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Dec 29, 2015
Hi @fvalpha: I opened FV and under 'Videos' I selected a file and then tapped on the delete icon and got this message:

"Delete operation failed: Permission denied, please enable root explorer in Settings"

Can you please advise why am I unable to delete some files? I do not have a rooted device. Checking the property of those files, I see that they are having the following path:
/storage/emulated/999/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Animated Gifs

Is there any setting in FV that I need to check / sysem settings? Please advise

Some folders are designed by their own to be self-managed, so they require special permissions. You cannot access them with read/write permission. In this case, the above error message will popup.


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Dec 29, 2015
It happens when there's no picture generated just text (yellow border for selection). See animated gif attached - I've not been allowed to attach this as a video.

Update: Strange - today I could not reproduce the issue.

Update 2: It happened with a red border (both text and picture captured) as well.
I haven't recur the issue. I will keep track on it.


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Dec 29, 2015
V1.4.3 2020.4.5 Changelog:
1. Add Search Widget & Search Action
2. App Select Dialog Supports Multi-select,Search Sort,System apps
3. Update Samba & Webdav implementation
4. Image search support SAO, Tinyeye
5. Task Supports Folder
6. Dozens of minor improvements and bug fixs


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Dec 29, 2015
1.4.4 2020.6.2 Changelog:
1) Double Speed in Player
2) Support Shapes in Video Editor
3) Support Website Icon Thumbnails
4) Support DeepL Translator
5) Support Tenor GIF search
6) Use Uniform Notification Style
7) More Features in Task Folder
8) Support Floating Icon and Window Actions in Task
9) Support FV Video Player and Editor App with Built-in Codecs
10) Register FV Save To Save Files
11) Many Other Improvements.


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Dec 29, 2015
856 2020.9.30 Changelog:
1. Dark Mode (Web Dark Mode only for System Webview Android 10+)
2. E-ink Theme for E-ink System
3. Update to Android 10 API
4. Compatibility for Android 11, and Some Systems
5. Update to Latest AndroidX UI Library (2M size)
6. Keep Data under data/data instead of /sdcard/.fooView
7. Free Form App Window (Only for Standard System)
8. Update Samba
9. Multiple Select for Ignore List
10. Fix FV File Explorer Reported Issues
11. Add Some Engines such as Yandex Translate
12. Upload Task Size Limitation changed to 10M (Former 100k)
13. Customize Favorites Card
14. Many Optimizations such as Long Screenshot, Browser Menu, etc.


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Dec 29, 2015
1.4.5 2020.12.30 Changelog:
1) Floating Icon Supports Other Shapes
2) All-one-search Supports Customization
3) Support Multi User Account Mechanism
4) Notes & Clipboard Supports Select Key On Keyboard
5) Show Property Window When Installing APK
6) Select Dialog Supports Search & Multi-Select
7) Fix User Reported Issues Since Last Version
8) Dozens Of Other Improvements Such As Dark Mode, Video Window etc.


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Aug 31, 2013
I am a relatively new user of fooView. FYI I found it in the playstore, and only just now found this thread.

I have searched this thread, but I could not find the answer; the search pulled up hundreds of unrelated posts. Obviously a bad search term on my part.

I am trying to do 2 things that I have yet to work out how to do.
1. Run a user defined shell script from the fly-out menu. I have seen the "Customized Task" feature, and am guessing thats the path to go down, but I can't determine how to create and/or edit a new or existing task?
2. Under actions (when assigning an icon/action), I can not find the "Display Menu" action. Am I blind? it could also be implemented with a simple send input "KEYCODE_MENU [82] = (0x00000052)" shell command
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Mar 30, 2018
This is a bug report.

It seems that the suggestion function of the app switcher is not working properly.
There seems to be a mistake in the counting part of the usage frequency of the application.
Please check it once.

Thank you as always!

Android 10 / fooView 1.4.5

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