[APP 4.1+] 3C Task Recorder

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Jul 19, 2005
3C Task Recorder, available on Play Store and XDA Labs, a simple task recorder allowing to track bad behaving apps, running in standby or background, or using network. The perfect tool for parents to keep app's used under control.

★ Highly Configurable UI allows you to transform the app into something you really like.

★ Record app's CPU and network activities
★ Record CPU load and frequencies
★ Clip recording to more interesting periods (standby for example)
★ Focus on one particular app
★ Sort by CPU time or network used
★ Comment on specific recordings to keep track of historical data

If rooted or Android lower than Marshmallow (6.0), app can also:
★ Record memory used
★ Record kernel process
★ Sort by memory used

In-app purchase can be made to remove ads or unlock features: recording rates, UI theme, recording options or managing recording/optional notifications.

★ Battery recording can only be imported from Battery Manager (free app).

★ Exploring task's data directory requires root and 3C Explorer (free app).

★ Viewing task's details requires 3C Task Manager (free app).

★ Viewing task's logs requires root and 3C Log Reader (free app)

Please report all your issues and feature requests in this thread.
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