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[APP][4.1+] Checkerboard Pixel Mesh Filter (Battery Saver)

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Sep 17, 2015

On most AMOLED screens, a black pixel does not use energy. (And in other screen types, it uses less energy)
Using this app, you can display a checkered pixel mesh over your screen. While able to still view the screen and it's contents, your device is using less energy, due to all the black pixels being displayed.
This app can also dim the screen at a specified battery threshold, even while the mesh is displayed, to save further on battery.
The screen is completely readable, and usable, while the pixel mesh is displayed.

Features in premium version:
-No ads!
-Hide notification icon
-Fixes package installer problems while pixel mesh is displayed
-Show filter automatically at specified battery threshold
-Option to show pixel filter only under specified battery threshold

Change log
1.0.0 - Many bug fixes

Q: This app isn't saving a lot of power on my phone model!
A: This app is compatible with AMOLED screens. Non-AMOLED screens may still notice SOME improvement. Please do not rate 1-star, it is not in my power to fix that.

Q: Battery stats are showing this app using a lot of energy!
A: Actually, it just thinks that because my app is displaying something onto your screen very often. But what it displays onto your screen actually SAVES energy!

Q: I can't install apps when the pixel filter is displayed!
A: This is due to security within Android. However, a fix is present in the PRO version. In the FREE version, you can just turn off the filter before installing an app.

Q: This app doesn't work!
A: Send me an email. Please do not leave one-star, I will fix it




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