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[APP][4.0+] Bananas - Ultimate communication tool ;)

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    Hi, I recently developed this funny app, let me know what you think.

    Google Play

    Everything can be said with a banana!

    ★ If you want to share your happiness send a "happy banana".
    ★ Invite friends to a party with "party banana".
    ★ "Beer banana" is always welcome ;)
    ★ You never go wrong with just a "banana".

    Possibilities are endless, but you have only one banana word. Go and spread the Bananas!

    * Beware of banana peels left on map by others ;)

    * Learn new banana facts every now and then!

    This is absolutely astounding. Better than Hangouts. ?
    I could think of exactly 4011 uses for an app like this. Simple, effective, bananas.
    Feature idea: Add the ability to put stickers on yours and other people's bananas.
    I know a particular chiquita who would find this app quite app-peeling. :)