana
I just wanted to get on here and say, this thing is hard as f*ck to figure out how to use. But I persevered, and I have the connectivity I need with my old Proscan PLT1077 tablet, which runs KitKat, and FTMC (old Kodi). Mostly, FTMC pulls media from a shared hard drive on the LAN, but it's got a 32gb sdcard, too. So, thanks!
Now what would be really sweet, would be to have the ability to map a share to a drive letter on a Windows PC.
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Dec 10, 2013
Android Wear

The app looks great and works fine on my phone.
But on my MiBox S (Android TV 9), when trying to create a new share, after I tap on the Folder Picker and, I get the following error message:
0x80131500 : No activity found to handle Intent {act=android.intent.action.OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE flg=0x43}

I don't know if I can install something that too give me a Folder Picker or if the code needs to use something else to work on this device.

same here too... installed many other file manager don't help


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Nov 5, 2021
I've been using the app for years and love it.
However I just migrated to my Pixel 6 with Android 12 and got some problems:
I cannot access larger folders anymore (e.g., more than 3k files).
The connections will just time out and be stuck in and endless loop.
I cannot even open those folders locally with the build-in explorer in landrive.
Android's native explorer ("Files") can open those folders without any problem after ~10seconds.
I assume the app is using a deprecated/slow API to access files. There were some major changes in Android 11.
Would be willing to pay a small bounty to fix this.


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Nov 30, 2021
Hello --

I am testing LAN Drive (8.0) for copying files between my Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 10) and Windows 10 Home 20H2, usually over an Ethernet cable.

Setup was easy, and the tutorial on configuring the Port Forwarder on Windows was a great help. I had LAN Drive working in about an hour. Operations from Windows Explorer and from the command line work fine, and are about as fast as operations on Windows shares.

There is one problem: When LAN Drive copies files from Windows to phone, the copies have date/time stamp of the time they were copied. Normally, files copied to Windows shares preserve the original file's modification time. This is critical for my application, and is important to anyone who wants to update modified files between Windows and Android based on time stamps.

I know of at least one other Android app which sets file modification times: SSH/SFTP Server-Terminal. It is able to set them based on the time stamp of incoming uploaded files.

Can LAN Drive be made to preserve uploaded files' original modification times in the copies? It could be controlled by a setting "Preserve file modification times in uploads", in case some users prefer the current behavior.

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    LAN drive is an easy SAMBA Server for Android (iOS & WM10) devices.
    Access all your phone files - InternalStorage,SDCard,ExternalHDD - in read/write remotely with common softwares :
    • MAC OS Finder
    • Windows File Explorer
    • ES Explorer
    • VLC
    • Kodi
    • Any SMB client capable app
    You just have to be on the same network (WiFi) to make it work.

    There are 3 default network sharings activated :
    • 'LANdrive' : storage bound with the app (deleted when you clear cache of the app)
    • 'Root' : "/" access
    • 'InternalStorage' :
    • 'SDCard'|'HDD': Any other external storage automatically detected
    You can create your custom sharings too (bound to the app or select one with file picker)

    The app is free with an InApp purchase for unlocking the bandwidth (0.5 MB/s in trial) and remove ads, otherwise all is functionnal.
    We released it first at the end of January 2018 and are looking for feedback and help in making LAN drive the best it can be.

    Presentation Video:

    Works without ROOT:
    Read the tutorial inside the app (works on Windows / MAC / Linux)

    • Copy/paste/rename files and folders on your device with MAC OS Finder, Windows File Explorer, Android ES Explorer, etc.
    • Access the 'external' storage (Photos and Videos included) in your device as a network shared folder.
    • Access the Root folder and all directories including SD Cards or external HDDs as network shared folders
    • View your multimedia files with embedded mediaplayer (or external app).
    • Your device name appears automatically in MAC OS Finder, Windows File Explorer, Android ES Explorer, VLC, Kodi etc.
    • Manage your device name (NetBios) and Workgroup name.
    • 3 authentication types : Anonymous with popup confirmation, Anonymous and Users with custom rights
    • Manage users and create your own shared folders with credentials.
    • View users connected and disconnect them.
    • Unlimited connections (several users can access your sharings at the same time)
    • 5 languages : English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.
    • Launched as a service in the background : Access your SMB server while using other apps
    • Optionally start the app after boot device completed
    • Protocols SMB1 (CIFS) and SMB2 protocol (enable/disable via settings)

