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[APP][4.2+][3.1.2][Discontinued/Open sourced] Wanam Xposed

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New member
Mar 13, 2016
i have wanam xposed 3.4.3 and the boot sound and volume control sound aren't disabled either they are selected in wanam. could anyone help me please? :D


Senior Member
Oct 29, 2015
i am using samsung J200G with lollipop 5.1. I activated center clock and date in status bar. but nothing changes after reboot. Actually after reboot, i can see the changes for only 1 second, and then it reverts back to the default clock position. please advice. it works but only for a second after reboot.


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Dec 14, 2011
I was hoping to get some help on installing Xposed. I realize that it has been replaced, but on the newly rooted S7 and S7 Edge, that's what is required (locked bootloader). We have to install using FlashFire, and I'm having issues. The root developer suggested I seek help here. Xposed simply won't install on a rooted phone - it looks like it installs, but then I first got the message that the frame work was not installed. I uninstalled, and try to install fresh, and it went through the process again, but now Xposed does not install at all. Secure boot is not enabled. Any ideas? TIA


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Nov 21, 2015
Frankfurt am Main
SU & BusyBox installed?

I was hoping to get some help on installing Xposed. I realize that it has been replaced, but on the newly rooted S7 and S7 Edge, that's what is required (locked bootloader). We have to install using FlashFire, and I'm having issues. The root developer suggested I seek help here. Xposed simply won't install on a rooted phone - it looks like it installs, but then I first got the message that the frame work was not installed. I uninstalled, and try to install fresh, and it went through the process again, but now Xposed does not install at all. Secure boot is not enabled. Any ideas? TIA


Do you have SU to be enabled to start at boot?
Do you have BusyBox installed?
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Aug 23, 2011
Running this on my Note 4 5.1.1

There is a new feature in 5.1.1 (upgraded from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 so I could use xposed) that fades the screen in when you bring it out of sleep/open the s-view cover. This is incredibly annoying since I don't use a lock screen and want to be at my content immediately.

I can not figure out how to disable this fade in effect.


Senior Member
Jul 9, 2013
Private mode and s health don't work anymore. I can't fix em with xsecure storage, neither from wanam itself... this is on a G901F (S5 plus) on 5.02. Any advice?


New member
Aug 6, 2016
worked for me. mostly going for the call record. only works in menu and doesn't change the add call button.

galaxy note 3 n900w8
lollipop 5.0 rooted twrp etc... (not deodexed)

xposed v85 by dkcldark (not deodexed)
latest xposed installer 3.0 alpha4

hidden flashlight settings crashes tho :( but other than that pretty kewl app.


New member
Oct 15, 2014
Persistent Data Icon

I always loved to see the network type i am connected to, even mobile data is off or on WiFi on my SGS4(I9505) running 4.3.
Can you please add persistent data icon like Wanam Xposed to work on Note 4 (N910C)
for 6.0.1?
Many thanks for your hardwork! :fingers-crossed:
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    Discontinued in favor of XTouchWiz for Marshmallow.
    Do NOT install it on Marshmallow devices, use XTouchWiz instead.

    If you are a developer and want to improve this module or develop your own module for TW Lollipop Roms, you can use my attached sources (Wanam Xposed L 1.3.0)

    XTouchWiz is also open source on Github if anyone wants to backport any new features/fixes to LL Roms.

    This Application let you customize your Samsung Android 4.2+ Stock firmwares, it should work with custom Roms too, but i HIGHLY recommend to use it with a Stock Rom.

    Beta Tester:
    - Follow this page
    - Register for beta testing on Google Play.

    Check here for Android Touchwiz Lollipop support.

    Features list:

