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Aug 4, 2014
I installed GMD on my car head unit running Android 8.1
The root access prompt popped up three times and I tapped allow. But GMD says "no root access".
Any idea?


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Jun 21, 2010

If you use Android Auto and utilize Screen2Auto you'll be able to project your entire phone screen on the car screen and operate everything from there.

I found that GMD gestures also work even you make them on the car screen. Which makes it even better while you're driving.

This is one more very good reason to use this great app. And hope/want it to be continued.
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Jul 15, 2013
Hello everyone. Can someone please PM me the apk once again? Someone had sent me one a year ago but I lost it when I changed my phone.

Edit: Received. Thank you
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    Control device with mutitouch and multitask gestures similar to iPad or iPhone X. Works in all applications. Hide status bar, hide navigation bar and enjoy full screen in all apps and games.

    "For those who tend to get tired of Android's status bar, or just want more intuitive gesture-based controls on their tablet, this app is definitely worth a shot." - Android Police

    Android 4.0 (ICS) - 8.1 (Oreo) supported
    No system modifications or xposed, just a regular app.

    ★ This is free version - no ads
    ★ Gestures work anywhere on screen and all time - no triggers required
    ★ Multitask - start any application, shortcut or custom action without leaving current application
    ★ Swipe left or right to switch between running applications
    ★ Home and Back gestures that work in all apps anywhere on screen
    ★ Access LaunchPad from any app - dialog with recent apps, your applications, shortcuts and custom actions
    ★ Hide status bar and Navigation Bar - enjoy full screen in all apps and games
    ★ Custom gestures - create your own gestures to start any application, shortcut or custom action, unlimited possibilities, hundreds of possible gestures.
    ★ Assign different actions per app or even lock screen.
    ★ Browser actions - back, forward, refresh new tab, close tab, incognito tab, next/previous tab, bookmarks, find in page, search, history, jump to page start/end
    ★ It does not use overlays and does not make your apps and keyboard unresponsive like other gesture apps.

    Check XDA forum for discussion:

    All available actions:
    Applications - start assigned application, switch to previous/next running app, kill current application, start launcher shortcut(bookmark, contacts, call, sms, settings, etc), start Tasker task, LaunchPad
    Navigation - full screen (hide/show status and navigation bar), home, back, recent apps, menu, search, voice search, open notifications
    Browser actions - back, forward, refresh new tab, close tab, incognito tab, next/previous tab, bookmarks, find in page, search, history, jump to page start/end
    Buttons - home, back, menu, screen off (lock screen), Power menu, Volume
    Media and Music - Play, Pause, Stop, Volume, Mute sound
    Settings - show settings panel, toggle rotation, wifi, bluetooth
    Gestures - disable/enable gestures with gesture, exit Gesture Control

    GMD Gesture Control Lite
    If you like my application, please rate it in market. Thanks.


    Tags: Hide bar, gesture, gesture control, status bar, system bar, full screen, Honeybar, ICS, SwypePad, iPad, multitouch, multitask, multitasking
    Thanks, PhilipTD, for generous donation :highfive:
    As a sigh on gratitude I built you latest development version of Gesture Control with Lollipop support. This is the first time I'm sending someone lollipop update.
    Quite a few features do not work but still it is usable :eek:
    Please let me know if you did not receive it.

    Progress update:
    I'm currently working on Spen Control lollipop support but a lot of internal thing are common. However UI part is separate and while I updated Spen Control to 'material', GC is still holo.
    I will be releasing SPen Control first with refreshed ui and lollipop support but I want to make bigger update for GC and add/rework many things that were discussed here or I just have in mind. Some things are already implemented but need to be merged into master some still need to be done. Main idea is to clean up GC so it is more intuitive to new users but more advanced features still will be available when digging deeper into settings.
    1) One good example would be path and recorded gestures. In new version I want to join them in one dialog. So user can pick from predefined set of path gestures (swipe left, swipe right, double tap, expand, pinch, etc.) or record it but entering custom path string still will be accessible. At the moment it is confusing for new users they would they want to enter path instead of recording (pinch for example).
    2) Another example is launchpad settings. Currently its confusing that you have to select which launchpad you want to configure. In new version settings will be accessible directly from launchpad instead and configure particular launchpad.
    3) Blacklist - each gesture will have option to select apps where it is active/inactive. General blacklist will be simplified where you can select if gestures are enabled/disabled in homescreen, apps, lockscreen and keyboard.
    4) Default gestures - I will remove default gestures tab and pre-create these in User Gestures for new users. Lite version will have limited number of available actions but users still can change gestures for these actions.
    5) Settings, touch consumption, Advanced tabs, Help will be moved to menu. App will be Gestures view.
    6) Touch Consumption - after user multitouch screen several times with 3 or more fingers but do not execute any gesture app will popup a tutorial explaining touch consumption with link to settings. Now quite a few new users are confused why their effort at Fruit Ninja does not give any result.
    7) Reviewing/regrouping/fixing actions - so far I was just throwing in new actions. Some didn't work on particular android versions, others didn't work on some devices. I haven't decided how it will be done but I want to clean it up. I want to add plugins support too (downloadable from play store) so some really niche things or some bigger complex thing could be moved there.
    8) Backup/Import/Export - long time promised, its time to add it.

    While such things don't add much for experienced users it will improve overall 'quality' of the app.

    Why cant I just release an old version with lollipop support? I don't have such version. I added lollipop support to half broken/work in progress version and I intend to move forward instead of backporting it. Its not just SeLinux/root issues that needed to be fixed. Some internal Api changed, recent apps work differently, etc, etc. It will be released when ready. Family > full time job > Android (4-20 hours per week).

    GMD aka StupidIdea

    Uploaded 10.0.0-alpha to Alpha channel:

    - Android Nougat support (requires SuperSu v2.78)
    - Minor fixes

    Tested it on N6P (7.1.1) and N72013 (6.0.1). All actions, keyboard detections and per app settings should work. But I didn't test any older Android yet.
    Thanks hasenbein1966, for donation :highfive:

    Currently Launchpad and Blacklist are completely broken. UI is mix of material and holo. There are still some issues with recent apps. I will create alpha version G+ channel (without support) for lollipop version when I have more stable build.