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Dec 21, 2010


Download your favorite YouTube music and HD videos, from 144p to 4K​

GetTube is YouTube downloader that lets you download videos from YouTube in any quality ranging from 144p to 4K, directly into your Android device.
It has multi-threaded downloader to offer fastest speed possible. Hassle-free pause or resume videos anytime. Lost connection? The downloader will wait for connection and resume the download without any user interaction.

  • Using in-built browser. Whenever you are on YouTube video or playlist webpage, you'll see floating download button on bottom-right corner. Press it and select download option. Select any resolution you want to download. You can also play video or audio in the background using same floating button.
  • Alternatively, if you are in official YouTube app, you can press share, and select GetTube from the list, you will land on the same webpage. Press floating download button from there.

UPDATE: The POEditor can have limited number of contributors which fill up pretty quickly. There are other ways to contribute. If you want to see this app in your language, direct message me here on XDA!
POEditor: https://poeditor.com/join/project/KK2TX5R8od

  • Supports downloading ALL resolutions including 1080p, 1440p and 4K
  • Supports downloading Audio Only [in AAC (M4A), Vorbis, or Opus format] in ALL bitrates
  • Supports downloading subtitles for the videos
  • Supports downloading age restricted videos (requires login in in-app browser)
  • Supports downloading video in VP9 codec/WebM Format
  • Supports downloading 50/60fps, HDR videos and 360° videos
  • GetTube offers advanced fast download mode (multi-threading download) for maximum speeds
  • Option to select audio quality manually while downloading DASH videos.
  • Option to Pause or Resume download at a single click
  • Fast Download Mode (multi-thread downloading) has three modes:
    Classic, Smart (like IDM) and Pieces (like Torrent client)

XDA Labs (for latest alpha/beta)

Get it on UpToDown

Or scan this QR code in your device:


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Dec 21, 2010

v0.9.4 - Feb 13, 2020
* fixed link extraction errors for most of the videos
* improvements to mark videos as watched on downloading when user is logged in
* other youtube parser improvements

v0.9.3 - Dec 9, 2019
* fixed token not found errors

v0.9.2 - Aug 6, 2019
* prevent crash when video title is unavailable
* add alternate source of video title from webpage html tags
* show filename in downloads list when title is not fetched
* create directory every time can write directory is checked

v0.9.1 - Apr 28, 2019
* fixed token not found errors

v0.9-beta2 - Feb 17, 2019
* ui: download list item: make icons fixed sizes, overflow icon smaller than toolbar
* search fragment: reset data before loading new one
* add support for dash and mp3 muxing on external sd card (through saf)

v0.9-beta1.1 - Feb 12, 2019
* fix story board image fetcher in video player
* bug fix: correctly loads downloads list display menu
* ui: improve download location path parser when directory is in (saf) downloads
* ui: improve app-bar in (native) search screen
* bug fix: auto rename if file already exists in batch mode
* crash fix: when video name contains (same) extension as filename
* settings: improve strings: more explanation about download methods
* new feature: add support for embedded subtitles (single video file)
* new feature: show progress for merging of audio/video in notification
* new feature: faster merging of audio/video (using all cpu capabilities)
* ui: make the bottom sheet player hide-able only when collapsed (less accidental dismisses)
* new feature: add mp3 audio support (conversion from audio, and video if no audio is available in exceptional cases)
* new feature: save meta data (title, author, etc) in audio file (only in mp3 for now)
* ux: display audio formats on top in new download's format selection list
* update libraries

v0.9-alpha6 - Feb 2, 2019
* improve new dash video download size estimation
* improve thumbnail scaling and reloading in notification bar
* fix issues when toolbar menus and search bar disappear
* improve app tasks navigation (when other apps are opened through this app e.g. playback)
* add support for searching youtube from native ui
* improve strings
* add support for receiving in-app update when in alpha/beta release channel
* improve shadows for view for android lower than lollipop
* crash fix: when memory if full for notification update
* browser toolbar: snap toolbar when scrolled (the toolbar doesn't stop mid-way)
* improved smooth scrolling in downloads list
* improved circular progress bar on android lower than lollipop
* improved bottom sheet player's view initialization
* make bottom sheet player bar hideable

