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[APP][4.1+] YAATA SMS/MMS app

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May 13, 2008
I've been using Yaata since the Alpha days.... Never had this issue? I did have a Samsung Galaxy S6 that would send out duplicate text to a few people, only on Verizon though? Never more than two though, and it was few and far between and only on The Samsung. I've used it on 5 other phones with no duplicate messages sent: HTC One M7, M8, M9, Moto X Pure, and now a Nexus 6P.

Was able to repeat it on the Mot Droid Turbo2, and send log and info, he is working on it (I hope for something soon)


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Jun 27, 2014
Bordon, UK
Maybe that request was already posted, but will have a try:)

Small thing, but is it possible to get "flat" status bar style to choose? Like in AwSms app? Whitout that blackish shadow? Thats the only thing that I miss comparing to the Awsms.
Beside that app is perfect! Maybe little bit less responsive than Textra or others, but it doesnt mean lags or sth. Just bit slower:) Im using it from a long time thou.
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May 13, 2008
Related to my issue with "multiple text messages" being sent to the same user... I have had this happen many times and as many as 104 repeated messages to the same person.
I was forced to use Message+ (the default text app on my Verizon phone), and just noticed that the "Integrated Messaging" [www.vzw.com/vzmessages ] option was turned on... which I did not turn on
Could this be causing me any pains? Anyone use this at all? It seems similar to MySMS or MightyText, and I wonder if the syncing part does this and/or what else it could be doing to my texting and/or phone.


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Jan 8, 2009
Related to my issue with "multiple text messages" being sent to the same user... I have had this happen many times and as many as 104 repeated messages to the same person.
I was forced to use Message+ (the default text app on my Verizon phone), and just noticed that the "Integrated Messaging" [www.vzw.com/vzmessages ] option was turned on... which I did not turn on
Could this be causing me any pains? Anyone use this at all? It seems similar to MySMS or MightyText, and I wonder if the syncing part does this and/or what else it could be doing to my texting and/or phone.

Try to freeze in titanium backup this VZw sms app.

nola mike

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Aug 8, 2011
In these settings (in app, in conversation, when screen on...) popup also means chathead.
In current official release due to android limitations, app can't post notification without status bar icon, but today I found workaround. It is included in today's BETA.

Oh. So the setting is there, but doesn't do anything?
How do I get the BETA? Tried going to this link, but it's telling me invite only...


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Jan 22, 2008
Hi all,
First, thanks for the hard work and, of course followed by little questions ;)

Maybe i missed it but is there an option for having sound notification on delivery reporting/acknowledgement of receipt by receiver and same for read/unread message ? (assuming services have to be available on carrier, of course...)
If not, is there plan to implement something like that ?

Also, plan to have a widget with messages counter on it (Handcent style...)?

Assuming those are specific options, but asked by a friend i'm trying to convert using this wonderful app Yaata is...In fact, needed by him because always using headset for keeping his hands free for working...

Thanks in advance for replies ;)

As i've not seen any answer, reposting my little questions ;)
(Am i doing something wrong with those questions ???)

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    App in Google Play

    Shake to encrypt result:

    YAATA is influenced by the true spirit of Android. It is a SMS/MMS app that has so much to offer. You can personalize and configure this app to your definition of the perfect app. YAATA SMS is very powerful, reliable and the speed of the app is on another level. Even with all the exciting features this app has to offer the app size is under 3MB. This SMS app is highly user friendly and fulfils the wants and needs of the ultimate geek to a basic beginner user.

    · Complete Multimedia Support including but not limited to sending and receiving: Pictures, Videos, Audio, VCards, GIFs and YAATA supports MMS over WiFi for the carriers that need it!
    · Delivery Reports for both sms and mms with the option to save delivery time.
    · Group Chats
    · Send Delay
    · Scheduled Message Sending
    · Converting sms to mms
    · Archiving
    · Blacklisting
    · Auto forward (Premium)
    · Auto responder (Premium)
    · Copy and Paste select text
    · A plethora of options when tapping message bubble.
    · Backup and restore settings
    · Tons more to explore and to be added!! J
    Quick Options
    · 3 Different desktop widget styles
    · Pin contacts to FAB tab
    · Quick compose from notification shade (3 favorite contacts)
    · Favorite contacts will appear when composing new message.
    · Long press attachment icon to insert pictures quickly.
    · And more! If you come up with faster ways don’t hesitate share! ;)

