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Dec 29, 2015
It's a new style productivity tool. (Demo Video)

Back to several years ago, I created another app: ES File Explorer in 2009 and kept improving it in the following 6 years.
Then I left it a year ago due to some reasons when I felt I could do no more on it to bring more values to its users.
Until several months ago, I read many comments on the latest unexpected devastating changes of ES from its old users, and decided to develop what only I can do, a new app for them since then.

I wonder if I can develop something to make "it needs some complex operations" simple, saving our time when using the phone.

Today I come back, and bring you fooView here in XDA.
It is still in Alpha, very early version, so you might ignore it, try it, and throw your opinions or expectations for future version at me.
It might be simple, buggy, and not thoughtful currently.

But it begins, another years of improvements, for you.

Last Updated 2020/12/31

Download on Google Play
If you would like support me, please vote 5 star on Google Play, that's most encouraged.

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V1.4.5 Changelog. "Shapes & Customized Search" Published on 2020/12/30
V1.4.4.2 Changelog. "Dark Mode & Android 10" Published on 2020/09/30
V1.4.4 Changelog. "2X Play" Published on 2020/06/02

V1.4.3 Changelog. "Search Action" Published on 2020/04/05
V1.4.2 Changelog. "Share Text With Suffix" Published on 2019/12/30
V1.4.0 Changelog. "More Themes & FV File" Published on 2019/11/03
V1.3.0 Changelog. "More Search & Samba 2.0" Published on 2019/09/01
V1.2.0 Changelog. "Text <=> Barcode" Published on 2019/07/31
V1.1.0 Changelog. "You Say File, I Show it" Published on 2019/07/04
V1.0.1.1 Changelog. "Little Little Floating Window" Published on 2019/05/22
V1.0.0.2 Changelog. "Finally 1.0! For 3 Years" Published on 2019/04/09
V1.0.0Pre Changelog. "Notes & Widgets" Published on 2019/02/28
V0.9.9.9 Changelog. "Task Shared By Others" Published on 2019/01/11
V0.9.9.1 Changelog. "Share Your Task" Published on 2018/11/29
V0.9.8.0 Changelog. "Movable Clipboard" Published on 2018/11/07
V0.9.7.0 Changelog. "Enhanced Screenshot & Recorder" Published on 2018/10/22
V0.9.6.0 Changelog. "Move Position Quickly" Published on 2018/09/30
V0.9.5.0 Changelog. "Own Background" Published on 2018/08/27
V0.9.4.0 Changelog. "More Actions" Published on 2018/07/06
V0.9.3.1 Changelog. "Dark Theme" Published on 2018/06/21
V0.9.2.1 Changelog. "Backup Settings" Published on 2018/04/25
V0.9.1.1 Changelog. "Auto Task" Published on 2018/03/27
V0.9.0.0 Changelog. "Mutilple Floatings" Published on 2018/02/07
V0.8.9.0 Changelog. "Add Your Watermark" Published on 2018/01/16
V0.8.8.6 Changelog. "Music Playlist" Published on 2017/12/22
V0.8.8.0 Changelog. "Shape, Fill, Font" Published on 2017/11/28
V0.8.7.5 Changelog. "Edit Music" Published on 2017/11/13
V0.8.7.2 Changelog. "Add Image In Video" Published on 2017/10/23
V0.8.6.8 Changelog. "Add Text On Video" Published on 2017/09/26
V0.8.6.1 Changelog. "Use Group" Published on 2017/09/13
V0.8.5.8 Changelog. "Video Control Gesture" Published on 2017/08/23
V0.8.5.7 Changelog. "Share To Save" Published on 2017/08/21
V0.8.5.6 Changelog. "Discover By Camera" Published on 2017/08/10
V0.8.5.4 Changelog. "Select Image To Screenshot" Published on 2017/07/18
V0.8.5.3 Changelog. "Improve OCR" Published on 2017/07/03
V0.8.5.0 Changelog. "Night Mode" Published on 2017/06/11
V0.8.4.9 Changelog. "Record Actions" Published on 2017/05/11
V0.8.4.7 Changelog. "Image Filters" Published on 2017/04/23
V0.8.4.6 Changelog. "Screenshot & Edit" Published on 2017/04/10
V0.8.4.5 Changelog. "Floating Video" Published on 2017/03/24
V0.8.4.4 Changelog. "I'm Floating" Published on 2017/03/13
V0.8.4.2 Changelog. "Create a GIF" Published on 2017/03/01
V0.8.4.1 Changelog. "Paste Be Easier" Published on 2017/02/20
V0.8.3.5 Changelog. "Text Selector In WebView" Published on 2017/01/13
V0.8.3.4 Changelog. "Switch More Things" Published on 2017/01/05
V0.8.3.2 Changelog. "Add Your Own Search" Published on 2016/12/25
V0.8.3 Changelog. "Text Selector" Published on 2016/12/18
V0.8.2 Changelog. "Lock Screen & OTG" Published on 2016/12/06
V0.8.1 Changelog. "New Hide List" Published on 2016/11/25
V0.8.0 Changelog. "Beta Now" Published on 2016/11/16
V0.8.0Pre Changelog. "All In One Search" Published on 2016/10/25
V0.7.9 Changelog. "More Clouds Coming" Published on 2016/09/26
V0.7.8 Changelog. "Regional Screen Recorder" Published on 2016/09/13
V0.7.7 Changelog. "Manage Phone Files On PC" Published on 2016/08/31
V0.7.6.1 Changelog. "Unlimited Screen Recorder" Published on 2016/08/23
V0.7.5 Changelog. "Google Drive & Disk Usage" Published on 2016/08/04
V0.7.4 Changelog. "Reader and Editor" Published on 2016/07/20
V0.7.3 Changelog. "A Long Long Screenshot" Published on 2016/06/27
V0.7.2 Changelog. "View Zip Files" Published on 2016/06/07
V0.7.1 Changelog. "Choose your icon" Published on 2016/05/13
V0.7.0 Changelog. "On Google Play now" Published on 2016/04/28
"On XDA Labs Now" Published on 2016/04/22
V0.6.9 Changelog. "App Switcher could be faster" Published on 2016/04/20
V0.6.8 Changelog. "Not another ES File Explorer" Published on 2016/04/05
EStrongs Statement. "It's Real" Published on 2016/03/25
V0.6.6 Changelog. "Recognize now" Published on 2016/03/24
V0.6.2 Changelog. "App Switcher could be fast" Published on 2016/03/11

