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[App][4.0+][SMS App] SMS Encryption 3.3: this app allows to send secure SMS

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    The app "SMS Encryption" may be used for sending/receiving encrypted messages. This app uses the algorithm AES for encryption, AES is strong and secure algorithm. Private SMS will be encrypted on the sender side and it may be read by the receiver only if key is known.

    Advantages of this app:
    - this application uses algorithm of encryption which is federal government standard. AES is included in the ISO/IEC 18033-3 standard.
    - private messages will be protected by a secret key
    - you can use different keys for the different secret messages
    - this SMS messenger allows to create private chat in real time with another person
    - text of secure SMS is always encrypted even during sending
    - encrypted SMS protect your private life

    Known limitations:
    - This application can not be set as default application for SMS.
    - This application does not allow to delete messages.
    - Encrypted text may be bigger than the original one. A number of messages must be displayed in the right bottom corner of a screen.
    - This application does not support MMS.





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