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Jun 17, 2012
Upon the time a long ago
I had iPhone - of number four
A great device - you might have said,
But only anger mine was great.

Some toggles, widget, something? Where?
No, no, my boy, I'll be sincere
You don't need those, my boy, nowhere.

But then one thing suprised my mind
The music controls - little diamond!
And shortly after I've been hit
With the idea in forehead
"I'll make those controls, but not here.
Android phone - it will be great!"

So then Eclipse IDE I took
To look like real Java cook.
And then I coded very hard
And then this story calmly start...


You've definetely seen Control Center apps in Google Play. There is no doubt they are handy. Control your music, toggle some Wi-Fi like a boss...and that's from anywhere! Isn't it great?

Great, my friend, really great answer! But...Statusbar is:
a) On top of your phone, which can be a real pain in the afingers, if you have some modern phone with gargantuan 5inch display.
b) It can be unavailable in some apps.
c) Not every manufacturer puts some neat controls in your statusbar. And not all people love to see notification toggles as a separate notification.

So, if one of those three reasons are about you, then you have to try one of those Control Centers. But there is another problem.
I mean, seriously?
I've bought my Android Phone because that's ANDROID! I don't want to have app that copies iOS interface!

So...here is where I step in. Or, more correctly, where my app steps in.
Quick Control Panel. It has the same idea as all of those Control Centers, but it's a different story.

I've designed it to be Android way. What does it mean?
Well...here is "what does it mean".

-It's Holo style.
-It's customizability.
-It means everything is working correctly.

What about customizability?
Well...you don't want to see music controls, but you want to see toggles? Fine, just disable music controls.
You want the opposite? Just do it, open the settings and change it.
You want different animation? Go on, select one that's suitable for you.
You want to swipe left to open app? Come on, you can do it.
You want to have your dock with flashy semi-transparent colors? Go on, you can choose your favourite color for everything.
You want to reorder your toggles? That's a piece of cake.
Want to have a brutal rectangle around your toggle icons, or want a clean icon without a border? Do it!
You want custom shortcuts icons? Just go and pick up photo of yourself for your favourite awesome app, because you are using this app, and all the people who use this app are awesome!

What about correct work?

Well, it's easy. If you see something on the screen - then it works.

Music controls? They work, they even show you your music artist and song title! That's because it acts the same as default Android lockscreen.
Want to toggle your Wi-Fi, data, sound mode? Do it!
Want to change brightness? Do it!

And about "control from everywhere". You can swipe to start this app, or you can just call it the same way you call Google Now. This is incredibly convenient when you're playing your favourite game with player on, and your the least favourite song kicks in(we all have the song which we don't really like but somehow keep them in our playlist). What do you do? Close your game, which will most likely result in lost progress? NO! You just open Quick Control Panel like a boss, and switch the song!

So, what are you waiting for? Ah, screenshots! Of course! Here are some:

So, what are you waiting for now?
Go and grab this APK, and install it!

Now you can get source code of this app on GitHub:
The code is under Apache 2.0 license.


Version 3.1:
-Long awaited fix for crash on Android 4.1, Android 4.2 and Android 4.3(the former crashed only under very specific conditions)

Version 3.0.3:
-Launcher icon pack support.
-Screen timeout button.
-New flashlight mode
-Ability to change seekbar icon color separately from active color.
-Ability to swap position of seekbars and toggles.
-Music artwork.
-Shortcuts automatically dismiss screen lock*
*Only if they were pressed after 5 seconds after pressing Home button.

Version 3.0:
-Complemetely new app written from the scratch.

Version 2.0.2:
-Returned back to Google Play. Renamed to Quick Control Panel to avoid legal issues.

Version 2.0:
-A major overhaul. A lot of new settings and other things.

Version 1.2.6:
-Fixed wrong default page when infinite scrolling is disabled
-Added ability to make button overlay color semi-transparent(for custom user theme with non-flat color)

Version 1.2.5:
-Added ability to hide media volume seekbar
-Added ability to hide ringer volume seekbar
-Added ability to hide brightness seekbar
-Added ability to disable infinite toggles/shortcuts scroll
-Added ability to disable expand/collapse panel button
-Increased resolution for user shortcut icons

Version 1.2.4:
-Date format customization
-24/12 hour time format selection
-App data backup
-Selectable flashlight activation method
-Improved toggles scrolling smoothness
-Fixed tablet settings force close
-Fixed music shortcut force close

For Android 4.3 you should download version with "V18" suffix.
For Android 4.2.2 and lower you should download version with "V14" suffix.
Since version 3.0 all versions of Android use the same APK.

Please, buy it, if you enjoy the app. It's not that expensive :)
Quick Control Panel

You can also download the free version:
Quick Control Panel Free

Don't forget to rate the app! :good:

Version - date:
01.05.14 - 3.0.3

Feedback is appreciated!


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Jun 17, 2012
No worries, seems to be working fine now, thanks!

Edit: Nevermind, it makes my Note 2 hang on reboot. I thought it was because it was the wrong version but it still happens with v1.8
That's really weird. It doesn't happen with other Note 2...oh wait. You do have unofficial ROM?
And check, if it's really my app.


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Jun 17, 2012
Still hangs, but I didn't think an app would make it hang at the Samsung logo. I am starting to think it's the ROM not your app. Has anybody else have success running it on 4.3?
Wait. It hangs on Samsung logo? That's crazy. I thought that maybe Swipe Detector somehow kills it, because it starts on bootup, but now...I can't understand, really.