    · 3 quick reply styles
    · Chat heads: Ability to view over lock screen! With a bunch of customizable and configurable options ( Some options for chat heads are premium)
    · Pop up window: Again, the ability to view over lock screen with configurable options. (i.e. message limit, pop up size, close after sent and more)
    · A simple Dialog window
    · Custom Vibrations
    · LED colors and ability to customize blink rate
    · Repeat reminds for missed messages
    · Changeable Swipe actions in notification shade
    · Ability to set notifications for non-numeric address as well as unknown senders.
    · Set up how you want to be notified when listening to music, in calls, when screen is on and more!!!

    Customization for Individual Contacts
    · Notifications
    · Ringtones, custom vibrations, quick reply styles, LED color and blink rate, status bar icon and more.
    · Look & Feel
    · Bubble Color for sent and received, contact avatar and action bar color as well as text color and size can be changed for a specific conversation.
    · Once again so much more for you to see for yourself!!

    Look & Feel
    · Themes!!
    · Light, Dark, Black, Card based and Random Palette (you have the ability to create your own color palette in advanced settings and/or reset colors)
    · Create your own themes with customizable contact pictures (size, shape, color…), fonts (sizes, colors bold options), message bubbles (colors, styles, animation), action bar color and the ability to change background colors and conversation list colors are just some ways to personalize YAATA.
    · Others…
    · Grouping threads by dates on conversation list (Today, Yesterday, Two Days ago…)
    · Timestamp options
    · Filter Option (search conversation by mms, send, received, dates, text and other ways.
    · Alternating backgrounds to show different days
    · Ability to enable or disable swipe actions in conversation list ( swipe to call, mute, archive, delete, reply create chat head)
    · Ability to enable or disable the options to hide keyboard when scrolling, hide editor when scrolling, close keyboard after send, etc.

    App in Google Play

    Community for translators



    ● First Google Play release

    BUILD 1555:
    ● Bug fixes

    BUILD 1456:
    ● Bug fixes

    BUILD 1375:
    ● Bug fixes

    BUILD 1368:
    ● ADDED: open in floating window button in conversation
    ● ADDED: undo button when clear in message editor was tapped
    ● ADDED: tap send again to send delayed message immediately

    BETA BUILD 1208:
    ● ADDED: send button in floating window
    ● ADDED: configurable long tap on send button
    ● ADDED: long tap + button to add picture

    BETA BUILD 1131:
    ● FIXED: Chatheads: keyboard in landscape mode
    ● FIXED: Chatheads: auto exapand
    ● ADDED: Chatheads: Collapse after sent option in settings
    ● ADDED: Chatheads: docked chathead size option in settings

    BETA BUILD 1039:
    ● FIXED: keyboard suggestions
    ● FIXED: editor appearance

    BETA BUILD 1008:
    ● ADDED:possibility to change floating window height
    ● ADDED: new cancel button for delayed sending
    ● FIXED: covering editor by keyboard
    ● bug fixes

    BETA 36:
    ● FIXED: docking on the right side of the screen.
    ● ADDED: call and open conversation icons in floating window
    ● ADDED: open app and open chathead in notification tap acions
    ● ADDED: swipe right in conversation to hide/reveal timestamp and status icons. Now you may disable it to make conversation less cluttered and show it only when is needed
    ● many bug fixes and improvments in chatheads

    BETA 35:
    ● ADDED: chatheads: expand on new message when screen is locked option in settings
    ● ADDED: chatheads: ability to disable unread animation
    ● FIXED: chatheads: exapands on new message (when autoclose is not set)
    ● FIXED: chatheads: FCs for autoclose ticker

    BETA 34:
    ● ADDED: chatheads over lock screen and and a lot more

    ● FIXED: Known FCs
    ● CHANGED: Chatheads (it's first preview, WIP)
    ● ADDED: Scheduled messages (first TP, WIP)

    ● FIXED: Known FCs
    ● FIXED: Speak message doesn't work while music is playing.
    ● ADDED: Swipe up to open keyboard.
    BETA 29:
    ● Bug fixes
    ● ADDED: speak message notification option (always or only when headset is connected)
    ● ADDED: Speak sender's name as a notification ringtone.
    ● ADDED: Contact details menu option in conversation.
    If you have compose new message shortcut on desktop, delete it and create new.

