[APP][4.04+] OBackup - BUG FIXED, BACK ON PLAY STORE [07/21/2013]

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Sep 5, 2012
This application sounds cool but I am on RR CFW on Lenovo P2 .. Using Pie 9
The application is stuck at Device recognition
I tried all three versions no luck. all stuck at start only with same message

Any solution for this?



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    OBackup 1.35
    Backup your device to Cloud in one click



    Application should came back on Play Store in the coming hours



    :good: Make a backup, zip it and upload it on your Dropbox or Google Drive in ONE CLICK only !!! (upload is just a feature, you can make the backup and just keep it on your device)
    :good: Make it happen every night at 2AM or every two days at noon... or whatever you want
    :good: No need to restart your phone during the backup and miss some calls!
    :good: You can continue to use your device during the backup (may be laggy on slow device ;)).
    :good: CWM & TWRP support



    Very clear explanation from Kantjer (original post here)

    Originally Posted by THE RED BLUR
    Im still a fan of the old trusted traditional way of backing up via cwm. But must admit I tried out Obackup recently and was impressed with it thanks to kantjers insistence :D

    On Samsung jb when using the app I never had to use a script so will need to look at that if its different for Aokp roms?

    Which one is better Online or OBackup?
    Answer from Kantjer:
    There basically 3 major developers involved in the world of online backup (online meaning no need to boot in recovery)

    1. ameer1234567890, who developed the "Online Nandroid Backup" script, this is the script making the actual online nandroid.
      The script can be run without any additional apps using a terminal emulator.
    2. snoopy33, he is the developer of "OBackup"
      OBackup is a frontend app that uses the Online Nandroid Backup script for the backup part. But offers a lot of additional features like like easy setup, scheduled backups and backup retention to name a few.
    3. H3R3T1C, is developing "Nandroid Manager"
      a dedicated app to manage all your backups and let you verify MD5 of backups, restore apps+data from nandroid backup and a whole lot of other nice things.

    So basically "Online Nandroid Backup"and "OBackup" should give you the same backup result, only if you want the nice extra options go for OB. Nandroid Manager is a great addition to compliment your set off backup tools.

    The good news for us as users is that the 3 developers are working closely together to ensure that everything is working nicely together and apps and script are compatible.

    A few tips for new users. I have seen a lot of people posting issues using "Online Nandroid" or "OBackup" and most off the time is due to only one off the following things.

    1. The user didn't install the correct device specific path, this is needed to tell the script where to find the boot and recovery partitions. You can find the patches here
    2. Don't start messing with selecting partitions to backup, leave that option disabled and OB will backup all the relevant partitions for you. Only use it if you need it and know what you are doing.
    3. Only use the SD-EXT option if you use apps like app2sd, link2sd, data2sd, etc... otherwise leave that option disabled.
    Good luck, and if you need any assistance place a port in the appropriate thread.

    * Easy Backup of your Device
    * Backup format: Nandroid (backup of absolutely ALL your data on your device)
    * Support CWM and TWRP (for beta tester only - Online Nandroid script version 7)
    * Automatic Zip of the Backup (with split zip option)
    * Automatic Upload to Dropbox OR Google Drive
    * Backup Planning every X days
    * Automatic Delete of old backups
    * Lots of advanced option (incremental backup, partition selection...)
    * Request patch file if not yet available
    * Uninstall any system application, not just freeze it
    * Kill any task (even system/hided one)
    * Elegant Interface
    * TASKER plugin
    * Nandroid Manager compatible

    Want to request a feature?
    Vote for one, or add a new one to the list!


    Did you find a bug? Please report it here!