v0.9-alpha5 - Jan 20, 2019
* fix: show thumbnails in playlists
* improvement: show reason in error if video is unavailable on youtube (geo-restricted, deleted, invalid etc.) when link fetching fails
* bug fix: http 403 forbidden errors
* fix: load all file sizes in new download format list correctly
* ui: (minor) swap series/season/episode with directory text view in dl list item
* fix: improve checking if file exists, fixes streaming continuity errors if file was moved/deleted
* file selection dialog: show warning is directory is not writable, instead of just disabling select button
* ui: (minor) fix color tint on dl list toolbar and display correct title
* ui: replace action bar with toolbar in setting activity
* revert: yt music album art hack (seems like yt did what we needed)

v0.9-alpha4 - Jan 18, 2019
* re-add support for android kitkat and below (for this alpha)
* faster app launching (it may take a while on first run), pre-build the uris
* fix crashes: when selecting download location from playlist screen
* bug fix: auto rename fails in batch mode
* bug fix: save subtitles details to resume downloading
* download video’s default language subtitles if user preferred or locale aren't available
* do not change language preference if user selects "don’t download" subtitles
* enable choosing external location (through "storage access framework") as default in settings
* fix (firebase) crashes on android pie
* bug fix: wrong default download directory on some android versions
* display internal file chooser first instead of opening "storage access framework" directly
* add spanish language
* revamped settings ui
* theme: prepare app for dark theme
* theme: fix bottom sheet system views, buttons, dialogs and other issues
* display new download location in proper format
* display title fully in multiple lines on new download screen
* remove navigation from side bar
* update 3d and hdr icons, them over thumbnail in dl list
* hide navigation bar when player is expanded

v0.9-alpha3 - Dec 5, 2018
* more music support: parses album, multiple artists, album art support
* bug fix: improve file creation when using "storage access framework"
* auto rename file as default name if file exists in directory
* bug fix: open subtitles correctly in internal player when file is in "storage access framework"
* bug fix: download subtitles on resume
* update saved data on download resumed (series, artists info etc)
* fix scan media on download complete or deleted
* dl list: fix menu default checked item
* audio player: show album or author in notification and in current playlist

v0.9-alpha2 - Nov 29, 2018
* fix bug when checking if file already exists on new download
* add a warning when using storage access framework with dash videos

v0.9-alpha1 - Nov 29, 2018
* added support for external sd cards (or otg devices)
* improved downloader. better memory management and performance
* added bottom bar for easier navigation
* mark video as watched if logged in. when new download is started or played
* fast scroll handle in download list
* bug fix: also download subtitles when video is resumed instead of only fresh start
* remove format code from filename by default
* saves fps, hdr video attributes, to show in downloads list
* added artist support, shows artist in audio player
* added explicit lyrics, series, season, episode support. shows in download list
* shows subtitle icon in download list if available
* bug fix: saves content length when download is just “added”
* added support for displaying icon in bottom sheet playlist
* added shuffle button to the download list. shuffle plays songs from current filtered list
* bug fix, recognize stereo 3d videos properly
* disabled downloads list item update animation. no blinking image thumbnails when downloading
* save content length when download is just “added”
* don’t show 0% as progress in dl list if just added
* replaced engineering term mux (multiplexer) with merge (audio and video)
* added play audio/video in long click context menu on browser links
* browser toolbar has now editable url, can google search on keywords
* browser floating action buttons are redesigned. has option to download playlist separately
* updated libraries, to android p and androidx, new exo player, removed butterknife

* decrypter bug fixes

* crash fixes
* updated libraries
* better support for older androids (< api 21)

* decrypter bug fixes

* decrypter bug fixes

* fixed thumbnail sometimes appears in wrong size in player bottom sheet

downloads list:
* can search author in search to filter the list
* option to sort by author and filename
* option to display filename, directory and author in downloads (from menu)
* fixed: very long time to scroll playlist on resume
* option to share url from downloads
audio player:
* add related video suggestions to the queue when playing single video
* shuffle the playlist if no video is currently playing from list
* loads current video if playlist is empty/fails
* shows loading playlist snackbar when loading playlist for audio player
* volume buttons always control media volume in app
* internal improvements related to seeking
* fixed bitmap ram management ram in background service
* performance improvements
* ability to find related videos when loading links for video

* added youtube mix playlist support
* fixed weird symbols in playlist video titles
* improved palette color caching
* crash and bug fixes

