[APP][4.1+] Stellar Skeuomorphic Music Player **PROMO CODES**


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Dec 4, 2018
Hi there everyone thought i'd do a giveaway on our app HiReal Music Player. I know there are a lot of music players out there in the market already but we wanted to differentiate ours from them by adding unique realistic designs in both landscape and portrait orientations.

There is currently 4 different themes with two different layouts in both landscape and portrait orientations. We've tried to make the designs as realistic as possible by adding animated speakers, led lights, and interactive buttons. Here is a feature list below~

Key Features:
Realistic design with interactive buttons
4 Themes to choose from with Landscape & Portrait variants.
Bass speaker animation effects play when music is on
Built-in Equalizer with 3 color variants
Music player app with MP3, Wave, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, MIDI Audio file support
Mimics a stereo & boombox (place in your car or outside at the park!)
Power Led Light
AUX Input animation when inserting headphones


Link to GooglePlay

**How To Get Promo Codes**
Promo codes available upon request in this thread

Any feedback, reviews, or suggestions are appreciated!


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Dec 22, 2011
Thanks! Hope the app works out for you~ pm'd you a code
Thank you for the code. In return I'll give you some initial feedback. Please forgive me if it is a little bit harsh - Hope I am constructive enough.

This app is a novelty and should not be used outside of the initial cool factor to show friends. Why do I think so? Because:

1) No back button support - In 2019, really? I was reminded of time when crappy iOS ports were coming to android as is. No optimization or anything.
2) Settings page is empty - Try renaming it to "Info" or "About" or something. Having 2 links there does not count as "Settings".
3) No equalizer (or I couldn't find it) - Although you advertise you have it. Having a gif running that looks like a beat visualizer when you play a song does not mean that it is an actual equalizer.
IMO you should replace the gif with an actual beat visualizer and add an actual equalizer settings.
4) Closing app will nag you to rate the application every time - Looks like you forgot to program the app to remember that the user already rated the app and to stop showing this annoying message.
5) No notification controller for pausing or resuming songs - For a music player in 2019 it is unacceptable.

Those are the critical points from the top of my head.

The good: App looks amazing. High five to the designer :good:


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Dec 4, 2018
is it just me or is it currently not possible to access external storage in the player?

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thank you very much!
external storage should be accessible weird.... which android version and device are you using? I unfortanetely dont have enough actual devices to test everything.