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[APP] [4.4+] Bromite - Chromium plus adblocking

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Apr 24, 2011


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Had to reset my phone installed bromite latest, tabs are back 🤬


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Nov 2, 2019
Hi everyone, I'm Brazilian and I apologize if my English is confused because I don't master this language. When clicking on the Bromite version repeatedly I was surprised by the activation of developer options mode. When clicking on the developer mode options, the tracing option appeared. In tracing, several options appeared. As I still don't know what these options are, I preferred not nothing for now. I'm waiting for your tips
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    I have started an open source project to support Chromium + custom patches for adblocking:


    What is Bromite?
    Bromite is Chromium plus ad blocking and privacy enhancements; it started as a port of NoChromo and nowadays adds more privacy-focused patches and is maintained against the latest stable Chromium.

    Development & donations
    Please join the development on Github for improvements.
    Donations are welcome and help supporting development and build server costs!

    Download & availability
    Bromite is available for download from the Bromite Official website, which points to the Github Releases for all the downloads, and via the official third-party F-Droid repository.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Does Bromite support Google Sync, Translate or Data saver?
    No. This is not a limitation of Bromite but of all Chromium-based projects in general, as general public is not allowed to use Google's APIs for free unless when using Chrome.

    Q. Does Bromite require root?

    Q. What is the SystemWebView?
    It is the core component of Android for all web page visualizations. For example when you access a new wifi network and need to activate it, that is using the SystemWebView. If you do not know what it is then you do not need to install it.

    How to enable DNS-over-HTTPS?
    See this wiki page.

    Q. Can you add dark mode/some cool themes?
    Bromite is about adblocking and privacy.

    For other F.A.Q.s see https://github.com/bromite/bromite/blob/master/FAQ.md


    Social/discussion platforms

    In the news


    NOTE: the author (@csagan5) is not posting frequently on these forums, for official information about Bromite refer to the official website and GitHub project.
    I don't see how Bromite could violate Chrome's policies since it's based on Chromium. What about all CAF/chromium based browsers? Opera, Brave, Inox, Iridium...
    But I think you should change the logo. I created the attached logo if necessary. Released under CC0 1.0 Universal license :)

    What do you mean by "make a Br logo if you can"?

    Here are two versions in green. I guess it's better to wait for csagan5's opinion before doing anything else :)

    Thanks @OSheden for your work, I truly forgot to say that after the exchange with Bruce from Google Play Team I decided to close my account (forfeiting the 25$ of course) because basically he threatened to suspend my account if I continued asking what is in violation, rather than only the app as they had done already, preventing me from making any changes already. Threatening is generally not a good sign, regardless of what platform you are publishing on. It is not a sign of a healthy ecosystem either, and Google Play is not. They have the monopoly and act as such. This means that they are very defensive and they decide the rules, and that's it. I asked in every single email Bruce to learn what is Chromium, to no extent, but it's not his fault. They told him to keep using pre-canned answers, and that's what he does.

    I do not want people to be confused with Chrome but to understand it's a fork of Chromium even by the logo (this is very common in open source world). That is both because I believe Chromium project should not die (I hope so) and because it is generally positive for open source projects to share roots and thrive in different directions.

    For the time being I do not plan changing the logo, I personally do not care about the logo - but as per tag-line, Bromite is Chromium + adblocking and some privacy-oriented patches. It is not Chrome and I have no problem making steps to make it different, but not for the Play Store.

    My decision is not much of a ragequit but rather an acknowledgement that a) it would require a massive amount of time to abide to each and every request of the reviewers and b) I do not agree with the position of "this is violating Chrome" when 100% of the Chrome team publishes the patches for Chromium under that brand. I prefer spending that time as I have been doing to maintain Bromite.

    You are probably asking: what about F-Droid? see https://github.com/bromite/bromite/issues/4

    In other news, version 63.0.3239.150 is almost finished building (~10 hours left I think) and contains some nice bugfixes.
    66.0.3359.188 has been released.

    68.0.3440.90 has been released.

    65.0.3325.230 has been released.