* filter by type: audio, video, all downloads
* added shuffle mode
* show progress bar in download list, added size while downloading
* added sorting by file size
* option to play videos in internal player
* media session bug fix. loads wallpaper correctly on newer devices. (lollipop+)
* bug fix: preference screen crash
* fixed one adview was being shown after removal
* fixed full screen issue on older devices (< kitkat)
* fixed sorting by name, ignores case
* fixed issue when search menu disappears on click overflow menu when expanded
* bug fix: made subtitles non fatal. if server fails to give subs (not avail)
* added preference not to fetch subtitles at all. saves time, bandwidth
* doesn’t show buffered position in progress bar, on resuming app, if file is local
* fixed: playlist taking really long time to smooth scroll
* improved audio player seeking by user while file buffering
* load audio player progress on resuming app, if media service is killed correctly
* added menu options to goto webpage and share url in player bottom sheet
* hides or show audio player bottom sheet from notification appropriately

* added ability to search and sort download list with some design changes
* reengineered download list to enable searching. this also improve caching and ram management, optimized database performance
* bug fix: when download wasn’t getting paused from download list
* video player no longer needs retry button on error
* improved browser's url sharing via nfc
* when audio is played, audios above the item are also included in queue
* improved main activity's startup handling: restore state correctly, loads shared messages better
* some minor bug fixes

audio player:
* when played incomplete download (or file moved from disk), it will stream instead with a toast message
* doesn’t add incomplete downloads to queue when any file is played
* can now play live events, dash mpds in audio mode
* remove headphone pauses playback. it’s no longer noisy
* disable ‘+’ notification button when file can’t be downloaded (usually live events, or when playing dash mpd if ‘include dash mpd’ setting is off)
* show error in notifications, if failed to add download using ‘+’ button
* when streamed from browser, play downloaded file when available
user interface:
* show snack bar above peeked player sheet
* fixed some crashes (new download’s snack bar, fragment’s web view)
* fixed sign in button did’t appear on all displays
* fixed issue when double click was required to open directory selection box in new download window
* show media duration in downloads list

* added media controls, playlist manager in bottom sheet
* made the '+' button working in audio player notification to download current audio instantly
* the audio files can now be played in internal player on android 16+ (jelly bean), which will also add all audio files in queue/playlist
* improved overall statbility of audio player
* simplified new download formats list. added switch to show all formats
* added sign in shortcut in sidebar
* added option to remove banner ads by watching rewarded video
* added home button in browser

* improved playlist download parsing and error handling
* saves previously entered format list while downloading playlist
* fixed issue: download progress notification now doesn't gets grouped with other notifications

downloads list:
* bug fix: correctly removes files from system media library after deleting file(s)
* removed card view (the cards shouldn’t be used with something like download list)
video player:
* added picture in picture mode (android 8+ oreo)
* new controls ui
* added gesture controls. horizontal swipe to seek, volume control vertically
* shows preview thumbnail while seeking using seek bar
* added live video streaming support
* selects subtitle correctly of device language (if available)
* enabled multi-window support
audio player:
* made from scratch
* enabled proper notification on oreo
* added playlists support (can process whole youtube playlist in background)
* note: playlist can only be traversed using notification. seeking and playlist ui is wip
* added floating action buttons to quickly start streaming
* long press links on webpage to copy, share links or to download video
* improved browser video player fullscreen handling, now it plays in landscape mode by default.
* new autoplay disabling method (experimental. tested on device with chrome powered webview)
* improved swipe down to reload (less accidental reloads now)
* added options for link sharing when long pressed links in browser
* added option to set current page as homepage
* better page rendering of desktop version webpage
* multi-window support
* restore the browser history stack when config changes or app restarts
* removed long press back to go home tip
new download dialog:
* improved new download handling, shows error if filename is invalid while entering
* option to change directory by browsing through dialog box
* auto selects subtitle of device language, or if unavailable, selects last manually selected (secondary language)
* remembers if “don’t download subtitles” is manually select
* better audio error handling
* added notification channels support
* added “stop all” action in download progress notification
* colored player notification based on artwork on oreo
* revamped player notification on android 4.4 and lower
youtube parser:
* added live video streaming support
* better dash manifests handling
* bug fix: better deciphering of all links
* performance improvements
* improved audio bitrate parsing, it doesn’t normally uses hardcoded bitrates
* shows more user-friendly errors
* displays specific error on rental video downloading
* added hdr support
* bug fix: recognize stereo 3d videos correctly
* prepared app for translation

* adaptive streaming bug fix

* added ability to play music in background
* new experimental “disable autoplay” feature which is faster (which also disables web player on newer androids)
* long pressing back button in browser will now take you to the first page
* full screen mode while playing video in exo player
* now able to stream videos that don’t have separate dash mpd

* added automatic playlist downloader
* fixed issue when video sometimes doesn't has audio while streaming

