[APP][4.0+] Everything.me Launcher (Beta)

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Dec 15, 2006
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Are you kidding? Please tell me you are.

XDA this is the definition of "read and research before you post."

Don't be this person.

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Yes iam. Im deleting th post so people dont think im for real. LOL

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I've also used both Aviate and now Everything, they are both very different but oddly enough two of my favorite Launchers. Everything feels more like an "Enhanced stock experience" whereas Aviate is a more custom and minimalistic homescreen... Aviate is very limited by widgets and folders, but I love the way it organizes and has different screens for different times of the day. They both have their perks, but I almost always go back to Nova Launcher because I love having 4x1 widgets in the dock bar.

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Nova is always my go to. But I like the LG G2 weather widget and use the custom LG G2 launcher. I also been using Sony Xperia Z launcher and it has almost every option Nova has but widgets in dock. I like the weather widgets. I wish there was something like that for Nova or any 3rd party launcher.


Sep 12, 2011
Hi, what about a update in playstore 10.02.2014 with the same release number ?
In France i've got no access to update

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Sep 3, 2010
I love this launcher. It's new, different and beautiful.

Can someone share the clouds wallpaper used on the sample screenshots? Thanks in advance.


Feb 11, 2014
I love this launcher. It's new, different and beautiful.

Can someone share the clouds wallpaper used on the sample screenshots? Thanks in advance.

I'm pretty sure this is what you were looking for! :)


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Hi, what about a update in playstore 10.02.2014 with the same release number ?
In France i've got no access to update

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Here's the apk :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hi4ke2nm1h2v7n/me.everything.launcher.apk
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Oct 21, 2013
Widget in SmartFolder?

Im using ver 2.0.1750 (may be latest), and I cannot find "add widget" option in smart folder...
according to the official site and their Facebook, it must be appear from three-dot menu.
Anyone could?:confused:

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May 29, 2014
Unable to use everything me

Hi. I am unable to use Everything me launcher. It is mentioned it need 4+ android.. I have 4.2.2 but why cant I use this in my phone??


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Oct 6, 2013
Change search settings? Bing into Google.de available? Es würde doch sicher einige freuen, wenn man den Suchdienst ändern könnte. Auch wird einem nur der Standardbrowser angegeben :(

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    Imagine your phone could be dynamic, constantly adapting to your interests, your location, your life. With the Everything.me launcher, you think it and you get it; your phone adapts to you.
    The Dynamic Phone by Everything.me, is the new way for people to interact with their mobile devices, and the ULTIMATE personalization tool for any Android smartphone. Your new home.

    Everything.me Launcher (Beta) on Play Store

    Update: 03.09.2013
    Updated APK for easy download


    I want to say that I am not a developer of this great Launcher, and all support is provided by the developer on Play Store (link above).
    I am posting this APK because I don't like country/device restrictions, and this is a free app for everyone to use.
    I think they officially launched this today but I still cannot find it in my local PlayStore. Can someone share it here?

    Enjoy :)
    This app doesnt't looks cool on ldpi device..
    Can you fix it in stable version? :good:

    Our team is looking into it, worry not

    Request for faster screen transition, and the ability to hide the searchbar. Swiping it from halo or pie would be cooler.

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    We'll add more customization features later on :)

    working good in my SE LWW:good: Really nice Concept! but i can't have wallpaper in the app drawer background, it was just plain black:confused: and hoping to have auto rotation enabled too:cyclops:,thank you for this app,keep up the good work:good::laugh:

    We don't support app drawer wallpapers and landscape mode. Yet.

    Thanx for an unusual launcher, I like the idea of the live search.

    I have an issue on Nexus4 with app drawer failing to open. It opens for a second and then shuts down to the main screen.

    Can you send us more details via the feedback option? (long press the background and then choose Preferences)

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    I would love to see this being made for all the devices.. I am using Sony Xperia S.. Looks curious.. Would love to try, but for now its incompatible.. Will wait until OP creates this for all devices.. :rolleyes:
    Not available for Xperia Z (C6603 LTE) either

    Should work if you have Android 4 and up. Email us to [email protected] for an APK.

    Some 90 second pitches are somehow so persuasive, you just buy into that vision. You've done it jonathan. I dont have a compatible phone, but i know its going to be a great product that any standard (say non-techie) user would enjoy experiencing. I may be too optimistic, but be prepared to be acquired!


    Great app, great idea. But it need some optimization. Laggs like hell on my SGS3 when opening app drawer or when i swipe between homescreens. Otherwise it's a very fresh inovative idea. I'd love to be using this as my daily driver launcher as soon as those lagg issues are adressed.
    Keep it up dude!

    Which app version do you have? The recent one is 1.0.453. Can you send us a feedback via the app's menu?

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    HTC Desire Hd android 4.2.2 working like charm:D but in playstore still no available
    Great launcher,it's awesome,i love it.I've installed it with the apk because on play store it says that it's not compatible with my Xperia T lt30p.I just want to say you that it works very good on Xperia T and that i love it :)
    According to playstore this app is no compatible for my Xperia Tipo Dual.. But i tried using Apk .. It is working Fine on my Xperia Tipo Dual.. Thnx for sharing.. This is kool..
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    should be available, if you're in the US/UK/Canada/Spain

    The problem is not the model of the smartphone! Google Play Store tells me that your app is not available in my country (Germany BTW)!

    Patience :) you can email us for an APK :)

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    Not available in my country Thailand , but i installed from apk. Work fine!!! Amazing! !! Keep going :) and I hope so someday u add this app in Thailand ;)
    Ps. Need to update version same in Play Store.

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    Send us an email to get the latest apk :)

    Not available from Google Play despite of being I9505 and I9100 in Spain.

    Available again! We released a new version (1.0.657) which is released gradually to all users. It has MANY new cool stuff-
    - New Everything Home menu interface
    - New and exciting wallpapers tool
    - Added support for direct dial
    - Added support for Homescreen bookmarks
    - Fix for Android 4.3 notification bug
    - Better support for mdpi devices

    be sure to email us at [email protected] for the current version (please indicate your from the forum:) ), no user is left behind!
    Here is a tutorial I devised to help with the 'Wrong Country' problem.


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