    • Call Recording
    • Auto call recording (GalaxyS5 and newer devices)
    • 4 Ways Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot, Download)
    • Full Color/Transparency customization for Status bar and Notification drawer elements
    • Secure Samsung Keyboard
    • Option to keep "Add Call" button with Call recording menu
    • Disable Camera shutter sound (+Screen Capture)
    • Flashlight trough volume button UP
    • Skip Music with Volume buttons
    • Save Call Logs View
    • Enable Keyboard Symbols
    • Enable Hangouts Calls trough cellular
    • Enable Camera while calling
    • Unlimited and Customizable Multi-View support
    • Bypass Exchange Lock check (Must be enabled before account setup)
    • Notification Panel Customization
    • Long Home key behavior
    • Long Back key to kill App (+ white list)
    • Disable increasing ringtone
    • Messaging Tweaks (raise limits and conversion)
    • Disable Scrolling cache
    • Enable Full rotations
    • White/Colored Circle Battery
    • Transparent Notifications panel
    • Customize Clock format and size
    • Customize Battery text helper size
    • Customize Quick Settings buttons number per row
    • Collapse Quick Settings after toggle
    • 2 line formatted date on the panel header
    • Dark themed Multi-Window
    • Disable Boot sound
    • Customize Two line date header format
    • White/Black Email App background (Supported on some devices)
    • Transparent Quick Settings buttons background
    • Default hidden SMS logs
    • Add Call button to Logs and Contacts list
    • Disable Accounts icons on Contacts list
    • Custimize Wifi AP Clients number
    • Disable Launcher page rotation
    • Add Exit button to browser
    • SMS Automatic input mode
    • Disable Call number formatting
    • Enable unlimited Contacts joining
    • Enable Gallery Rotation trough button
    • Set default Browser view to Desktop
    • Hide Wireless charging popup
    • Hide Full Battery Notification
    • Clock position Status bar (Hide, Left, Right, Center)
    • NFC behaviors (UN/Locked on Screen ON/Off)
    • Hide Headset icon and notification bar
    • Disable TW DVFS
    • Blacklist for Application where you want to disable DVFS when it's default enabled
    • Hide Smart Stay, Alarm, NFC icons on status bar
    • Launcher: Enable Scroll wallpaper and Hide Dock labels
    • Disable Wake Home button
    • Use separate Address field on Contacts
    • Add Fast PIN unlock (to be used with caution)
    • Added SMS sent time details
    • Enable Screen ON options on Messaging App
    • Disable low Battery warning
    • Add custom carrier label on notification label
    • Set low Camera battery level
    • Change System Holo Dark/Light background
    • Acces hidden Lockscreen shortcuts menu
    • Disable SEAndroid/Knox notifications and container
    • Disable volume control sound
    • Disable low battery sound
    • Auto Disable Knox notifications when Knox Apps are installed
    • Set SELinux to Permissive mode on boot
    • ScreenShot and ScreenRecord (Requires Busybox) on Power menu (KitKat FWs only)
    • CM Numeric Circle battery (Kitkat Roms only)
    • Screen Off animation (CRT/Fade) (Kitkat Roms only)
    • Expand all notifications
    • Disable Temperature check on Camera recording and Flash
    • Enable Heads up notifications for Kitkat Builds (Optional ongoing notifications and display delay customization)
    • Support SHealth and Private mode (Disable secure storage on both Apps)
    • Disable battery and USB cover warning
    • And more to come

    Download (Kitkat).
    Download (Lollipop).

    Walkthrough video by @savadam:

    How to install:

    Video by @savadam :

    • Make sure your have a working Root access
    • Download and install Xposed framework from here. then REBOOT your device
    • Download Wanam Xposed from the PlayStore (or direct download link bellow)
    • Activate Wanam Xposed from the Xposed Installer then REBOOT your device
    • Enjoy!

    I included an Ads banner to support my work, but you can hide it from the advanced preferences, all other alternative supports are welcome, you can Donate and Rate the Application on the PlayStore.

    If you want to help translating this App, use this template, translate it to your language and upload it on this thread.

    If you have any bug to report, PLEASE follow these steps:
    • Did you read the FAQ? Please read it!
    • Explain your issue clearly, i can't guess your situation
    • What's your Rom and Device model?
    • Any installed Xposed modules, Mods or themes?
    • Upload your Xposed Logs (get it from Xposed Installer).

    Thanks to:
    Wanam Xposed FAQ

    Q: I installed the your App, but nothing happen after reboot?!
    A: Make sure you have:
    • A working Root access
    • Granted Root access to my App
    • Xposed framework installed and up to date (install it through Xposed Installer App)
    • Enabled my App on the Xposed modules list

    Q: I tried to install your App, but i'm getting a bad parsing error!
    A: Because you are NOT running the required Android version 4.2+.

    Q: Why this Application requires Root access?
    A: Because it is NOT only an Xposed module, it uses Root Access to enable many CSC features, and do noob helper checks.

    Q: Why i can't find a feature which is mentioned on the features/change-slog list?
    A: Because it is NOT compatible with your Device or Android version.

    Q:Why don't you enable this feature for my device too?
    A: Because it requires much time to port and test it (which i don't have usually), or simply i don't own a device running your Android version to debug on it.

