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Jun 8, 2015
Hey what's up @Thomas.

I just want to help getting this app better on some Huawei devices with HI6250 boards.

These devices does support getting GPU frequency & load info :

This is the path to get GPU frequency in my BND-L21 :


Also this is the path to get load (utilization) :

/sys/devices/platform/e8970000.mali/devfreq/gpufreq/[B]*(Governor Name)*[/B]/utilisation

P.S : You can Actually get the max, min, governor, all governor & all frequencies by this path :


*(file_name)* :
Min : min_freq
Max : max_freq
Current governor : governor
Available governors : available_governors
Available frequencies : available_frequencies

Also there is transition state file: trans_stat

Hope that i helped :D
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Jul 15, 2007
Sure! Here are all the files i mentioned earlier.. Open the zip file you will find 8 images showing you the values of each file..

I just released the update in beta channel. I do not have any Huawei device, please try it and let me know if it works.


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Jun 8, 2015
I just released the update in beta channel. I do not have any Huawei device, please try it and let me know if it works.

Only GPU Load works with all the tags works..
You maybe forgot to add Gpu Frequencies..

Btw, Also my device does support Battery Current :

Value eg = -500 or 1244... etc

Current Charging input in mAh :

value eg = 1440

Battery Capacity :

Value eg = 3560

Remaining Battery Capacity :

Value eg = 1400
(this mean if it is 3500 battery then this mean he is now holding only 1400 similar to 40% percentage)

Voltage Max :

Value eg = 4400

Voltage Now :

Value eg = 3800


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Jul 5, 2017
hello, really thanks for this wonderful app. Works very good in my tablet, and i really appreciate the bloatware-free development. If i can give only a small suggestion, it's possible to enlarge the windows size of the graphs, only by a little more? I have moved the slider at max size but reading the values is still difficult for me.

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    Real-time component monitoring in floating window. You can customize layout, its size and transparency. You can set your prefered data format and chart color for better clarity.

    Supported components: (Depends on data provided by your device)
    • CPU load
    • GPU load
    • RAM usage
    • Network traffic
    • Temperature
    • Battery voltage and temperature

    If you want to translate this application into your language, here you have, what you need.

    Some points from development:
    • Development took me more that 200 hours.
    • Development of component monitoring without UI took about 10 hours.
    • No 3rd party library was used.
    • Size of APK is only 103kB.
    • APK contains only application icon and 9-patch image for shadow, everything else are drawn into canvas.
    • I developed this app more for fun that I really need it.
    • Project was created in March 17, 2014 in Eclipse.
    • Application was tested on 7 android phones and 2 tablets before public release.
    • Application is written in Java in 7013 lines of code.

    Known issues:
    • When you use same monitor twice (ex. RAM), in first one maximum is set at 2GB and in second one maximum is set max from all values, you will get unpredicted behaviour of second one.

    Device compatibility list

    For manual installation use APK in attachments.
    I have just released new version of Profiler and ProfilerAPI with CPU frequency support.
    New update fixes freezing problem when some monitor is using max value.
    That's what I meant, widgets >.< (confusing).
    For example, If I have 3 pages of homescreen, I can have one for extra apps, middle one for main used apps and third one for widgets, if I could see how my phone is doing just by swipping to the side instead of opening an app, it would be amazing.
    (This app is great, if it were a widget to place on homescreen it would be really amazing, since most of those that exist are not very useful and very buggy).
    I know you havent been on in a while, but if you see this can I get the source code to continue development? Credits will always show you