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[App][4.4+] Aurora Store - Open Source Play Store client [April 8 2021]

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Jan 31, 2019
I build ROMs, and include the stuff as part of the build process.

Regarding "write error": You are aware, that the /system partition is mounted "read-only" on a running Android system, right? So you should do such things from a running recovery with /system mounted "read-write". I assumed you did it that way.
If that is not possible, you need to remount the system partition "read-write", which requires root access (which you obviously need anyhow). Nevertheless, messing with the system partition, whilst the Android OS is running, is dangerous and can have unexpected side effects, so doing that from recovery is the method of choice.
How would I access /system with read-write permission? I do not have TWRP. I use LOS recovery.


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Dec 18, 2012
Dear @WhyOrean ,

First of all, thank you so much for this absolute jewel of an app!!!

I searched but couldn't find an answer to this question: why is download size higher for any given package compared to the Play Store? (sometimes, the difference can be substantial like 30 to 50 MB for "big" apps like office suites)
It is more noticeable when updating an app and not when installing for the first time.

Thanks again and have a great day!
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Can you add a spoof fingerprint for Android TV 9? There is currently only Android TV 7. Sony ATV or something like that
I agree - That would be a great enhancement.

Also - Don't know if its possible - But its actually quite hard to navigate in this app when using a Chromecast with google TV (Android TV). If it was ever possible to tweak it for Android TV that would be much appreciated.
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Dec 7, 2006
Does anybody know if this store supports USING in-app-purchased features?

In the past a publisher would usually publish 2 versions: A trial one and a paid one.
Many apps have shifted away from this model. Instead many just publish one which will refuse to continue working in x days. One can unlock the features again by paying in-app.

Attempting to buy the features on the phone with Aurora store doesn't work. I'd have a stock phone available as well on which I could buy the feature. But I'm not sure if that purchase would be usable on the Aurora phone as well.
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Nov 26, 2011
Xiaomi Mi A1
Redmi K20 / Xiaomi Mi 9T
That is not what I need, I need to update only selected apps (whitelist), not 'all except these' (blacklist). It would be great if the developer added such a feature. Yalp Store have such a feature but is no longer being developed.
For me the only difference is that on a whitelist you select the apps you want updated and on a blacklist you deselect them. 🤔
But anyway, the developer might agree with you.
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Sep 21, 2021
For me the only difference is that on a whitelist you select the apps you want updated and on a blacklist you deselect them. 🤔
But anyway, the developer might agree with you.
The difference is when you install a new app then by default update is disabled (whitelist) or enabled (blacklist). I need the first option.
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May 3, 2014
Does Aurora store auto-update apps? I wanted to disable an app from auto-updating but don't see such option and settings.
edit: yah nvm
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Oct 27, 2021
Not able to install clone app which is pre-installed via playstore. I tried downloading it manually but after that it is not installing clone app. Just the open button is there which directs to playstore's installed app.

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    I am trying to update Google Chrome. It errors out saying "Incompatible app".
    I have a Pixel 3a, and am running v.4.0.7(38) of the app store.
    Search forums for trichrome library. This has to match webview and chrome version. I recommend using playstore for updating chrome.
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    Aurora Store
    Unofficial Google Play client

    Disclaimer :
    Using Aurora Store with your own Google account may cause your account
    to be blacklisted, use at your own risk.

    Aurora Store is an Unofficial FOSS client to Google's Play Store, with an elegant design,
    using Aurora you can download apps, update existing apps, search for apps, get details about app tracker & adware.
    You can also Spoof your Device Information, Language, and Region to get access to the apps that are not yet available or restricted in your country or Device. Aurora Store does not require Google's Proprietary Framework to operate,

    It works perfectly fine with or without Google Play Service or microG.

    Earlier based on Yalp store, v4.0 is a Kotlin rewrite from scratch that follows
    Material Design and runs on all devices running Android 4.4 and above.

    Aurora Store is derived from the following projects, special thanks to the devs
    YalpStore | AppCrawler | SAI | Raccoon

    Important Links
    GitLab | Telegram Support Group | Telegram Channel

    Stable | Nightlies

    Special Thanks for Help & Inspiration
    Sergey Yeriomin | Nick Kountouriotis | Krzysztof Szczepański | Andreas Itzchak Rehberg (IzzySoft)

    Core Developers
    Rahul Kumar Patel

    Iacob Ionut | Radek Błędowski | Lumiq Creative

    Aurora Community Members
    Anunay | Snoop | Sicarious | My Translators | BadAss Bug Reporters | Alpha Testers & Khaleesi

    Version Information


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Aurora Store, App for all devices (see above for details)