    Changed led colors, so it may resolve issues on some devices.
    BETA 28:
    ● Bug fixes
    ● ADDED: [LOLLIPOP ONLY] Added Heads Up to notification customizations
    ● ADDED: Archive option (ability to add archive as a swipe option).
    ● ADDED: When sending is cancelled and messege editor is empty, message is reverted.

    BETA 27:
    Bug fixes.

    BETA 26:
    ★ IMPROVED: Delayed sending
    ★ FIXED: Drafts deleting

    BETA 25:
    ● FIXED: Attachemnts issues, openning, forwarding, etc
    ● FIXED: Empty sent bubbles.
    ● IMPROVED: Popup
    ● ADDED: New popup customization options.
    ● ADDED: MMS over WiFi for Sprint 

    BETA 24:
    ● FIXED: Disappearing title in app drawer
    ● FIXED: Missing MMS wap message on download failure.
    ● FIXED: Sending sms to group.
    ● FIXED: Sending response message when rejecting incoming call.
    ● FIXED: Mute option not available when long tap on group mms conversation
    ● FIXED: timestamps in messages
    ● ADDED: Big size picture in settings/mms
    ● CHANGED: Popup look. Removed picture from titlebar.

    BETA 23:
    ADDED: Walkaround xposed swipeback module bug, that causes FC in YAATA.
    ADDED: Picture size and quality settings.

    BETA 22:
    FIXED: Rotation bug.

    BETA 21:
    Bug fixes.

    BETA 20:
    FIXED: Taking picture.
    FIXED: Closing popup after message sent.

    BETA 19:
    ADDED: Possibility to disable mic button.
    ADDED: Deleivery report icons in conversation list.
    ADDED: Possibility to change preview alignment.

    BETA 18:
    ADDED: In-app audio recording. Long tap mic. icon to record audio.
    ADDED: "Hurry up messages", ability to play attached audio file as a ringtone. It must be enabled for contact, from which want to receive these messages.
    ADDED: Countdown timer for delayed sending.
    FIXED: Delayed sending.

    BETA 17:
    ADDED: Forward multiple text messages.
    ADDED: Resend option to "not sent" error message.
    ADDED: Forward and resend multi attachment mmses.
    FIXED: "not sent" error message.
    FIXED: Downloading mms.

    BETA 16:
    FIXED: FC on resend,

    BETA 15:
    Bug fixes.

    BETA 14:
    ADDED: Possibility to select message text and copy to clipboard or message editor.
    FIXED: Crash when creating chathead shortcut.
    FIXED:Not appearing pictures in last sent mms.
    FIXED: Not appearing popup.
    FIXED: Some FCs

    BETA 13:
    - FIXED: Download MMS issue when screein is off
    - FIXED: Screen unlock.
    - FIXED: Some popup issues.
    - CHANGED: Message counter position in title bar.
    - CHANGED: Default colors for dark theme.
    - CHANGED: Cleaned settings/advanced.
    - ADDED: Reset to defaults option in settings menu.
    - ADDED: Material design dialog style.
    - ADDED: Tinted statusbar and navbar.
    - ADDED: Sending video, audio and vCard.
    - ADDED: Animated GIF support.

    BETA 12
    - ADDED: Optimized opening large conversations (enable in settings/advanced).
    - ADDED: Posibility to customize datestamps.
    - ADDED: New grouping method in conversation list.
    - ADDED: Auto delete messages beyond limit. Ability to enable autodelete individually for conversation. Autodelete is triggered after send/receive message.
    - FIXED: Notification problems.
    - FIXED: Cutting off ringtones.

    BETA 11
    - Bug fixes
    - ADDED: receiving, showing video, vcard, audio attachments in mms.

    BETA 10
    - Bug fixes
    - More stable MMS downloading
    - MMS group chat bug fixes.

    BETA 9:
    - Bug fixes.

