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[APP][4.1+] OpenHer - Online Dating App Cheat for Tinder

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Mar 15, 2019
Have you struggled on what to write to a girl? Are your messages being ignored?

OpenHer is the ultimate companion app for Tinder and other dating apps. Never think about what to write to a girl again!

Go beyond pickup lines and cheesy compliments. OpenHer includes over 100 openers and conversation starters scripts/templates that you can use DIRECTLY with your match. You can personalize each message however you want that suits your situation. Each script you can copy/paste from and will give you a detailed explanation about it. You will know exactly when to use them and for the right context.

- Keep any girl interested in you... even if you suck at flirting.
- Stand out from the pack. No more boring "hi, how are you?" messages.
- Easily get a girl's number and turn ice-cold conversations into a date.
- Easily start conversations and change your dating life forever. This goes beyond pick-up lines.



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