    Source Code: https://gitlab.com/AuroraOSS/AuroraStore

    Version Information

    Created 2018-01-24
    Last Updated 2021-04-07
    Changelog : v4.0.4 (35)
    • Fix missing download entries
    • Do not allow users to install bundled apps via Native Installer
    • Updated Translations

    Changelog : v4.0.3 (34)
    • Add back search filters
    • Add back manual downloads
    • Fixed installer related issues
    • Fixed language spoof issue
    • Fixed dispenser timeout issue
    • Added support for insecure anonymous sessions
    • Fixed ABI mismatch issues on Huawei devices
    • Added options to disable ForYouPage & customize default tab
    • Bug fixes & improvements
    • Updated Translations

    Changelog: v4.0.2
    • New GPlay API
    • New improved UI
    • Better app installers
    • Theme Engine
    • Bug fixes & improvements

    Changelog : v3.0.2
    • Updated translations & added new Koffrora (Meme) locale
    • Enforced root install method to set installer as 'com.android.vending' allowing app to work that
    impose restricts if installed from other sources except Play Store.
    • Fix bugs related to search bar & search history
    • Fix bugs related to Downloader
    • Added option to view changelogs in updatable app list
    • UI improvements

    Changelog : v3.0.3
    • Sort app list in ascending order of app name
    • Enforced proxy network on download requests
    • Show update size in updatable app list
    • Disable quick notification completely if notifications are turned off

    Changelog : v3.0.4
    • Bug fixes & improvements
    • Added new locales (Asturian, Catalan and Sardinian)
    • Added new spoof location : Tokyo, Japan

    Changelog : v3.0.5
    • Bug fixes & improvements

    Changelog : v3.0.6
    • Improved legacy card style
    • Added support for TV
    • Improved Accounts and added support for 2FA
    • Fixed exodus showing old reports
    • Fixed and improved search results
    • Added new locale - Dutch
    • Updated translation

    Changelog : v3.0.7
    • Added option to use custom token dispensers (Settings->Network)
    • Added new dummy accounts & dispenser
    • Added support for Aurora Services
    • Added option to view AppInfo from list menu
    • Zip the splits to backup bundled apps
    • Bug fixes & improvements
    • Updated translation

    Changelog : v3.0.8
    • Added option to export current device info
    • Improved Search UI
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.0.9
    • Added option to install apps directly to work profile (only rooted users)
    • Added cleanup routines and image caching control routine
    • Added new locales - Punjabi, Belarusian and Norwegian Bokmål
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : 3.1.0
    • Cache apps to reduce network calls, auto clear after 3 days
    • Fix Google account login
    • Fix OBB issue for big games
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.1.1
    • Do not cache updatable apps, its fetched on each launch
    • Make installation sequential
    • Improve notifications
    • Improve app aesthetics
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.1.2
    • Fix downloads on Android 10
    • Notify user if 2FA is enabled
    • Improve dummy logins and handle rate-limit
    • Add self-update module
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.1.3
    • Fix Google login issue
    • Fix user reviews
    • Update exodus trackers list
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.1.4
    • Fixed login issues
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.1.5
    • Updated translations
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.1.6
    • Update UI
    • Fixed issues related to beta subscriptions
    • Fixed login issues
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.1.7
    • Fix a critical serialization/deserialization issue

    Changelog : v3.1.8
    • Fixed Exodus report
    • Fixed Login/No network issue
    • Fixed Splash screen issue
    • Fixed 2FA login issues
    • Fixed multiple other issues
    • Updated translations

    Changelog : v3.1.9
    • Updated translations
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.2.0
    • Updated translations
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.2.1
    • Updated translations
    • Fixed search issues

    Changelog : v3.2.2
    • Updated translations
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Changelog : v3.2.3
    • Fix root installs
    • Fix files details not being displayed

    Changelog : v3.2.4
    • Fix notifications & auto-installs
    • Fix few apps not downloading issue

    Changelog : v3.2.5
    • Fixed auto-install issues for bulk updates
    • Fixed no-network issues for Anbox setups
    • Various other bug fixes and improvements
    • Updated Translations

    Changelog : v3.2.6
    • Bug fixes and improvements
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is the difference between Aurora Store and Google PlayStore ?
    Unlike Google Play Store, Aurora doesn't track your downloads or the apps you use. We respect your privacy. Aurora is also uneffected
    by Google marking your device as uncertified or a lack of Google Apps.''

    Is Aurora Store a fork of Yalp Store ?
    Technically No, the Aurora Store v3 is written from scratch, but it does share some code from Yalp Store (the POJO xD)

    How can I report a bug or suggest something?
    You can open issues here, or you can join our Telegram Development Group Join Now

    How to Join | Contribute to Aurora Store ?

    I am open to any kind of suggestions/feature request, you can either mail me at [email protected] or ping me on Telegram.

