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[APP][4.1+] YMusic - Listen YouTube music in background

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Aug 16, 2015
Google Pixel 5
I was thinking if is possible add download in m4a, always, with a convertitor like for mp3. However, bug from the last version: when I've finished to download something, remain a blocked notification. Same if I listen to something, if I click stop remain the notification.
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Jul 4, 2015
thanks dev!

this app is really useful, packed with a slick materiel design and simple UI
it's easy to search in app or to share a link to the app
getting around 120-150 kbps, awesome


Aug 9, 2015
First of all thanks a lot for the awesome work. I love the app.

Just a question: why the mp3 320kbs format is marked as "not recommended"? Is this format more incline to fail when downloading/converting?


Senior Member
Apr 23, 2013
So far I have been using Firetube to listen to Youtube videos. I tried this app today, and I see a lot of potential. Here are some suggestions.

1) Online playlist, or "Favorite" tab. Currently whenever I want to listen to something, I must search first. With a favorite tab to which I can add some videos, users will be able to use this app much like using Pandora radio.
2) Recently played or "History" tab, maybe with an option to disable it. Again for the same reason as above, users can start playing faster.
3) Designated screen for the player, instead of a pop up. It must be the best to use a banner, or maybe you could add a tab left to the "search online" tab. Also please add ff/rwd buttons, something like default of 10 sec and customizable.
4) Home screen similar to Youtube's home screen? showing popular (music) videos. It might give a better look.

Thank you for developing a nice app!


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Mar 26, 2016
Moto G
Redmi 9A
Hi, why some videos say "unavailable in US"? if I'm not in US...Thanx for this app

I believe that was explained somewhere (within the app? Within this thread? I don't remember) but the app uses servers hosted on the US or some such thing that limits you to content available in 'MURICA.

Something like that, if I recall correctly!

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May 14, 2014

The app has an annoyance: it starts at every boot, at least on my phone, and keeps running the service (PlaybackService). I checked and there is no broadcast receiver for the BOOT_COMPLETED, so it must be some other entry point (something GMS related?). Could you please take a look?

Version (latest as of now)
Android 6.0.1
Moto G4 Play
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    YMusic - YouTube Music Player & Downloader

    YMusic is a tool you can use to play YouTube video in background, and download video with variety formats (include MP3) totally FREE.
    Why do you have to load full video data while you only want to enjoy the music (audio)? YMusic helps you save a lot of bandwidth because it only load audio of the video, now you can enjoy millions music video in YouTube without worrying about data wasted.
    Main features:
    • Play YouTube video in background
    • Download YouTube with variety formats: mp3, opus, webm, mp4,...
    • Search music video easily
    • Browse trending music videos
    Experience the smart and beautiful player based on Jockey:
    • Customizable interface with 81 color combinations to choose from
    • Auto download album art, Last.fm integration for retrieving artist images and descriptions
    • Smart Playlists with fully customizable rules
    • Custom equalizers
    • Gapless playback
    • Home screen widgets
    YMusic is forked from Jockey music player, this is an awesome open source project, discover it here: https://github.com/marverenic/Jockey

    Download APK
    QR code:

    Website: https://ymusic.io
    Facebook: https://fb.me/ymusic.android

    ## YMusic v2.0.0
    ### What's new?
    • From v2.0, YMusic is forked from Jockey - an open source Music project.
    • Inherit UI from Jockey:
      • Colorful theming, you can customize color of the app
      • Dark/Light background, protect your eye with auto background color.
      • Easy browse offline songs, devided into 5 sections: playlist, songs, artists, albums, genres.
      • Now Playing panel: easy control playback with amazing gesture, change song order in now playing queue.
      • Automatically find and display album art from Last.fm
      • Create/manage smart playlist
      • Beautiful notification with album art.
    • Support **music equalizer** as well (Jockey).
    • Support sleep timer (Jockey).
    • Smart Search with autocomplete
    • Smart download: prompt Song name/album/artist if any
    • New YMusic Icon.
    ### Note:

    After install YMusic v2.0, you should uninstall the old one, because it will stop working soon.
    Who love this?

    New UI, new features, forked from Jockey.
    Coming soon... :p

    YMusic Dev

    YMusic Dev

    An development version for testing new Server, which is expected to fix these serious problem:
    1. Video not available on US: caused by YouTube. Solution: using proxy to bypass region restriction.
    2. Server down randomly at the end of months, also got error "Video not available on US". Solution: immigrate to paid server, guarantee online 99.9%, 2x faster.

    Note: This is experiment version includes latest features as well as bug fix, and even "new bug" :D , all problem please reports me via "feedback".

    Download link: https://goo.gl/NeRpuy
    • New Download managers:
      • Download multi task concurrency
      • Multi chunks per task, significantly increases download speed by number of chunk
      • Download as Mp3 format with two servers
    • Ability to tag "Artist" name to song, using for album art in future.
    • Caching network request to save data + improve performance
    • Fix can't remove notification on Kitkat devices
    • Fix various bugs about download (e.g: low level socket error,...)
    • Improve feature listen LIVE video in background

    Big Thanks to everyone who donated me via Paypal.