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[APP][4.0+] Link2Phone :- Send Links Anywhere

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Mar 26, 2015
Link2Phone - Send Links Anywhere
A Free and Easy to Use App Which Helps you share links between phones or computers
Chrome Extension Generate ID

Key Features :-
  • Send Links to Other Phones without NFC
  • Send Links to your Computer
  • Receive Links From Your Computer and View Them Easily
  • Anonymous
  • Fast And Easy
  • Remember the links you visit
  • Real-Time
  • No Need to enter an E-Mail ID, Just Click a button to Log In
  • Chrome Extension :- Send And Receive Links From Your Browser Easily
  • More Features & Firefox Extension Coming Soon

Help :-
  • Download the App,Generate an ID and Login.
  • To Share Links :-
    Complete the steps above and then Open your favourite browser and open the webpage you want to send to your PC or Phone.Click the "Share" option in the browser and choose "Send Link To PC" to send the webpage to your PC or "Send Link to Phone" to share that link with another phone.
  • Send Links From Extension :-
    Download and Install Chrome Extension and Login With the Same User ID as your Mobile Phone. Now visit the web page you want to send and open the extension by clicking the icon,then press Send Link.
    Now Open the app on Android And Enjoy

Happy to hear your thoughts and feedback.Thank You!
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