[APP 4.1+] 3C Task Manager

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Jul 19, 2005
3C Task Manager, available on Play Store and XDA Labs, a simple task manager for all Android devices.

Best suited for rooted device if running Android 6.0 or above.

Feature set:
  • Lists user-installed and system-installed app's processes.
  • Optionally list kernel processes on Android 5.x and lower or rooted devices.
  • Ability to force-stop tasks.
  • Ability to auto-stop tasks (inclusion list) upon screen turn on or off or in low memory situations.
  • Ability to add a shortcut to your launcher to manually stop included tasks.
  • Ability to see tasks' activities, providers, receivers, services and permissions requested.
  • Ability to renice tasks automatically on rooted devices (Xposed optional for efficiency).
  • Ability to use 3C Explorer to browse app's data folder (root required).
  • Ability to use 3C Log Reader to access task's logs (root required).

Please report all your issues and feature requests in this thread.
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