    BETA 8:
    - Bugfixes and optimizations
    - ADDED: new conversation list layout
    - ADDED: possibility to change preview size
    - ADDED: possibility to change font size for name and preview in conversation list
    - ADDED: side drawer in conversation list
    - ADDED: more thumbnail customizations (own background color, text color, possibility to show more than one letter)
    - ADDED: new quick compose shortcut layout
    - ADDED: possibility to change separately sent and received font size and style
    - ADDED: settings backup and restore
    - ADDED: possibility to disable notification ticker
    and more

    BETA 7
    - Bugfixes in MMS (...work in progress).
    - ADDED: performance options in Settings/Experimental

    BETA 6
    - ADDED: swipe chathead to bottom of screen to close chathead
    - FIXED: chatheads behavior after screen rotation
    - FIXED: minor fixes in chatheads
    - FIXED: shake sensitivity
    - FIXED: blurring own photo in conversation view
    - FIXED: improved mms upload/download
    - ADDED: showing/hiding message body editor when scrolling
    - ADDED: possibility to hide message editor in popup (see settings/notifications/popup customisation). Scroll message list up to show editor.
    - ADDED: ability to hide message counter in title bar (conversation list and conversation view)

    BETA 5:
    - Fixed: FC when trying blur bitmap on 4.0 and 4.1.
    - Fixed: Contact suggestions in compose new message.

    BETA 4:
    - Fixed: Bug when popup and screen wake up is enabled
    - Fixed: FC on devices without accelerometer
    - Fixed: FC when trying blur unsported bitmap
    - Fixed: FC when trying blur picture on devices with 4.1 and 4.0 (not supported now for these devices)

    BETA 3:
    - Added: Shake to encrypt (enable it in settings/experimental)
    - Added: Popup mode: Chathead when screen on, open popup when screen off. You need set popup again.
    - Added: Possibilty to disable "+" button in message editor. Tap own picture to open menu.
    - Added: Possibility to change chathead size.
    - Changed: Increased read buffer and time out value for MMS

    BETA 2 :
    - Added: Recheck donation status in settings
    - Added: Mark thread as unread
    - Added: Random conversation title color.
    - Fixed: FC when double tapping on chathead
    - Fixed: some minor bugs.

    BETA 1 :
    - Fixed some FC reported by testers.
    Free testing of premium features ended. Now these features are available only for donors.

    - Fixed: FC when many chathedas are opened

    Bug fixes.


    - Fixed: Freeze on app start.
    - Added: Chathead docking
    - Improved: Better preview of text mms in the conversation list (no more "(no subject)" text)
    - Added: Preview of picture message in the conversation list
    - Added: Possibility to set random color for message bubbles
    - Added: New swipe option "Open/close chathead"
    - Improved: Chat mms.
    - Improved: Pictures for group conversation
    - Added: Group members list in conversation context menu
    - Improved: Changed popup menu to context menu for conversation
    - Removed: "Keep app in ram" settings option
    - Removed: Menu icon in conversation list. Tap picture for context menu.

    Quick compose shortcut icon is needed to keep chatheads alive, so even when it is disabled in settings will be enbled when chathead is opened.
    1.0.0 released.


    Later I'll write some more words:), now I'm going sleep, I'm exhausted.
    As you have already noticed, my activity in this forum has declined. There's a reason. For over two years (almost three if we count ALPHA / BETA stage) I developed actively YAATA SMS. Due to the fact that the development of the application was not profitable enough that it could have been my main source of income, in addition to developing applications I also had a regular job. In general, so for over two years I worked two jobs (my regular work and YAATA). In the long run, it is neither healthy nor comfortable nor acceptable by my family. For this reason, I had to take a break from YAATA.
    Developing YAATA is harder work than I thought. All this time I had to deal with things that should normally take two or three people (developing, user support, marketing), I was also the developer and Product Owner. To put it briefly and bluntly at a certain point I felt exhausted, so I had to rest.

    - Bug fixes.
    - Improved: Message deteting.
    - Improved: Message details dialog window.
    I've improved mms engine, so I'm think in BETA 7 mms on Verizon will be working. I'm still working on T-Mobile mms sending issues.
    Thank you for donations and your support. In the first half of january I'll buy Nexsus 5, so I'll be up to date (now I'm still on 4.2 Xperia S) and I'll be working on "materializing" YAATA UI.
    Coming donations I'm planning to spend on books (Design Patterns, Clean Code etc), android wear (to implement android wear support) and English lessons:).

    In december app development slowed a bit (hot period in my industry, 210 working hours), but in January I will be able to devote more time to the app development.

    In the new year, I'm planning to change job for IT (this application has to help me:), and change location to place where the sun shines more than three months of the year), and if I succeed, YAATA and my future apps will be free of charge:).