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Oct 15, 2014
update: Google keeps rejecting the 1.7 release even after I ripped out Youtube-support. This will take another couple of days to get in contact with the right people :(
the good news: 1.8 is almost done too :)
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Sep 5, 2015
@111kaustav111 @rockstar9411 just having problems with Google banning me entirely from PlayStore, please get the Free-Version for now from Amazon App Store until I can provide something better :(

@CadTechBGMC support for your page is included in 1.8
@NP experimental DLNA-support was added with 1.8, still have to fight the Google Play rejection :(
Thanks,keep your head-up dont let the Playstore thing discourage you.FYI Gadgethacks did a youtube review of your app on 8/1
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Oct 15, 2014
@rdp1234 @hbui8812 @fandrooid please leave a review if you like it!

to everybody:
I'm doing a boooooring bugfix release for 1.9 - but only since I did quite a lot there - during the next week.
But I ran out of interesting ideas for features. DLNA really sucks since I' haven't got any proper devices to test on (best would be one ore more SmartTVs...I've got a FireTV, so I never needed this) - That's why further development is painfull.
Could you guys think of any feature that could improve your Cast Controller-Experience? Just please dont say Roku...
Best suggestions will be implemented in 1.10 !
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Oct 15, 2014
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    I think I've got a good one for y'all!
    Cast Controller | Webvideos to Chromecast and FireTV
    In a nutshell, Cast Controller is a tiny Browser, which detects emedded videos in webpages and lets you cast them directly to your TV with a single Tap.
    Even if the UI looks like made by an 12-years-old, this little bastard excels in supplying your FireTV or AndroidTV with videos aside of the official offerings of Google and Amazon.
    Unlike similar apps, Cast Controller gets the video directly from the Browser after the site has been loaded completely and therefore handles a huge variety of video players and -sites.
    For the "enduser-oriented", official description, please refer to the App's Micropage. If you wan't the XDA-version, continue reading :)

    • Watch almost every video on the Web on your TV via Amazon FireTV or a Google Cast-enabled Device.
    • No need for any additional companion- or receiver-app on your TV.
    • Handles a huge variety of video players and -sites (see below for more information), even if videos are asynchronously loaded.
    • Working seamlessly with sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Vimeo, as well as almost every video your phone's Browser would play too.
    • Control video playback from your phone, including easy seeking in long videos with the recently added progress bar.
    • Browser with Favorites management, Autocomplete and search powered by Duckduckgo.
    • Advanced Browser features like Desktop mode, Browsing history and disabling Javascript or Cookies (PRO only - free via XDA).
    • Integrated AdBlocker and Tracking Protection for unrooted phones, safely preventing you from most annoying ads and malicious redirects (PRO only - free via XDA).
    • Play your last watched videos directly, without having to re-visit the page (PRO only - free via XDA).
    • Completely Ad-Free (PRO only - free via XDA).
    Now even more convenient!
    • You can cast to other devices like Smart TVs or Game Consoles now by sending the video to third party apps like AllCast, BubbleUPnP or LocalCast.
    • Open links directly from your favourite Browser or any other app with Share-functionality in Cast Controller.
    • New built-in Popup Blocker for both Free and PRO Version.
    • Share or copy the link of found videos, to do whatever you want with it :)
    • Build a playlist of videos (PRO only - free via XDA).

    How to use
    That's pretty simple either:
    1. Connect your phone or tablet to the same WiFi-Network your FireTV or Cast-Device is on.
    2. Available devices will pop up in the Toolbar in the top right corner. Choose a device you want to play on. If you don't see any devices, please check your connection.
    3. Visit the page where your video is located. You can type an URL or a search term into the input field.
    4. Tap the video and start it in the browser to get it recognized. If a video was found, the Action Button turns orange. Tap the Button to start playing on your TV.
    5. ??? (it may take some time for the FireTV/Chromecast to buffer the video, especially if it's a bigger one)
    6. Profit - enjoy :)
    There is also a nice Video by GadgetHacks on how to use it:

    Get PRO-version for free, exclusively on XDA
    Unfortunately, my friends are not that tech-savvy, most of them don't even know what a Chromecast is and prefer cable-TV over Netflix & Amazon Video.
    So I give away 100 free Promo Codes for the Pro-Version, exclusivly here on XDA :) Just post a reply and I will send you a coupon asap (usually within a day).
    Please notice that I can only supply you with a free PRO-Version if you get the app from Google Play, Amazon does not offer that kind of promotions.