* stream video and audio using exoplayer
* new start download ui: you can select audio and subtitle at same place, change filename, change download location and add it to start later
* removed confusing play/stop icons used for start all/stop all downloads in action bar
* added option to start url in external app from in-app browser (so you can jump to youtube app or to default app set for *youtube.com urls)
* share browser’s current url using nfc
* hide fab when reached bottom in browser
* fixed “autoplay feature” for videos in playlist
* save autoplay menu state
* added playlist support. for now it just parse it and show all video ids. they need to manually started. thinking of nice way to automate it as we don’t have available formats in advance (of “loading video info…”)

* bug fixes

* fix mux error when app is in external storage
* fixed color of browser toolbar progress on pre-lollipop devices
* trimmed down apk size

* fixed crash on resuming the app
* added autoplay menu option in browser
* added stop button in browser
* added option 'open webpage' in downloaded video menu to visit source page
* displays current url and title in web browser toolbar
* fixed mux error on some devices

* fixed signature decipher error

* fixed bugs with ffmpeg (mux errors on some devices)
* updated libraries and binaries
* fixed sometimes popup menu doesn’t work properly (pause download)
* added android nougat support (notification and more)
* better runtime permission handling
* new ui, used navigation bar, allows more space for browser (the url can be changed in actionbar in future releases)
* added more controls in browser (refresh, forward, share page)
* added progressbar in browser
* opens browser when shared a link rather than start download
* new download finished notification icon
* added manual ‘check for update’ option in about dialog
* and other minor ui improvements…

* fixed mux error when app is moved to sd card
* fixed crashes at app start-up
* bug fix: sharing link from youtube app (or from anywhere) to gettube sometimes does't work

* added android 6.0 support
* improved ui, tabbed browser for easier navigation
* no longer shows and blocks browser with dialog
* enabled full screen video mode in browser
* improved youtube link extraction
* added subtitle support
* fixed minor downloader bugs
* temporarily removed in-app progress bar

* bug fix: specified no. of threads weren't running in multithread mode
* now select audio dialog is not shown when only one audio is available for dash (*) videos
* bug fix: pieces weren't downloading in sequel
* youtube signature decipher patch

* added resume all feature
* bug fix: download starts but didn't show up in the list when started from inbuilt browser
* improved downloader: in smart multithreading mode, most lagging thread get help from finished one, instead of whichever comes first
* ui updates

* inbuilt app update downloader
* when dash video is selected, only compatible audios are shown, this may fix mux errors when incompatible audio is selected
* improved downloader, fix errors when range not supported
* improved launcher icon
* minor bug fixes
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Dec 21, 2010
Downloaded and works perfectly so far !! Really would like to see a more material design .....and one question ...is it possible to have a better quality if downloading only sound ?

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Will add more features and improve the UI.

Better quality? It shows all formats/qualities available on YouTube and highest quality of audio is 256Kbps MP4A.
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Dec 9, 2009
Aaah ok thanks ... I thought 145 was the best there was .... But it searches for the best quality available am I correct ?

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Jul 14, 2015
thank works great! please keep it up. some suggestions - a better download page that have clear splitterd section title - audio only /video/ hd video. and is sorted from the best/biggest quality in the top to lower in the bottom.


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Jul 14, 2015
also forgot to mention - download page should be bigger those resulting in text of quality selection not cut, instead will be full line of text. and will be great if we can see the download size of every quality before downloading for a better choice of bandwidth. tnx


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Dec 21, 2010
thank works great! please keep it up. some suggestions - a better download page that have clear splitterd section title - audio only /video/ hd video. and is sorted from the best/biggest quality in the top to lower in the bottom.
also forgot to mention - download page should be bigger those resulting in text of quality selection not cut, instead will be full line of text. and will be great if we can see the download size of every quality before downloading for a better choice of bandwidth. tnx
thanks for the suggestion. it's in my TODO list. i will make format list sorted and it will also show file size.
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Dec 21, 2010
v0.5.1.0 released.

What's new?
  • inbuilt app update downloader.
  • when dash video is selected, only compatible audios are shown, this may fix MUX_ERRORS when incompatible audio is selected
  • improved downloader, fix errors when range not supported
  • improved launcher icon
  • minor bug fixes
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Dec 21, 2010
Released v0.5.1.1
  • Added resume all feature
  • Bug fix: Download starts but didn't show up in the list when started from inbuilt browser.
  • Improved downloader: in Smart multithreading mode, most lagging thread get help from finished one, instead of whichever comes first.
  • UI Updates