    XDA Portal
    Tuto from tricksmash (I thought it was simple enough to not need a tuto)
    showmetech.com.br (unknown language)
    androidgalaxys.net (Italian)
    themobimag.com (Tutorial)
    blog.shift.it (Italian)
    dotekomanie.cz (unknown language)
    pocketables.com (first review)
    vnpda.com (Vietnamese)
    mojandroid.sk (Slovak)
    appzrev.com (very good review of the app)
    getandroidstuff.com (10 top new app of the week)
    blog.shift.it (Italian)
    folblog.it (Italian)
    addictivetips.com (very good review on a very good website)
    androidvzla.com (Italian)
    pocketables.com (second review)
    androidvenezuela.com (Spanish)
    perusmart.com (Spanish)
    droidtune.com (Russian)
    pocketables.com (comparison between several backup application)
    Video presentation in Italian
    OnlineNandroid script. :good:

    Big Thanks to everyone here, and in particular to Kantjer, Electricsheepdreamer, Knääärz and Ikjadoon for helping users since the beginning of this project and the many ideas they shared with me!!!

    Permission requested

    android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION -> Admob
    android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION -> Admob
    android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE -> upload to Dropbox
    android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE -> upload to Dropbox
    android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS -> push notification (new option to come)
    android.permission.GET_TASKS -> task killer
    android.permission.INTERNET -> Device recognition / Upload
    android.permission.KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES -> task killer
    android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -> backup
    android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE -> backup
    android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED -> Scheduler
    android.permission.VIBRATE -> backup
    android.permission.WAKE_LOCK -> backup / zip / upload
    android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -> backup / zip
    Ok I have missed an important email dated of last Friday from the Play Store notifying me that Orange asked to ban me because of the name "Orange Backup".

    Here is their request:

    This is a notification that your application, Orange Backup ★ Onandroid, with package ID com.pommedeterresautee.twoborange3, has been removed from the Google Play Store in the following jurisdictions: EU.
    REASON FOR REMOVAL: Alleged trademark infringement.
    Google has been notified that aspects of your application, Orange Backup ★ Onandroid, allegedly infringe upon the trademarks of others, and it has been removed from the Google Play Store due to a violation of the Content Policy.
    All violations are tracked. Serious or repeated violations of any nature will result in the termination of your developer account, and investigation and possible termination of related Google accounts.
    You may contact Orange Brand Services Limited at ***@orange.com. If Orange Brand Services Limited contacts us specifically authorizing your app to be re-published, and your app does not otherwise violate the Developer Distribution Agreement and Content Policy, we will reinstate the app.
    Please note that we have included a text copy of the Infringement Notice we received for your reference. If you have any further concerns about this issue, please address them directly to the complainant in the Infringement Notice provided below.
    The Google Play Team
    Text Copy of Infringement Notice:

    to [email protected]

    AutoDetectedBrowser: Firefox 1
    AutoDetectedOS: Windows 7
    IIILanguage: en
    IssueType: lr_trademark
    Language: en
    address: The Point, 37 North Wharf Road, London, W2 1AG
    agree1: checked
    android_app_developer_1: XDA Developers
    android_app_name_1: Orange Backup ★ root
    companyname: Orange Brand Services Limited
    country_residence: GB
    form: trademark_complaint
    full_name: ***
    hidden_product: googleplay
    origin: helpcenter
    phone: ***
    signature: ***
    signature_date_day: 29
    signature_date_month: 4
    signature_date_year: 2013
    tm_good_faith: checked
    tm_infringement_explanation: The app is called "Orange Back-Up" which
    suggests it is a back-up service offered by Orange - the globally
    recognised telecommunications brand.

    Orange Brand Services Limited has extensive intellectual property rights
    including numerous trade marks protecting Orange as part of its global
    trade mark portfolio.

    The Developer has no rights to use Orange Brand Services Limited's "ORANGE"
    trade marks and there is no authorized use of Orange by the trade mark
    proprietor to the Developer.

    We are most concerned that this could cause confusion and our concerns are
    heightened as the description provided states that "this application is not
    linked in any way with Orange Telecom". This suggests there may have been
    confusion and the Developers are aware of this problem.

