[APP][4.2+] Latest Sony Music 9.4.8.A.0.13 {Updated 9 March 2021}

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Aug 2, 2019
Oh wow, it's working perfectly now. All that's left is to be able to show "HR" icons when playing HiRes music and it's all good to go.
Aug 16, 2013
Hi all, thanks for all the support from you guys and I will still try to update the app if I am able to work on it, cheers.

Latest Version

Album version 9.4.8.A.0.13

Universal Version That Works On Almost Any Phone Running Android 4.4+ ( Tested on Android 11 only)

Music 9.4.8.A.0.13 ( AFH )

Music 9.4.8.A.0.13( GDrive )
Thanks a lot for sharing these Ben! Never found a better music app than the Sony one, and now i'm able to use it with my new Teracube 2e phone. Cheers!
For my stock 10 Android i need to install first v.9.4.4.A.0.3 , play music, and then installed your v.9.4.8.A.0.13 and have success!
This worked for me as well, i'm also on stock android 10. Great tip, repey6!


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Jun 27, 2011
Followed the instructions and Music still crashes after 20 seconds on my Poco F1 Stock Android 10 with songs on my SD card.
Same for me. I'm done messing about with this app.

Happily I finally found another free app that I think is as good - and in some areas better - than the Sony called Oto Music.
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May 7, 2017
Hey! I am unable to sign in to google drive to be able to stream thru drive. I'm using the latest version. Also tested on one previous version which had something related to google drive in it's changelog.

Open google drive tab. Press sign in. Account selection panel appears. Click on the account. Panel goes away and the app interface is unchanged.

Edit: Also installed the app after signing it but the problem still persists.
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