[APP][4.4+] ? NFC EMV Card Reader ** PROMO CODES **

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Senior Member
Aug 14, 2012
May I please have a promo code? I would appreciate it, but if not I'm going to buy it anyway very curious app, very cool, if not then I will purchase it myself I want to see how it's reads some hotel key cards.


New member
Aug 4, 2016
Dope app man. Respect for sharing

This looks like a great app, appreciate you taking the time to develope this. Would love to test it out with a promo code if possible? Much love and I'll donate to you, promo code or not. Any preferred crypto? Send me your wallet and I'll donate if you want. If your not a crypto guy you should get a wallet anyway!!


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2011
Here we go, another one begging for a promo code :cowboy:

Pm me, if you still got some codes available, would be really appreciated.

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