    Orange uses a similar colour palette (orange, white, black and grey) for
    its communications and apps so there is very little to distinguish this app
    (orange on a black background) from a genuine Orange app.

    Orange has its own apps and does not wish for there to be any confusion
    with Orange's own apps and this one.

    We should be grateful if you would remove this app before it damages
    Orange's reputation by causing customer confusion.
    tm_location_and_number: ORANGE - CTM registration number 8164758 in
    classes: 09, 16, 18, 25, 35, 36, 37, 38, 41 and 42.

    European Community together with a global trade mark portfolio protecting
    the word "ORANGE" and the orange colour (pantone 151) and square device/
    logo in a large number of countries throughout the world.
    tm_swear: checked
    tm_work: "ORANGE" word trade mark.
    your_title: Senior Legal Counsel

    And here is my answer:

    Hi ***,

    I am the developer of the Orange Backup application.

    I have just been notified that you have requested the removal of this

    application on the Play Store in every European Country in a claim to

    Google dated as of 29/04/2013.

    I am very surprised that you didn't take the time to contact me

    before asking to Google to remove my application.

    According to your claim, I understand that you have protected the word

    Orange and the squared Orange logo.

    "European Community together with a global trade mark portfolio protecting

    the word "ORANGE" and the orange color (pantone 151) and square device/

    logo in a large number of countries throughout the world. "

    You have based your claim on the CTM n 8164758:

    "tm_location_and_number: ORANGE -

    CTM registration number 8164758 in classes: 09, 16, 18, 25, 35, 36,

    37, 38, 41 and 42."

    I have attached to this email the Certified copy of the Registration

    Certificate with the registration number 8164758 as extracted from

    OHIM website.

    According to the attached certificate, the word mark "ORANGE" is

    protected for these classes *only*: 14, 18, 21, 26, 28, 30 ,35, 36,

    38, 39, 41 and 43.

    Interpretation of NICE classification can be found at this address:

    http://web2.wipo.int/nicepub/editio...lat&explanatory_notes=hide&basic_numbers=show (tenth edition)

    As described in the Play Store, the application "Orange Backup" is a

    software to make a "Nandroid" backup. Nandroid backup is a backup of

    all the device. It is needed to restore a software broken device

    because of some software low level modification (very common on

    android platform). It doesn't backup on a file per file basis but data

    as a whole (technically it backups the totality of a partition in a

    single image file), that's why when opening the application in an

    Android device, you will see that there is no option to select a

    specific file to backup.

    When using Orange Backup application, all software plus the data,

    the boot/recovery partition (needed to start any Android device),

    and other very low level data are backed up and can be restored as a

    whole in the future.

    To make it simple, it is like taking a picture of the state of the

    data of your Android device at a given time, and being able to go back to

    this exact state in the future.

    This application is clearly an Android device *recovery* application.

    Because of the main purpose of the application, it seems to me that it

    falls in the class 42 as it is defined in the NICE classification, and

    in particular in section "420175 - recovery of computer data".

    This class is cited in the claim you have sent to Google but is not

    listed in the Community Trade Mark with registration number 8164758.

    The second point that I have noticed is that the brand protected is

    "ORANGE" and not "Orange Backup". Moreover, a simple search of

    "orange" word on the Play Store

    (https://play.google.com/store/search?q=orange&c=apps) shows a huge

    number of application having Orange word in their name. All the one I

    tried are not banned in France. It doesn't match with the reasons you

    gave in your claim to Google (confusion in the mind of the user).

    "We should be grateful if you would remove this app before it damages

    Orange's reputation by causing customer confusion. "

    So it seems to me that "Orange Backup" name is not violating the

    Community Trade Mark 8164758 because the application is in class 42

    and the name is "Orange Backup". So I think that your claim to Google

    have no legal basis which is very unfortunate because you are causing

    me a real prejudice.

    However, even if I don't think I am violating your CTM, I want to

    close this case very rapidly and would agree to a deal.


