[APP][4.0+][BETA] CrookCatcher - take photo of any intruder


Feb 12, 2011
Hey guys!

I've been working on an Android app that I call CrookCatcher. What it does is that it snaps a photo with the front camera of any intruder who falsely enters your pass, pin or lock pattern incorrectly. It then finds your device's location, wraps it with the picture in an email and sends it to you.

The idea behind it is not completely new, but I still think this app has something to it. What I've kept in mind under development is namely easy setup, great functionality and of course beautiful design (at least I think :p).


★ AlertMessage - show message when photo is snapped
★ User interface to browse images and their location.
★ Clean design for phones and tablets.

Now, the app is in "beta" because I hope you guys can find some bugs and issues in the app, which I can then kill before releasing it to the "non-technical folks" in the outside world.

So, head over to the Google+ Community, try out the app, and tell me what you think. :)

- Jakob

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