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[APP][4.1+] Google Now with independant locale

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Probem whith google now multi-l and youwave

Hi i instaled on my computer the program youwave v3 my problem is what i can´t use google now or Google now multi-languaje, when i try to using it; a legend appears saying app was stops. The rom i use on Youwave is ICS 4.0.4 i downloaded the apk Google now multi-languaje; posted in this link:
and here:
and the steps posted. But the problem persist. i search on internet and nothing... So my question is, how can i run google now multi-languaje apk. well, thats all. thanks, i will wait your/s answer/s. pd: i´m sorry for my english i speak spanish. :p


Senior Member
May 7, 2011
i am on kitkat just remove google search.apk from system/priv-apps and copy velvet .apk to system/ apps that works for and i am in an english speaking country outside the us , so this works for me to get back google now since the updated one does not allow you due to location reporting

it won't work on odex ROM, i guess

tried to push to system, but the app simply doesn't appear anywhere....


Senior Member
May 17, 2011
multiple hotwords for google now

Hey, now that i see that you have knowledge on the app, I wonder if its possible to have multiple hotwords.
i mean 1 for google now and another for autovoice, that will make it the cheesseee of my kneeeesss.....

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    After flashing Jelly Bean to my device I quickly discovered the problem which many non-US members have been talking about, it was impossible to use Google Now to it's full potential without changing the system language to English (US). I thought that there had to be some simple solution to this problem, so I searched around here on xda for any mod that fixed this, but there wasn't any success. So, after some simple smali editing I now present to you

    Google Now with independant locale
    This mod allows you to continue using Google Now as you're used to, but without having to compromise with your own language of choice - Whether it be Spanish, French, Swedish or any other language that is supported as of Jelly Bean. The only thing that is required is replacing the old Google Now apk with the new one.

    - You are responsible for anything that could potentially harm your device by using this app. If you are worried, make a Nandroid.
    - I can't guarantee that this will mod will work on your device/configuration. If it doesn't, please provide a logcat so I attempt to fix the problem.

    Download link below the screenshot

    Screenshot showing Google Now in Swedish

    Installation Instructions
    (Requires Jelly Bean or above)
    1. Download the file from dl.dropbox.com/u/22829424/Velvet.apk (unclickable because of insufficient post count)
    2. Remount /system with read/write permissions
    3. Copy the apk to /system/app/Velvet.apk
    IMPORTANT - If Velvet.apk does not already exist in /system/app/ it could be having another name. If GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk is there, replace that file instead.
    4. Remount /system with read-only permissions again
    5. Install the apk as you would the normal way (Users on the Swedish forum I originally posted this on found this to be required)

    If you want to perform step 2 - 4 using adb, these are the commands to use
    adb remount
    adb push Velvet.apk /system/app/Velvet.apk
    adb remount
    Great mod!!

    I updated and signed the JB gapps pack with your modded apk for easy flashing.

    Okay, I never had the time to create a post yesterday, but here's the flashable zip.


    Note that this zip will install a library in /system/lib, this should originally be in /data/data, but I haven't found a way to keep the library in there across reboots.

    The OP will be updated later today.

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
    Never tried working with apk files or editing them, I assume it would be wise to look for the differences between the modded version and the original one, and apply those edits on the new version.
    Any idea how to check those differences..?

    Sent from my GT-I9300 / Firefds v11 ELK4 / Phenomenal 4.0 Extreme kernel
    XDA Premium (HD)

    i can do it but i need the original old version of google now to compare with the modded one..... forget it.... that version is in Google Apps :D i will work on it now :D
    Just so you guys now, I haven't completely abandoned this project. I have been quite busy lately, hence I haven't been able to provide support in this thread - that changes as of now!

    About the new update of Google Now:
    I have spent part of the weekend trying to find the one line that matters instead of replacing multiple lines that looks the same. This is partly to avoid conflicts with other locale specific stuff (weather forecast for example) and because the apk wasn't obfocused this time, resulting in me not being able to use a diff tool.

    There will also be an official update zip now because the process of installing the new version has advanced. I will provide information for installing manually as well.

    The flashable zip is almost complete and will be uploaded soon (expect an hour or two, I'm not at home right now).

    Questions will be answered when the new version is out, thanks for being patient :)

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk