[APP][4.1+]Clone App- Multiple Accounts & App Clone

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yule dee

Senior Member
Apr 13, 2020
Create and run unlimited multiple accounts for WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, most social app and game.

Do you want to manage multiple social accounts and fast switch between them?
Do you want to play games with different roles or multiple accounts to enjoy more fun?

Clone App can help you out from the trouble of managing multiple accounts!
- Easily use one phone to log in multiple accounts and keep them all online at the same time!
- Create as many accounts as you want, customize them with different icons and name, and protect them with privacy locker.

Fully support 64bit apps and no need to install supported lib for most apps. If you are trying to clone legacy apps that only have 32bit library, please upgrade the app or install the 32bit support library.

Download:MEGA download

Please see this topic for the latest events and apps:https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...n-free-premium-code-2021-10-25update.4134925/
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New member
Dec 13, 2021
Hi im honestly kinda new to all this as far as phone moving but im very much wanting to learn everything I can. Would it be possible to get a redeem code for the clone app plz.

arnold loudest

New member
Apr 5, 2017
Will it work on Android 12? Several app's have refused to work for me since Samsung's One UI 4 update. I want to try this app, but I need to know it won't screw my primary accounts up. I would really appreciate any advice,