    How Does It Work?
    LAN drive uses its own SMB1 & SMB2 implementation with an efficient way to announce itself on clients (your phone appears automatically in other software, even in Windows 10 File Explorer).
    You can choose 3 ways to authenticate :
    • Popup confirmation (default)
    • Anonymous
    • Create users with custom rights
    Even if it requires root access, LAN drive is non intrusive (not installed in app systems), nothing will stay in the system after uninstall it.

    Known issues
    • App startup time could be very slow (could take 10 seconds depending the devices).
      It's not something we can improve at the moment (framework loading Xamarin.Forms)
    • App Size : 26MB. We can't make it better, again Xamarin.Forms have some mandatory DLL to load to work

    Use cases:
    Some users don't know the powerfull use of SMB server, here some use cases:
    • Backup files, like you do with an USB key, but without the USB cable, and with security credentials.
    • Watch your movies/photos on your TV with Kodi (or VLC) streaming directly from your Phone.
    • Use a Backup utility from MAC or PC to create a scheduled task which backup|synchronize your movies/photos every days.
    • Developers|Hackers could browse Root "/" and edit/delete/copy/paste any files without using adb shell

    Who Are We?
    Webrox is a little french company of 2 persons, we build apps since 2011, check the Webrox store page here.
    We made LAN drive to have a very easy multiplatform SMB Server.

    How To Download:
    Google Play Download

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LAN drive, App for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.4
    Stable Release Date: 2018-05-14

    Created 2018-05-15
    Last Updated 2018-11-19
    Some minutes ago LD does not shut down when WiFi was off or does not return when WiFi comes back. I could try this many times.
    Then I forced close LD (with the back key) and LD behaves normal again. I do not know how long :(

    This looks for me that perhaps a variable in your app is not always synchronized to the real state.

    Ok got the bug, my code only works if you push the nav (center) button instead of back button (which close the page) => I fix it now :)
    No, that is not normal: during 14h 59m your app has during 98.6% of this time wakelocks. The battery drops normally during night from 100 to 95% but with your running discharges to ~70%.
    As you can see other apps in my screenshot they have all >0.2 %.
    Your app should detect this unused time during night (deep sleep) and when WLAN is off, there is no need to permanent check.
    BetterBatteryStats is a perfect app to detect things.

    And thank you to solve the other two points.

    You will have a lot of work for this app (fine tuning) :)

    Ok, I just sent an update,

    So, based on your comment about the battery drain:
    I add an auto stop after inactivity time (no connection on the server) you can change it in the settings (default:30min), I hope it will resolve your battery issue ;) let me know !

    Here the new changelog for 1.5 (will be available in 15 minutes I guess) :

    • New feature : Auto Stop server after inactivity time (change the duration in the settings, default : 30mn)
    • New feature : Backup and restore your settings on an external file
    • New behavior : Doesn't stop the server when button back on the homepage
    How do you define inactivity? No more transfer over WLAN alone or over Lan Drive? Is screen on or off?

    That is ok.

    My Sony does this in the firmware but I think every Android smartphone does this too.
    Screenshot only in German.

    To the inactivity period: did you changed something here since v1.5? I remember that the LD server always stopped after the chosen time even the screen was on. So I did no longer used this function.

    The change logs are now complete for 1.8 and 1.9, don't know what happened on two phones.

    A little fast test:
    I selected two minutes, unplugged the charger, the screen shuts off and 10 mins later the LD server still is running and I can access the shares.
    So the phone can not go to deep sleep because of the wakelocks :(

    I attache a new debug file

    I sent the 2.0 version, now the server auto stop when WLAN is down and restart when WLAN is up again.

    On the new version (2.0), it include busybox => it should work for you now :)
    You're welcome :)
    Here are the previous messages from the original thread

    I hope no one will be upset with my post, specially the OP.

    But since there is no update for Samba Filesharing since 2014, I feel obligated to share my discovery.

    Yesterday I found an alternative app in play store: LAN drive - SAMBA Server.