    Q: I start the screen recording but how to stop it? i get a broken video files!
    A: You MUST have Busybox installed, and unplug any USB cable to get the Stop ticker on the notification bar.

    Q: Call recording is NOT working or i'm getting a bad recorded sound! PLZ fix it!!!
    A: Nothing to fix from my side, it depends on each device, so blame Samsung for this, it IS a Stock feature.

    Q: The hidden Torch is NOT working: PLZ fix it!!!
    A: This one is also a Stock feature, so blame Samsung for it, or try my Xposed Torch App, it does the same thing.

    Q: Why don't you make this Application available for Android 4.1.2 and GB?
    A: Because it needs a lot of time and debugging and it can NOT be done without the device on my hand.

    Q: Why don't you make my changes applied on the fly? why do i need to Reboot?
    A: Because i care about performance, applying a feature change on the fly means the related stock Method MUST be hooked on boot, which means all impacted (by my module) System Methods should be hooked on boot even if most of them are NOT used.

    Q: I'm getting some annoying Root notifications
    A: Check "Trust System User" and Uncheck "Show notifications" on SuperSU App

    Q: I'm getting a boot-loop!
    A: Flash Xposed disabler patch (you will find it on your sdcard) through CWM recovery

    Q: Does the changes persist after uninstalling the Application?
    A: You keep only the CSC features, all Xposed changes will be lost.

    Q: How to set an Element Transparency to 100% (Opacity = 0):
    A: This way:

    Change-log and Screenshots:

    - Auto call recording (For Galaxy S5 and newer devices, I can NOT port it to older TW Roms)
    - Disable Camera forced shutter sound (We do NOT rely on sound files anymore, You may need to reset your Camera settings to get shutter back)
    - Blacklisted Page buddy on heads up notifications
    - Disable Battery and USB cover warning
    - Few other compatibility fixes with the new Samsung TW (GalaxyS5 and newer)

    3.1.1 (+3.1.0):
    - Disable escalating ringtone (GS5 support)
    - Disable Secure storage on Private mode (This should let you use Private mode with Xposed)
    - Add a blacklist for DVFS (You can keep DVFS enabled except for your selected games, heavy apps...)
    - Add Spain sub-symbols on Samsung keyboard
    - Update some translations (Thanks to all translators)
    - Fixed some reported crashes
    - Minor other fixes


    - Bypass Secure Storage checks on SHealth
    - Get rid of Root commands notifications
    - Many other improvements and bugs fixes


    - Set Contacts history default view to "All Calls" (GalaxyS5 support)
    - Update the "Fake system status" implementation
    - Updated some theme features support for GalaxyS5 TW UI
    - Updated Korean translation (Thanks to Splendid)
    - Updated Knox notification support (GalaxyS5)
    - Many improvements and bug fixes


    - Speed up App loading/closing
    - Blacklisted SHealth from MV
    - Blacklisted Phone App from HeadsUP notifications
    - Call recording fix for GS5 (Thanks to DevVortex)
    - System server crash fix (Thanks to Thomashofmann)
    - Added and updated some translations (Big thanks to all translators)
    - Fixed fonts size and style overriding bug
    - Many other fixes


    - Enable Heads up notifications for Kitkat Builds (Optional ongoing notifications and display delay customization) (Thanks to MohammadAG)
    - Possible fix for Call recording and SMS logs for the GalaxyS5
    - Add R/W permission on external SdCard (If not exist)
    - Many other fixes

    - Fixed some notification elements redraw
    - Call recording support for Samsung GalaxyS5 (untested)
    - Update Korean and Russian translation (Thanks to Splendid and Combat44)
    - Few other bug fixes

    - Fixed notification element pressed color
    - Use Crop feature for image background settings (Your device must have a Crop App, most of Samsung FWs should have one)
    - Update Italian translation (Thanks to Mattiadj)
    - Few other bug fixes

    - Bypass Temperature checks on Camera recording and flash
    - Customize Heads UP background
    - Update translations (Thanks to Sandeep and Splendid)
    - Few other fixes

    - Fixed a Notification Panel Background redraw on Kitkat builds
    - Update Italian translation (Thanks to www1)
    - Few other fixes

    - Maintenance update and translations updates (Thanks to Seyaru and Hakan Guven).
    - Updated DVFS disabled implementation to support Toucwiz Kitkat

    - Added Turkish language (Thanks to Hakan Guven)
    - Fixed Long back toaster, display the App name instead of the package name
    - Few bug fixes.

