[APP] [4.0+]Clone App -Multi account&Fake GPS Location+free premium code[2021.4.19 update]

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Apr 23, 2020

Great app I'd be happy to subscribe to play eve. However I can't get it to run on my galaxy tab s7+. When i try and launch the app it crashes back to home screen.

It works fine on my note 20ultra however

Any fix for this?

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    Hello! Tried and loving it! Can you please send me a code? Thanks, great work!
    hi,Code sent in message. Looking forward to your feedback :coffee:
    Hello, Can you share the code please? 🙏🙏

    Marvelous app you did but all the f code then go please send new one thanks
    Thank you for your evaluation and support 😁 (y) wish Happy life 😁
    Best app for cloning apps! , please send my f code.
    hi,Code sent in message. Looking forward to your feedback :coffee:
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    Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all of those who have supported me from the very start!

    (newest) latest version:V.2.1.0 update date:2021.4.19 Welcome to download!

    more codes for free premium upgrades( update )

    Please see #2 post(Update the code here

    How to redeem code:
    After downloading our app, go to Me >Free>Fill in redeem code>Submit

    If you want redeem code, Please leave your comments below . we would like to invite you to test it.
    Clone App
    Clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously, Clone WhatsApp,support dual app. The most important is it is Free & NO ADS!


    Google drive


    Hello people! I hope you are all doing okay;)
    About our App:
    The clone app is designed to allow you to log into multiple accounts on a mobile phone at the same time. You can create clones of your applications that run in parallel space and work independently of each other.

    *Log in to multiple accounts of social networking apps or game apps at the same time on one device
    • Balance between users' life and work easily.
    • Double users' online gaming experience and have more fun.
    • Almost all apps are supported for a second account in Clone App. Data from both accounts won't interfere with each other.

    *Support for 32-bit apps
    32-bit engine with independent core technology, perfect support for 32-bit apps.

    *Support for 64-bit apps
    64-bit engine with independent core technology, perfect support for 64-bit apps.

    *No ads and free completely
    Clone app has no ads, and is completely free, providing users with quality service.

    *Top game multi-account
    Support popular games, easily switch multiple accounts.

    *Balance work and life
    Support for popular apps, to provide them with stable multi-account services.

    *fake gps location
    You don't need to root your phone to use the fake gps location plugin. You can set up any location you want to appear in, and you can make the other party believe you are there without moving to the corresponding location.

    According to your own needs, you can install the clone application into the internal space of the app or install it into the phone independently like a normal app.

    * cahos engine
    Self-developed cahos engine, security, stability and high performance, achieved the clone without root mobile phone in the case of the use of virtual location plug-in.

    * window mode V1.1.0- 2021.2.9 add
    only one cloned application is supported for windowed peration,and it needs to be activated here to be effective.please select from the list below.unselected cloned applications will still operate normally.


    * V2.1.0- 2021.4.19 add
    Added multiple device privacy protection items
    Added multiple sensitive data protection items

    Clone App can extend a cloned app to add functionality such as password protection, change android id and imei or fake gps without root



    ★ your personal information will not be collected to protect your privacy.
    ★ permissions, the requested permissions are required to ensure the normal operation of the cloned application.
    ★ please do not delete the clone app main program, otherwise the clone will not run normally.

    If you like our application, please give us five-star praise, your encouragement is our greatest motivation!
    If you have any questions or suggestions, Please leave your comments below,welcome to click【Feedback】 within the application , or send an e-mail to contact us, we will be honored to help you!
    Email address: [email protected]


    Google drive


    social media

    Version Information
    current stable Version:2.1.0
    Updated 2021.4.19

    V2.1.0- 2021.4.19 update
    * Added multiple device privacy protection items
    *Added multiple sensitive data protection items
    * Support virtual keyboard
    * Fake GPS supports moving within the range
    * Fix the bug that the positioning function does not take effect
    * Fix some known bugs
    *Online free to receive 1 year VIP event

    V1.1.0- 2021.2.9 update

    * increase window mode
    * UI optimization and adjustment
    * fix bug
    * new activities

    V1.0.3- 12/03/2020 update
    * UI optimization and adjustment
    *fix bug
    * Some apps that can be cloned,for example:freefire
    * Add language:Chinese Traditional;Indonesian;Korean
    * user activity
    * Add direction for use

    V1.0.4- 17/12/2020 update
    * Some apps that can be cloned

    If you have any questions or suggestions, Please leave a message below:cowboy:

    Thanks to all guys, who contributed, helped, tested my work.. You all are wonderful, amazing, smart, super cool, beautiful people!
    Hello! Tried and loving it! Can you please send me a code? Thanks, great work!
    hi,Code sent in message. Looking forward to your feedback :coffee:
    hi,of course.Wish you enjoying:)Thank you for your support

    Can I add a clone password to the clone I created? How to do it
    How to add more clash of clans account?can only add 1 coc account?

    Of Course Not,no restrictions,depends on your device configuration。

    for example ,can add 3 coc account:)
    Best app for cloning apps! , please send my f code.
    hi,Code sent in message. Looking forward to your feedback :coffee:
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