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Sep 15, 2005
Backup would be awesome as I now have data across 3 different devices and to be able to merge the data into one would be useful too.

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Jun 6, 2010
I don't understand if this apk works always in background or if I have to start it before. I would like it always automatically works even if I clear ram or close all apk


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Apr 8, 2008
Central Kentucky
I don't understand if this apk works always in background or if I have to start it before. I would like it always automatically works even if I clear ram or close all apk

Install it, run it, forget about it. Every few days or whatever, look at it and tweak what it wasn't sure about or got wrong.

If you're using task killers or other such nonsense, you'll have issues with this app and many others. Don't use them.

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    LifeStats by Placer Labs

    Experience a whole new way of examining your life!

    LifeStats automatically records every place you go and generates a daily journal of your activity.
    Effortlessly understand where you spend your time and other cool statistics that will help you analyze and improve your life.

    Have you wondered how long you stay at home or work, the name of the restaurant you visited last week, or where did that last Friday go?

    Simply download the LifeStats app, run it and let LifeStats do the work – it is that easy!
    So join us and start using your personalized data to have the life you want.

    Note: LifeStats uses background location tracking using a technology we've perfected through a lot of hard work. It is very battery efficient, and as opposed to other such services its battery usage is usually barely noticeable.

    Download from Google Play:





    Hi, this looks like a great app, I have one question tough. Is it possible to make it integrate with i.e. SmartBand, FitBit, etc...?
    Thanks for all the comment - Lets dig in

    Hi Everyone,
    zoharby that posted this is a co-founder (along with me and a few others) in a startup company placer.io , LifeStats shows some of the abilities our SDK's provides for the client side (much more on the server side), we welcome anyone that would like to use our SDK (also iOS), just contact us.
    Back to the LifeStats, I'm the actual client side programmer who coded the Android app and I will try to be active here and answer any question, I love the xda community and hearing from you will surely improve the app as we go along, please stay active.

    Lets start:
    I have installed your app and I will test it!

    Will I get an info or a reminder on sundays evening to review my last week? Would be an awesome feature!? Guess what I mean?

    I find such reminders pretty bothering and tend to lead to uninstalls, I'm pretty surprising your asking for this. I can add it pretty quickly if I hear more requests or when we think of something fun to tell you about your week :)

    Maybe a lifestats on/off option, to disable or enable tracking.

    We don't hog the battery but I guess you want that for privacy, I will try to add it somewhere in the UI, stay tuned

    You have to attach the app to either Facebook or Google+ or you can't sign in? Is there a typical email sign in option I missed?

    We only read the age and gender from FB/G+ , it helps us better identify the venues you visit. At some point we will add a quick dialog to provide this info, for now you can be sure we don't abuse or post or do anything you will feel or dislike

    I'm currently trying lifestats on my Nexus 5. Nearly every time I access the app, I have to login. What can I do to change that?

    Thanks for the bug report, I will try to figure out what's causing this and try to fix, if you know how to extract a logcat log feel free to send it to me and It will finding the bug on your device much quicker. I apologize for the inconvenience

    Hi, this looks like a great app, I have one question tough. Is it possible to make it integrate with i.e. SmartBand, FitBit, etc...?

    We have an SDK and any developer can such cool ideas a shot in his own app, for now the lack of clear leader in the wearable field make development pretty risky and were not sure we have a "killer feature" we want to implement with those wearables, what did you have in mind ?

    Hi Developer,

    Is it the App for Automation testing? M I right...
    It is a static data u taken and made a note book like app... is it so?
    If it is like that, then it may be a good guide also...

    Not sure I understood you, the app automatically generated the data

    Looks awesome!
    Really could use an app like this.
    But internet permission and linking to an account is a big no-no for an app that tracks everything i do.
    Make the account optional, and I'd really be interested.

    See my comment to b3aucb, I will consider making this optional and update here.. I see other users are asking for this also (for now you should know we only read the age and gender)

    Your app told me that I have visited a car dealer some hours ago, but to be exact I was at my friend´s flat (and in his wifi network). How can I tell your app this?

    And Foursquare doesnt know my gym!

    And please use Android Material Design!

    Press the car dealer place to enter the single place screen, you will then have a pencil icon on top and you can name the place and choose "private residence"
    we will then use the data to be smarter next time , thanks :)

    I think you add your gym to Foursquare but it will probably easy to modify the place

    About Material Design, I'm a big fan but it was just introduced and its a bit early to modify the design, when Android L will be out it will be easier to get the proper feeling of how apps were modified to this Google vision.

    I started to use the app today. Looks quite interesting and promising.
    +1 for the following requests: log in with email; delete a location; logging on / off for privacy
    Thanks and keep rolling :)