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Sep 30, 2020
Transparent Image

Does anyone have this png picture? It's nice pic for unknown contact, but not available in app...


I would have a transparent image here.
That would be a workaround for now.

But i can't find a place to attach the image in this forum.

Have a nice weekend.


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Feb 16, 2011
OnePlus Nord

I would have a transparent image here.
That would be a workaround for now.

But i can't find a place to attach the image in this forum.

Have a nice weekend.
Here you go
Edit: itvs transparent, so it's kinda invisible, at least in XDA Labs app


  • output-onlineimagetools.png
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Apr 23, 2012
Actually I sent email, but posting here also, testing True Phone Dialer and I can't find how to disable/remove in call history screen this contact card/add contact icon? It just uses screen space and is pointless, as I can get all actions with long press on the history line.
Uninstall and reinstall it

It's don't work

EDIT: Problem solved, post from 4PDA Forum:
"Attention: night versions after 60 days from the moment of their creation begin to offer themselves to update at each launch. This is done because we do not have time to deal with already fixed errors. Thank you for understanding!"

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Apr 1, 2012
Video calling experimental feature still isn't working in 2.0.14, I don't know what happened but it used to function fine 4 or 5 versions ago. I'll have to find the previous version apk files and see which one was working when I get some time but for now it's uninstalled again.

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    Feature request:
    Can we have option to select dialer to look like original dialer app? Like Samsung for instance? Or at least to have T9 texts under the numbers therefore look cleaner?

    And option to show just dialer keyboard and nothing else under it?

    Thank you!
    I tested your app and IMHO currently it appears the best available replacement for ExDialer.
    What I'm missing compared to ExDialer is the availability of themes (ExDialer has tons), particularly for the dialer keypad, which in your app is very simple with no 3D effects for the buttons.

    Another feature I could suggest is to offer the possibility to show horizontal separation lines between the elements of the call log, for a better visibility.

    Good job, now I could seriously consider to replace ExDialer I bought almost 10 years ago that I carry over on every new phone (even on my new Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra).
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    [App][4.0+] True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

    True Phone
    has arrived to replace your stock dialer and contact manager and bring your dialing experience to the next level!
    It's the only one dialer app with full contact management support available for Android!

    Highly customizable, but easy-to-use, True Phone provides you very convenient way to quickly access your recent calls, contacts, favorites and groups. It comes with the idea to minimize number of unnecessary elements to save space for useful content, and make daily usage extremely easy with just-one-hand navigation. True Phone supports themes as well.

    Fast, convenient and easy-to-use phone app powered by Full-screen photos, many different styles of Caller ID and Ongoing call screen, built-in Call Recorder, extended Dual SIM support and so on! Just try it and you will forget about any other phone apps or Google Phone mods forever!

    Why True Phone?
    - Customizable appearance of incoming/ongoing call screens
    - Large or full-screen photos, caller id
    - Built-it call recorder (install our magisk-module to record from line https://dl.hambt.com/dialer/hbdialer-magisk-1.zip)
    - Simple one-hand navigation, all controls designed to always be under your fingers
    - Extended Dual SIM support
    - Fast, smooth, intuitive and convenient
    - Innovative and Extremely easy way to edit your contacts, full support of all contact fields
    - Contact optimization, prevents any kind of duplication
    - Groups editing
    - Quick favorites access
    - Customizable interface and built-in theme manager

    Best T9 dialer, ever
    - Fast T9 search in your recent calls and contacts
    - Smart recent calls grouping
    - Multiple language support
    - Clean and convenient navigation
    - Modern and customizable design
    - Extended Dual SIM support
    - Themes support

    Powerful contact manager
    - View and edit your contacts in one place
    - Easily create new contacts on specific account
    - Keep your contacts organized well with extremely powerful suggestions
    - View desired contact information
    - Easily contact your friends on social networks
    - Easily link your similar contacts
    - Import / export your contacts from one place to another
    - Share your contacts as text or vCard
    - Create and edit contact groups
    - Organize your favorites
    - Easily access functions you need right now

    True Phone is completely free. No restrictions of app features.
    Try it now and let us make it even better.

    For NON Market users: Latest version: 2.0.12
    For Market users: Google Play

    Want to translate the app?

    Join our project at crowdin.net
    "Nightly build" 2.0.10 - June 30, 2020

    * Added Auto Redial panel option
    * Added Auto Redial button. It will appear automatically on ongoing calls instead of some other disabled buttons. You can also add it manually via ongoing call screen buttons settings
    * Removed duplication of Nickname for contacts without name but with nick
    * Added 5G networks support
    * Added optional photo filter for incoming/ongoing call screens to adjust brightness/contrast/saturation of photos
    * Other minor changes
    "Nightly build" 2.0.10 - June 26, 2020

    * All popup menus are now more rounded
    * Removed any duplicated job info for contacts with no name but organization
    * Added voicemail notifications
    * Added VoLTE indication during calls
    * Completely reworked Quick responses settings
    * Added option to change the appearance of Incoming call popup notification
    * Fixed/Adjusted some animations
    * Changed navigation bar color to exactly match the theme
    * Fixed various issues
    This thread is pretty quiet...
    Also: exisapps Last Activity was 14th August 2018 12:15 AM :confused::confused::confused:
    We're back to work since 2020 ^) Great update with a lot of fixes and complete in-call/incoming call UI is coming soon.
    Bunch of previews available on youtube
    Hi everyone!
    True Phone 2.0.2 is now live on Google Play :good:
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