    - Source code review
    - Removed some useless logs and improved exceptions logging for better bug reports
    - Force MMS connect (get MMS without manually enabling mobile data)(Thanks to ICavalera for the tip)
    - Home button long press (should support only Google Now on Kitkat)

    - Fixed SMS on Call logs regression
    - Minor bug fixes

    - Fixed Russian language (it has been updated incorrectly on 2.8.2)
    - The Call button DPI (on Logs) fix is now optional.
    - Updated Ukrainian translation (Thanks to @nasedoua)

    - Added Kitkat support for Fast PIN unlock, Hide emergency label, Hide and customize Carrier label on the Lockscreen, with a few other fixes.

    - Fixed some regressions
    - Added Ukrainian translation and updated French and Korean translations (Thanks to Splendid, Nasedoua and AlbatorV)

    - Fixed a Samsung stock bug related to Call button DPI on Call Logs
    - Added "Expand all notifications" feature (Thanks to @UgglyNoodle)
    - Few other minor fixes.

    - Bug fix for the US variants and devices using "others.xml" configs.

    - Fixed some stock upper-cased csc features values, this should fix the Camera bug on some devices.

    - Add Screen off animation (CRT/Fade) (Kitkat)
    - System them style on the Reboot dialog (Kitkat)
    - Fixed Reboot download (Kitkat)
    - Many other improvements

    - Change Color of Circle Battery (Kitkat)
    - Change Color of Circle Battery Text (Kitkat)
    - Option to add Screenshot to Power menu (Kitkat)
    - Option to add Screen Record to Power menu (Kitkat)
    - Show/Hide Reboot confirmation on 4 way (Kitkat)
    - Hide Handle Close line (Kitkat)
    - Updated French and Chinese translation (Thanks to @Albator V and @splendid)
    Android Touchwiz Lollipop support.

    Here is aTEST version of Wanam Xposed with Lollipop support (incompatible with Kitkat and bellow).


    Root is required.


    - External sdcard permissions (updated but untested)
    - Bypass Exchange device admin requirement (updated but untested)
    - Full battery notification
    - Expanded volume panel
    - Add PIN size option (4 to 16) for fast pin unlock, this is an alternative to auto password checker, cuz it takes ages on my Note 4!
    - Lock-screen carrier (customize or hide)
    - Hide lock-screen emergency button
    - Hide Wireless charging popup
    - Hide alarm clock
    - Hide airplane mode popup
    - Get rid off some outdated features
    - DVFS disabler

    Home button double tap tu run apps (Camera, SVoice...)
    Quick settings theming (icon color, background color, flat background)
    Remove Brightness bar
    Fixed volume up/down on screen off while skip media enabled
    Quick PIN unlock (4 digits)
    Notifications background
    Display 4G for LTE on status bar
    Hide Alarm clock on status bar

    Fixed a heads-up bug causing systemui crash.

    - Long back press to kill apps
    - Home long press to run apps (Camera, Google now...)
    - Updated Quick settings icons
    - Fixed some notifications elements customization
    - Fixed long back and multi-view compatibility (long back press replace MV toggle if enabled)

    Update "Skip media with volume buttons" feature.

    - Circle battery
    - Clock position
    - Fake system status (Official)
    - Private mode and SHealth support
    - Extended power menu
    - Expanded notifications
    - Remove Sfinder and quick connect bar
    - Ignore Security notifications(Knox)
    - Expanded volume panel with custom background color
    - Updated some notifications features
    - Skip media with volume buttons
    - CSC features
    - Screen off effect seems to be broken at least on my GNote4

    Other features that are not listed here are untested!

    If you report any bugs attach your xposed logs, xposed logs aren't working on Arter97 main version, i re-built xposed framework with @arter97 workaround to get back xposed logs, you can get it here.

    I built a new update of xposed framework for TW Arm 32, it's based on Rovo89 repo up to this commit + @arter97 commit "string.clear()" with his modded core-libart.jar, if you want to try, you can download it here.
    I posted a new update with initial support for Kitkat users, some features aren't yet supported, i will try to update them when i get a free time.

    - Initial Kitkat support for many broken xposed features (4 way reboot, Clock position and many other theming features...)
    - Updated Knox notification hooks (hooked the new tima selinux receiver)
    - Many other improvements
    - Hide some unsupported features on Kitkat (i will update them later)
    - Updated some translations and added Korean translation (Thanks to @splendidevelop)
    Be patient, i don't have much time to work on it this week, next week i will deodex OC5 and see how it goes.