    Why Aurora store ?
    Because PlayServices have always disappointed and are proven to be Spyware & Malicious to the end user link.
    Unfortunately, we cannot always get-by with just FOSS Apps. Aurora store helps us retrieve apps from the PlayStore repository,
    without having to trouble you and your device with Google Apps.

    If I don't need GApps, Do I need MicroG ?
    No. Aurora Store was built to access PlayStore without any kind of google services. It doesn't care if you use it with or without GApps or MicroG.

    What is the FakeStore ?
    Badly designed apps detect if PlayStore is missing and start misbehaving. The FakeStore is a stub that pretends to be as PlayStore and
    preventing the apps from crashing, as the package name for FakeStore is same as PlayStore (com.android.vending).

    Is it safe to use Aurora store ?
    Aurora is fully open source and verified by F Droid. If you're talking about the safety of the apps in the store, it just gets them from the same place
    that the Play Store would, and are verified by Google. A lot of dangerous stuff seems to sneak past them though, so as a rule of thumb, don't download anything
    which you're not sure about.

    What data does Aurora store send to Google ?
    Aurora Store does its best to send the least identifiable information possible. It does send list of package names of your installed apps (for fetching updates),
    your search queries and your downloads for obvious reasons.

    Do I need to use my own Google account to log in ?
    Nope, Aurora Store can log you in with a dummy account so that nothing gets linked to your own account.

    Why would I use my own account? Is it safe ?
    You can use your own account to download apps purchased by you or to access your wishlist. Although you may want to be careful, as Google retains
    the right to block any account, so probably use a dummy account.

    How do I login if I have 2-factor-authentication enabled ?
    You just need to get an app password from the Google dashboard and use that to login into Aurora Store.

    How do I purchase paid apps ?
    Purchase the apps from the PlayStore website, and login using your own account in Aurora Store to download them.

    Can Aurora store verify licences ?
    Not yet. All you can do at this point is pester the dev of the licenced app to give you an alternative method for verification.

    Can I use Aurora store to get paid apps for free ?
    No. Get out.

    What is the F Droid filter ?
    Since F-Droid signs APKs with its own keys, the Play Store variants of apps cannot be installed over them. The F Droid filter excludes all the apps
    it finds with F Droid signatures on your device to prevent such conflicts.

    What is the spoofing feature ?
    Spoofing allows you to pretend to be any other device at any other location in the world, to download geo-restricted apps. You can use your own custom device
    configs by dropping the .properties file in the Downloads directory (Settings -> Downloads -> Download Path).

    How does Aurora install apps ?
    Aurora Store can install apps in 3 ways

    • Manual - Whenever an app is downloaded, it will open the manual installation screen. This doesn't require root or system perms.
    • Root | System - By giving Aurora Store root or system permissions, it will automatically install apps in the background as soon as they are downloaded.
    • Aurora Services - By installing Aurora Services as system app, Aurora Store can automatically install app upon download completion in background.

    How do I use Aurora services ?
    Install Aurora Services (to system preferred), open it, do everything it says, open Aurora settings and choose Aurora Services it as install method.
    You don't need to give Aurora Store system or root grants. Aurora Services handle all install & uninstall requests in background.
    NOTE: Aurora Services support has yet to be implemented in v3.

    How to give Aurora Store|Services system permissions ?
    You need to either manually push the APKs to /system/priv-app, or install the magisk module from the group.

    Can Aurora Download and install Split or Bundled APKs ?
    Yes, with or without root.

    How can I submit/improve translations ?
    Go to POEditor, and inform me when done.
    (Although I keep track of translations progress, but in case I miss, let me know)

    Why do I have two Aurora Stores after installing the new builds ?
    Because the v3 is a completely new rewrite, it comes with a new package name. You can uninstall the older one or keep it if you want.

    Why are the versions on FDroid and XDA labs outdated? When will they be updated ?
    Aurora Store is still in a development phase right now, and only infrequent stable builds will be uploaded there (Also, FDroid's review & build process is quite lengthy).
    You can always grab the latest tests builds either from the Telegram Group or from AuroraOSS

    "Please add FDroid | Amazon App Store| Yada support"
    No, this is a PlayStore client. Which means it's for the Play store only. Different clients for different services (^_~)
    #Update : New build is up !
    Changelog : v3.1.7
    • Update UI
    • Fixed issues related to beta subscriptions
    • Fixed login issues
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    EDIT : Updated to a new build
    Hey all!

    A little update, secondary dispenser server is back!
    The primary server is still offline.

    How to enable secondary dispenser ?

    1. Go to Settings -> Networks -> Enable custom tokenizer
    2. Enter Tokenizer URL "http://www.auroraoss.in:8080"
    3. Go to accounts -> Logout -> Login
    4. Enjoy! (Optional)

    Keep calm & stay safe.