    In preliminary tests it works well and seems faster than Samba Filesharing. But be aware that the free version has a speed limit. To use LAN drive at full speed you have to pay.

    The app has been released on January 25, 2018. There are constant updates and the dev seems active and responsive.

    I made this discovery because there was no way Samba Filesharing would work in my Moto Z2 Play. Due to the nightmare of using MTP I started searching for alternatives. I found LAN drive and it worked like a charm.

    When creating your accounts and shares, my advice is first create all your shares and then add users. If you follow the app suggested sequence you will end up with your custom shares not accessible from your PC.

    If you use file synchronization software be aware that LAN drive has a bug. Files written to the phone do not get the time stamp updated to the source file time stamp. I will report this to the dev and hope it gets fixed soon.

    Hello svbarbosa, I'm the LAN drive developer.
    I will fix the issues of users rights and wrong timestamp on monday.
    I would like to tell other users LAN drive is a non intrusive app (it doesn't install anything in the system apps and it only work when you started it, security is a big thing these days).
    If anybody have a feedback, feel free to test LAN drive and feedback me ;)

    @poppyto, welcome to XDA!

    Glad to confirm you are really active and responsive. ;)

    I have also seen your answer to my email and will get on it soon. Some family errands to run first. :p

    Take your time to fix the issues. We have been waiting for so long to have samba support that we can sure handle waiting some more time to have your fixes.

    And please do start the LAN Drive app thread. I am a long time user of Samba Filesharing and despite it seems to be dead in terms of new development, somehow I feel weird talking about a replacement app here. :eek:

    I had problems with Samba Filesharing not working in my Moto Z2 Play, it is my first phone where Samba Filesharing would not work. Shares do not appear on my PC.

    I did some research and foung a great replacement app. Check it out in my previous post #235.

    Can you make LAN drive compatible with android 2.3 too?
    Can you give me another version of it which is compatible with android 2.3?

    Unfortunately, Xamarin Forms needs at least Android 4.0.3, and I can't make it better :/

    I was happy to found your app, but nothing works (I have paid in the meantime):
    1. I cannot make a new user
    2. I cannot change sharings etc.
    3. I cannot change device name and so on.

    your app does not accept any input :(

    Until now I am using Samba FileServer or SambaDroid

    You could make a own XDA thread here if your app really works.

    Sony Z1c stock rom 5.1.1 rooted

    Hello tramp20,

    I will open a support thread for LAN drive. I am not the developer, just a user of the app willing to help.

    LAN drive is working fine in three of my phones.

    In the meantime please let us know your phone model, Android version / rom, kernel if not stock and from which device/PC you are trying to access the phone.

    I wrote this two times: Sony Z1c stock rom 5.1.1 rooted

    As I cannot change the settings I cannot get a connection to my Win10 PC.

    As I wrote too I have no problems with Samba File Server or SambaDroid.

    2. On a very old LG P970 (Android 4.x) I can change the settings of this app but I don't see this phone in my network because Lan Server catches a wrong IP address (perhaps mobile and not WLAN).

    This app is in my eyes only alpha quality until now.

    My bad. I am having a tough work period and missed the last line in your post. :p

    For now, in your Sony, please uninstall and reinstall from Play Store. This will wipe data for LAN Drive make sure you have the latest update.

    Then create one user and one share. It should work.

    Turn of mobile data in settings and check if you can see it from your PC.

    since Lan Drive v1.3 I can configure this app now:)
    But there are problems of course:
    1. During deep sleep of my device I have wakelocks the whole time (battery is discharging badly), See attached screenshot.
    2. If I de-install the app and make a fresh new installation all shares are visible and I have access (not always). But after a short time or after stopping and restarting this app my device is no longer visible. I tested this on two smartphones several times. That is terrible.

    A possibility to save and restore the settings on the (external) sdcard.
    2. If I tap on the back key the should NOT stop the smb server.

    If the smb server is running the transfer rate is very good compared to the old samba file server

    Well done. You beat me! Could not find the time to start the thread as I offered. :eek:

    Truth is I'm having an unusually tough period at work.

    Fortunately it is almost over and I will be able to help LAN drive development again real soon.