    So here is the deal I want to make with your company:

    I would agree to change immediately the name of the application from

    "Orange Backup" to "2BOrange". With this new name there is no risk to

    create any confusion between my application and "ORANGE" brand.

    Moreover, this new name is even farther from the domain protected by

    your CTM. In exchange I am asking you to notify to Google that my

    application is not infringing your brand anymore.

    For obvious reasons, I will keep the community following this

    application informed of what is happening, so they will understand why

    the application is not available anymore through the Play Store.

    Please, answer to this message *promptly* so I will know you are

    taking care of this case.

    Otherwise I will have to take a legal action against your company.

    Best regards,

    To make it simple, a brand is not protected for everything. You need to declare how you think to use it, and you need to use it the way you have described...

    Fortunately I think Orange's claim is not legally based, and so I have a chance to make a deal with them.

    Indeed, I don't think I am violating their brand because the ORANGE brand is not protected when it is used for a recovery software (you can protect a brand only for certain use).

    Even if I am happy that my case is strong, I am angry for two reasons, :
    - Orange didn't take the time to contact me first!
    - ...and Google didn't check the information provided by Orange, which are false (domain protected by the Brand in the claim does not match the domain protected by the brand as declared at the registration of the brand, it takes few minutes to check!).

    However, I want things to be fixed rapidly and I have asked them to remove their claim if I change the name of the application to "2BOrange".

    I keep you informed of the evolution. Tomorrow I hope to will get some news.

    It s really bad because I have wasted my day in writing the email, correct it and make legal search instead of programming...

    Thank you Google for protecting Indie dev against brand owner.


    Edit: in case you care, I am not answering Orange email as a Lawyer but as the developer of an Android application, so I have not to respect the Lawyer French ethic code, and in particular the secret of correspondence.

    The Orange brand registration document (list the protected class):

    Edit2: updated my email with the last version... of the email!
    Awesome news!!!


    Orange agreed on asking to Google to un ban us!

    Don't know how much time it takes, but that's great!!!!! :victory: :fingers-crossed: :good: :good: :good:

    Too much time lost on this legal stuff...

    Let s focus on real things.

    I rewrote the file rights part.

    Let me know if it improves things for you.


    -> release v 1.29 beta 1
    Just to continue to keep you informed, I have not yet sent the email, I use to prepare things and wait few hours before sending the stuff on the net.

    I did my jogging and realized that the use of maintenance software category to explain why Orange Backup should be classified in category 42 is weak. There are many way to understand maintenance software. You may say it is the service to keep software updated or something like that.

    So I searched something else, and here came a little miracle!!!

    I re read the NICE guideline, and found something really interesting. There is a category for recovery software in class 42.

    To make it short, they are not protecting the use of Orange word for Software in the class 42. I think it makes my case really strong.

    I am really happy of that finding!

    Moreover I have added an idea from this thread to the email: I have highlighted the fact that there are still tons of application having Orange in their name and not banned!

    Finally, I will write to some blogs what happened, because the system is not fair for indie dev.

    We all now the brand protection concept. There are some abuse, it s well know, and that's not what I want to speak about.

    The real issue here is how Google manage the thing:

    1/ They didn't check the claim from Orange because there is an obvious error inside it (the list of class protected in the claim don't match the real registration, it took me few minutes to check if what Orange was saying was true).
    2/ And the second big issue is that acording to the email from Google it is up to the owner of the brand (Orange) to decide if I will be un banned or not.

    My case is just an example of what can happen where the owner of a brand (big money able to pay to protect a word like the color Orange) abuse of its right.

    And even if Orange is right for some reasons I am not aware today, the system of Google letting the owner of the brand deciding of the future of the other application, it s just a break of the most basic justice rule, you can't be at the same time a judge and a party!

    Because I never read something about this matter, and I thing any dev should be aware of that, I will do my best to make some noise. It has to change!

    If some of you knows an Android blogger, let him know about this story. Anyone interested can contact me by PM if there is a need for more information.