    Where to get
    Cast Controller is available via Google Play or Amazon App Store.
    If you like it, please post a nice review and/or tell your friends, it has been recently downvoted by people who didn't knew how to use it... Maybe it's usage is not that self-explaining, I'm working on that...

    Supported sites, Limitations
    First, let's see which sites are already tested working:
    • Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitch, Vid.me, Clipfish, Veoh, Chip.de Video
    • Additionally, every site using standard HTML5 video players or an actual version of JW Player
    • Most "grey area" video streaming sites, like Streamcloud, Vidzi and you name it
    • Most big adult Tube-sites

    Confirmed broken:
    • Twitter and Vine - videos are broken in the browser, probly due to a bug in Android's built-in WebView --> trying to fix this!
    • Dailymotion and MyVideo, couldn't figure that out yet --> trying to fix this!
    • Youtube - had to remove support, as Google rejects the App otherwise.
    • Amazon Video, Hulu and Netflix, for obvious, DRM-related reasons
    • ANY kind of Flash-videos (again, for obvious reasons)

    The browser itself imposes some natural limitations as well:
    • The Desktop mode is limited to sites that are actually using seperate Desktop/Mobile versions. So called "Responsive" sites (like XDA) adapt solely on basis of your device's screen size and can therefore not be changed.
    • If you tinker to much with the settings (Cookies, Javascript, AdBlock, Desktop-mode,...), videos might not be recognized as the page lacks the ability to properly display them.

    Help me with Translations
    Cast Controller is currently available in English, German and Spanish - if you speak another one and are motivated to translate ~40 short clauses, you'd do me a huge favor!! Just PM me or leave a post.
    Naturally, I'll give you credit in the Changelog (here and in the Stores) and mention you on the Startpage (unless you explicitly don't want me to).

    Upcoming features in the next Releases:
    • Adding support for Vine, Twitter, Dailymotion, MyVideo
    • I'm open for further suggestions, just leave a post :)
    • Further improve DLNA-support --> removed with 1.10 due to performance issues and limited functionality. I'm planning to do an own App on this, which is tailored to the specific requirements of that protocol :)
    Already done:
    • DLNA, via third party apps like BubbleUPnP, AllCast & Co. --> new in 1.13
    • Autocomplete for URL input --> done, 1.7
    • On first start, the app needs some time to be set up. Instead of the blank white screen, I'll include a nice splash screen. --> done, 1.7
    • Experimental DLNA-support added --> done, 1.8, removed in 1.10
    • Open HTTP-links from other Apps (via Share) directly in the app --> done, v1.8
    • Improved Video Detection to find Videos embedded in iframes --> done, v1.8

    Erm... no thanks, I think I'm fine, seriously :) I don't want to make a fast buck with you, that's why I'm giving it away for free here. I developed this app because I had a certain need no other app could fulfill.
    However, you can help me: If you like it, please tell your friends about it and give me a good review. If not, please contact me or post your feedback here to improve it.

