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Jan 7, 2014


"Deemed the hybrid of Uber and AirBnb, Medidate maps out nearby gatherings for meditators, yoga doers, musicians, and practitioners of tai chi....
The great value of Medidate is that it is a network and tool to bring communities together. The clean graphics and multiple options make it easy to use and navigate. There is great potential for teachers to grow their network and for students to quickly find classes that align with their needs."
~YogiTimes Magazine - http://www.yogitimes.com/review/meditation-medidate-app-review

Welcome to Medidate.

We are glad to introduce you to Medidat app.
Medidate is a new yoga app for mobile devices that allows you to create or join meditation oriented sessions. it has been designed to connect yoga/meditation/taichi and other teachers and studios with their regular or new potential students.

The name Medidate is the combination of meditation and date.
This app was created with the intention of spreading the love of meditation, and that’s why we offer it for 100℅ free.

Wanna join a session?
just press on the map, find your next session, get the date, time, place and vibe.
And just "Join" and your in...

Teacher? create your new session, set the date and time, location and many more and let your friends join in..

Can't find any sessions or classes in your area?
Be the first to create a session, let others join in and leave your mark!

Some of the features inside the app:
*Teacher/Studios and Individuals are invited to create unlimited yoga/meditation/taichi classes and sessions.
* Just press on the map, find your next session, or create your own.
* Be notified as a Teachers of Potential Students joining or following you.
* Track the history/current created classes from within the app with important detailed information.
* Get paid or pay teachers, classes and workshops from within the app with ease.
* Group Chat between Teachers and Students or with your own Followers.

and many more...

Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appums.medidate


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