1. What's it for?
It's a system enhanced tool to make everything simple and save your time. Try to use for some time, and you will like it when you are familiar with it.
You can use the float button action to replace navigation operations. It's more powerful and productive than assistant touch button on iOS.
You can search everything, translate, and share screenshot ... with a very simple crop action. Simple is powerful.
And fast access to news, weather, app manager, web, files ... with simple gestures. Try to find more.
More (actually Less) is on the way

2. Cannot find the float button?
Run the app, follow the guide to grant the "Float Window" or sometimes so-called "Draw over other apps" permission for it, it will show on the edge of the screen.

3. Can I Edit position of/Hide float button?
Sure, long press and find the choice.

4. The float button shows and later disappears
The system or some app has killed it, add it to the white list.

5. I cannot find all the features to fulfill Product Manager Achievements.
Actually it has more power than thought, some features will appear in some special cases. Use more, and you will find it later.

6. I'm using Android 4.4(KitKat) or below, I cannot screenshot.
Due to system limitations below Android 5.0, you can only screenshot in fooView app itself. Features without any limitations for rooted devices is in the development.

7. The icon is not big enough.
Change size from settings.

8. In long press app switcher, I cannot find the wanted app.
There are two lines. sorted by app frequency and sorted by time (that is recent app list). You can "pin" at most 6 important apps here (Click the fooView icon, long press an app in the bottom list)

9 Your next plan?
Working for next version, another "Aha" is in the development.

Some Tips For Old Versions
I found some users are not familiar with many features of the app, so I will collect some tips to help.
1) fooView is a floating circle icon on the edge of the screen. Try long press the circle and release it immediately, your most favorite app will be started. Is it quickly enough? @20160316

2) Any question such as, How much a Nexus6 is? Easy. Click floating circle icon, input Nexus6, long press search button, click Amazon, Here:) @20160317

3) I want to view Eg. Huffington Post website, I need open browser and input "www.huffingtonpost.com"? No, new style coming. Click the floating circle icon, write with hand "h", you have got Huffington Post now in the bottom. @20160317

4) An incoming call with an unrecognized phone number? Drag the floating icon and circle the number, you can search who is it then decide answer or decline. @20160319

5) How to play the game? The game is actually a gesture training to let you be familiar with gesture mechanism of fooView. Your installed apps icon will fall, and handwrite the first letter of the app name to smash it before it goes out of the screen. Click the icon, there will be hint. It's not useless. When you open fooView, handwrite some letters, you will find the related apps and websites. It's a fast and simple way to search and go. @20160327

6) Sometimes I want to browse the web at the same time when I'm writing on Twitter or talking in Whatsapp, to lookup and write down something. It's easy now. Click or swipe up fooView icon, then open the webpage. Swipe up fooView icon again, then a float window appears and there are two windows now! I can move it or change its size, even switch between your app and it. Bingo! @20160410

7) How about a multiple engine search? Click fooView, hand write "Samsung", click search button. Now you have got a google search result of "Samsung". Wait, I want to buy a Samsung phone, long press the search button, choose "amazon", yes, price is here. Wait again, I want to know some background of word "Samsung", long press the search button again, choose "wiki" this time. Overall, multiple search means you don't need to open different websites and input the keyword to search every time, this will save your time. @20160411

8) What's Lucky for?
There is a lucky module on the fooView homepage. It means "I'm feeling lucky", Google has used this words to show a random result. You can click the number/image & video/music/web category icon to get a random result here. @20160425

9) When I use crop gesture to capture texts to translate or copy, sometimes I don't get the ideal result, why?
In the result window, each text is labelled with an icon.
The icon "Image" means it's a screenshot, you can edit it and share directly.
The icon "A" means we have got the whole possible text (such as a sentence), you will get this result on most screens except for on web page(such as Chrome or Facebook).
The icon "Robot" means we are trying to use machine recognition from screen, it requires Android 5.0 and above. For Android 4.4 and above, we're working on root version. To improve the accuracy, you might download language pack from settings, such as German language library, currently it supports 13 languages, and more will be added. @20160503

10)FV Clip? What's that?
Sometimes when we want to select some texts in browsers (such as Chrome) to e.g., translate. Normally I need 1) crop it 2) machine recognize it automatically 3) click translate button.
Is there other way?
On Android 6.0+ or some Android 5.1+ devices, it supports context menu. Long press and select the texts, choose FV Clip(if there's one), a menu with search/share/translate options appears.
Here you are. @20160506



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Jun 29, 2011
It dint work on the note 5 marshmallow. It opens a second and goes after 1 second.

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Jan 13, 2013
Where to do so under settings permission no such setting

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