    Any feedback appreciated!
    Update: Version 1.9 is coming to the App Stores today, featuring a bunch of bug- und crash-fixes. You should definitively get this one!!
    @bala91 @dweekie @a.broken.star @benjimatt @gaetanolip @Kyusaku @Hubik82 @fylim @BigiD16 @reversegear
    wow so many requests, I'm flattered ;) sorry for the delay guys, I took the weekend off and weren't around until today! codes will be delivered to your inbox in a few minutes :)

    Slick app, works perfectly with my Amazon Fire TV! I've been trying so hard to find a decent implementation for sending web videos to my Fire TV. I only have a Chromecast Audio device so it's been killing me when I would see the Cast to option on videos and could only Cast to my audio receiver.
    I'm glad you like it, if you don't mind please copy/paste this to Google Play Reviews :D

    18 codes left!
    03.08.2016: found the bug and begging Google on my knees to re-enable the app. Otherwise, I'd have to do a new package name, and everybody would have to re-install and re-buy the "new" App without even knowing there is one :(

    04.08.2016: Cast Controller is back on Google Play!!!
    1.14 (12.01.2017)
    Finally made embedded videos fully accessible!
    + open embedded Videos in Browser, if they aren't recognized by the app
    * some minor, but helpful improvements

    1.13 (11.12.2016)
    Watch out for this! We've added a bunch of functionality
    + open, play or cast found videos with any other App on your phone
    + added Playlist function to store your favourite videos (PRO only)
    + added a notification with playback controls
    + share video URLs
    + copy video URL to clipboard
    + open found videos in browser
    + added Android Nougat Multi-Window support
    * URL input expands now for easier typing
    * added new AdBlock Hosts-file links
    * a bunch of improvements under the hood

    1.12 (27.11.2016)
    Browser Improvements
    * added Popup Blocker to prevent rouge Ad-Redirects (Free & PRO!)
    * improved browsing experience on single page apps like Vimeo.com
    * some other minor improvements
    # fixed many crashes

    1.11 (02.09.2016)
    Reducing Annoyance
    # fixed annoying crash in Free Version
    # fixed annoying bug with Chromecast first-time-use
    # fixed another 2 minor bugs
    * Added Spanish translations (special thanks to @Antieco)
    * updated Amazon Fling SDK to 1.3.0

    1.10 (19.08.2016)
    One for the performance!
    ~ improved overall performance - it starts quicker, gets stuck les, is more reactive and smoother to use
    - removed experimental DLNA-support to maintain compatibility to older devices

    1.9 (13.08.2016)
    Big Bug Sweeping!
    + added support for ChromeOS incl. old Chromebooks
    * updated English localization (special thanks to @NP from XDA)
    # fixed crashes with Google Cast and Amazon Fling
    # fixed issues with URL Autocomplete
    # fixed crashes on KitKat
    # fixed bug in sending feedback
    # fixed DLNA/UPnP finding unproper devices (experimental - PRO only!)
    # improved performance in many ways

    1.8 (02.08.2016)
    Better a big one!
    + Open links from other app's Share-Function directly
    + Improved Video Detection to find Videos embedded in iframes (that's some!)
    + Added experimental DLNA/UPnP-Support
    # Bunch of small fixes

    1.7 (30.07.2016)
    The "unloved by Google"
    + Added Autocomplete to URL Input for a faster browsing experience
    + Added Splashscreen, following the Android Development Patterns
    - Ouch... Artificially removed Youtube support, as Google rejects the App otherwise. Still works if you get it via Amazon App Store!

    1.6 (15.07.2016)
    New & Improved!
    * Added support for Instagram, Vimeo and Vid.me
    * Improved AdBlocker
    * Decreased the number of ads in the Free Version
    * Usability tweaks

    1.5 (28.06.2016)
    Here we go!
    * Added progressbar in controls for easy seeking in long videos
    * Improved video detection algorithm to support even more sites
    * Improved support for live streams (HLS)

    1.4 (24.05.2016)
    Thanks for the Crash Reports guys, I managed to fix all but one, which is already reported to the Google Cast team.

    1.3 (26.04.2016)
    Set Adblock enabled if it was enabled before (Pro), removed unnecessary Bluetooth permission, further improved Tablet version

    1.2 (18.04.2016)
    Fixed issues with Amazon App Store

    1.1 (15.04.2016)
    Integrated Crash-Reporting, changed faulty Icons on Tablet

    1.0 (14.04.2016)
    Hello World, it's Cast Controller! Everything fits and is working, let's roll!