[APP][4.4+] Amaze Browser - adblock, fast download & chromecast support

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May 15, 2014
App is not holding open tabs. After a while they just clear. I'm running 8.1 on Pixel 2. Any thoughts? This is my first time using Amaze, this is one of the only issue I've had with it.


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    Amaze Browser provides best experience of watching online videos. It's lightweight, fast and has clean optimized UI with all the best features in the smallest size

    Intercept videos, mp3 and other audio types as you browse the web with no time delays
    Save video/audio links, so you can use them later without re-visiting the webpages

    Fast download by using multithreading (increase the download speed into several times), built-in download manager, allow pause, resume downloads

    Support Chromecast – allow you to play videos in big screen through regular Chromecast, or listen to your favorite music with Chromecast Audio

    Use the intercepted video/audio links with other apps – this great feature gives you more flexibility – to open them directly with the best video/audio players, or in a floating window with a floating video player, to download them with the best advanced download manager, or direct them through other apps to Kodi, Raspberry Pi, Smart TV etc.

    Integrated bubble/floating mode with some unique features:
    - Open links from other apps in background and show them by tapping the bubble
    - Multi-tabs, incognito mode, access to home, bookmarks right in bubble mode
    - Switch between bubble and full browser modes without reloading pages
    - Shortcut to homescreen to launch the app directly in bubble mode (from settings > Add bubble shortcut...)

    Get rid of annoying ads*on websites and let you focus on the main content
    Surf the web in private*using Incognito Mode — Amaze Browser will not keep track of your browsing activity, passwords, caches or browsing history in this mode

    Easy to use, beautiful and optimized user interface

    - Start page
    - Bookmarks
    - Private/Incognito
    - Multi-tabs
    - No-image mode
    - Search engine switch
    - Desktop mode
    - Rendering mode
    - Customization (theme/layout)
    - Ad-block
    - Video/audio detection
    - Download manager
    - Chromecast support
    - Bubble mode

    The download link is - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sibimobilelab.amazebrowser
    What are your direct competitors and how do you outsatnd with your Amaze Browser?

    it's hard to say, there's so many browsers out there, big names like chrome, firefox etc. would not have adblocks and audio/video detection, other like UC browser has so annoying spam notifications everyday, and some of the download manager which also has audio/video detections.

    My aim is to keep it as lightweight as possible, improve audio/video detection and download and improve browsing experience, and no spams to users. I have lots of ideas for improvement I just need some more time to implement them.
    Guys, new version 2.0.2 is uploaded, here's the change log:
    - Combined bookmarks and history to start page
    - Option to set default view on start page
    - Option to use/ignore default app when clicking on "play with" button
    - Introduced app redirection list - to redirect certain domains to apps
    - Redesigned tab layout
    - Fixed Chromecast disconnection issue

    Thank you for your supporting so far
    Hi all,
    The latest and the last release in 2016 is visible on playstore, we mainly focus on updating the UI, 2 new themes - light, dark themes and mixed theme is the same one as in previous version (light theme with dark action bar)
    - We changed app name and icon (as the previous one "IDM" was a bit boring :)
    - Fixed bug when disconnecting Chromecast, last update of support library breaks some chromecast functionality, we've rolled back and wait for google to fix this bug
    - Fixed bug with swipe keyboard
    - Fixed some compatibility issues with 4.x versions of Android

    Please take a look and let us know if you like the new themes and which one you like the most :)
    Take a look at:
    The swipe tab its amazing, also the sidebar.

    Sent redmi 3S Pro

    Swipe between tabs is nice indeed. Sidebar menu is nice too, compared to drop down menu that difficult to reach in big screen. However, I prefer one sidebar that can be placed in right or left according to user preference. And it should be simple one. Slimperience's sidebar is too crowded and too animated I think.
    Anyway, I'd like to request some features for next release:
    - request desktop layout
    - wide viewport
    - keep screen on.
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