[APP][4.4+]CF.lumen PRO [root] [v2.74]

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Jul 16, 2014
Hello XDA folks,

I present to you CF.lumen PRO [root] Android App.
It is a interesting app which can change the colors of your screen with the position of sun in the sky. When using CF.lumen PRO with default setting your display will have a warmer tint (liek lower color temperature) when the sun is down. This reduces the stain effect on the eyes. Blue light actually push your brain to stay awake and a lower color temperature dims the effect of blue color on the screen. It also reduces the effort that a human brain have to make in order to stay awake in the night time. Other than this there are many other things as well which include filtering of red light during the sleeping hours, light sensor and much more.

Features -

· Light sensor

The light sensor can be used to automagically adjust the color: switch to the sleep filter in full dark, or to the day filter (usually none) under bright lights.
Because light sensor quality varies wildly between devices, a calibration option is provided to experiment with.
· Color filters
Several filters are provided. Those named after a color (red, green, blue, amber, salmon) do not limit the display to those colors, but convert the displayed image to grayscale first, then display that image in levels of the selected color. This preserves details that would otherwise be lost.
Grayscale, invert colors, temperature adjustment and custom R/G/B adjustment filters are also provided.

Screenshots :




Download From Google Play : Here/B]

What’s New:

- Fix some remote control issues
- Fix issue with in-app purchases
- Hide notification from (secure) lockscreens on L
- Check free space before installing driver
- Tasker integration (Pro only)
- Android 5.0 fixes
- 64-bit fixes
- Performance improvement
- Fix UI bug where settings wouldn't open sometimes

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