[APP][4.4.x-5.x][PORT] MaxxAudio w/ 10 band EQ [DISCONTINUED]

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Sep 30, 2012
hello i have installed lineage 14.1 with audiofx for better sound but working not great at all.. can i install maxxaudio on my phone? a nexus 5x

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    This is the MaxxAudio DSP app port pulled out from Cyanogen OS with libraries.

    Huge thanks to @ricardopvz help, after going through some modifications and improvements, we finally have working MaxxAudio port. :D

    *And thanks to all testers!

    Read this first:
    1. Make a Nandroid backup as always.
    2. This is tested on CyanogenMod ROM, other ROM's might or might not work…
    3. For other devices it will works most probably on Snapdragon 801, 805 SOC.
    4. *DON'T REPORT NOT WORKING OTHER THAN SOC MENTIONED ABOVE. As it is design for OPO only, you are welcomed to try on other device, but it is at your own risk!

    -10 band equalizer

    -Depends on your ROM; basically is none, but read side notes.

    Side notes:
    -If you are gonna to use MaxxAudio DSP, *STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you disable other DSP apps (DSP Manager, Audio FX, Music FX etc.) or it may causes conflict!
    -If you are facing it stops working randomly, please try the other build or don't clear it from the recent task list.

    Other reported working models (also ROM dependent)
    -Oppo Find 7 series (S 801)
    -Motorola Moto Maxx (S 805) - credits to @Pika71
    -Motorola Moto G (S 400) - credits to @Quasar
    -LG G3 (S 801) - credits to @thelgog
    -Samsung Galaxy S5 (S 801) - credits to @jacksonfigueiredo
    -Motorola Nexus 6 (S 805) - credits to @Frozt
    -HTC One M7 (S 600) - credits to @bdizzle1686

    Installation Instructions:
    -Flash via recovery.

    CM11 4.4.4/ CM12 5.0.x build V3(.0)
    -Ported from COS 11
    -Spotify fixed!! (And any other apps that could have problems) !!

    CM12 5.0.x test build V4(.0)
    -For those who still experiencing problems with Spotify, screen off playback issue
    *Credits to @ricardopvz

    Oxygen / CM12 5.0.x / CM12.1 5.1.x Optimized new test build V4(.1)
    -Ported from COS 12, claimed to work system wide
    *Credits to @smoki3

    Oxygen / CM12 5.0.x / CM12.1 5.1.x Alternate new test build V4(.2)
    -Updated app SDK to 22
    -Compatible with 5.0 ROM's now
    *Credits to @farizazizov @AcmE85

    CM12.1 Optimized 5.1.1 test build V5(.0)
    -Reported working on Android M
    -Ported from COS 12.1
    -With removal of old version MaxxAudioFX and survive OTA updates version here.
    *Credits to @Floydfire

    A new version, better port has been released by @ahmedradaideh

    AND don't forget to thank them!



    XDA: DevDB Information:
    MaxxAudio Port, APP for the OnePlus One (see above for other supported devices)


    And all testers.

    Version Information:
    Status: Stable
    Latest Version: test build v5
    Version Release Date: 2015-08-30

    Created 2015-02-10
    Last Updated 2015-08-30
    @smoki3 @Floydfire

    Spotify fixed!! (And any other apps that could have problems) !!

    Gimme the flashable zip, pleeeeeeeease!? Btw you're awesome.

    Well, I don't see its service in running processes, even after boot :) No wonder it's not working for me...

    I don't see it either, which is weird. Even more weird is that it works for me. :confused:

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    Yay!! I fixed it!! Now it works everywhere everytime!!!
    But you need to disable all other effects apps that you might have.
    This zip removes CM AudioFX from the ROM.
    CM12s is out today! Mayby there is a newer version of audiofx that is optimised for lollipop and could work system-wide..:)

    Here i have extracted all new files from cm12s.
    Please test it and tell me if it works.
    i have already flashed your test version :D on the final version you remove only the last audioFX or improve also stability ? because i have formated my system so, i don't have this old files ;)
    It removes old AudioFX and add a script that should maintain maxxaudio even after a dirty flash of a new nightly

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    It made a mess in system.
    /system/vendor/lib/libMA3-processcode-Cortex_A9.so is not removed.
    When system started is asking which of those two AudioFX should be used, so definitely your zip does not removing successfully previous version.
    Care to explain better the mess? And also can you tell me the name of your old dspmanager and the address? Is not much constructive to say that... No mess on my phone so if you care to be helpful explain better what happened. Thanks. Next time do it by yourself if that is your attitude.
    Edit: I've fixed a typo in the script that remove libMA3-processcode-Coretex_A9.so forgot an E should remove that file now.

    EDIT2: and also the maxxaudioFX typo, so if someone downloaded before this second edit, redownload it please :)