[APP][4+][WhatsApp]Seebye Chat Heads -V3 Beta release-HeadsUp,Android Wear,Google Now


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Nov 1, 2013

short introduction

Seebye Chat Heads is an extension for WhatsApp and needs root rights.
It allows you to quickly interact with WhatsApp by using Chat Heads.
By tapping on the chat heads a menu is shown with the unread messages
and a few buttons which gives the options to open a floating popup chat,
mark the messages as read or do a quick reply.
Also it has some more functions like google now commands(beta),
personal notification sounds, etc.
Just try it out to see all features.

Version 3.0.0 Beta

How to join the open beta

1. Join this Google+-Community
2. Become a tester

Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

New Features

  • some bug fixes
  • settings restructed
  • added a shadow/border to the popup chat, so it differs from a background with the same color
  • ability to set the alignment of the chat heads
  • notification sound is also played in blacklisted apps
  • emoji ui can be closed by pressing the back key
  • emoji button added to the quick reply
  • if the emoji ui is shown, the send button will turn into an erase button
  • emojis inside the emoji ui have a fixed size, the amount columns varies from 1 to 7 depending on the screen size
  • small design changes to the popup chat
  • select the transparency of the popup chat inside the overflow menu of the popup chat, max transparency = 50%
  • blacklist is completely smooth by preloading the app icons
  • blacklist fullscreen apps (apps with transparent status-/navbars are also fullscreen apps)
  • animation on/off option removed
  • option to choose the animation duration factor added
  • option to select the color of parts of the user ui added
  • heads up
    • heads up are shown on incoming messages
    • [premium] you have the ability to reply quickly
      • fling down to expand the heads up
      • tap on a contact image to select a contact
      • fling down on a contact image to select a contact and to expand the heads up
    • chat heads are shown after the heads up faded out
  • google now (xposed required)
    • commands will be added to google now for sending whatsapp messages
    • [premium] you're able to choose aliases for your contacts
    • you're able to create your own sentences
      • Some useful informations for experienced users:
        1. you're able to use regex
        2. spaces will be replaced by
          [ \t]*
          -> spaces doesn't matter
      • little tips:

        1. some languages have different suffixes for example take this trigger sentence
          schreib(e|en|t|te){0,1} [name] [text]
          this will match for "schreib contact name text", "schreibe contact name text", "schreiben contact name text", etc.
          means the end can be "e", "en", "t" or "te"
          have to occur at least zero-times and one-time at most
          -> it's very useful if google now misunderstood you
        2. if it's to difficult just write rules like you're talking for example
          send [text] to [name]
  • android wear
    • incoming messages are shown on your smartwatch
    • you're able to create own predefined responses
      will be replaced by the contact name of the sender
    • [premium] create different predefined responses for each contact
    • buttons
      • mark read
      • quick reply
        do a quick reply by your voice or predefined responses,
        you're also able to use the google now whatsapp commands from seebye chat heads
      • forward
        forward the message by saying a contact name or select one from the displayed list
      • google now
        use the whatsapp commands from seebye chat heads
        (difference to quick reply: misinterpreted commands won't be sent)


Heads Up

Popup Chat

Google Now

Version 2.0.61


Google Play Store
Premium Unlocker

alternative download


If you want to help me, you're free to translate my app.
Translate Seebye Chat Heads


I just want to mention that the app needs root rights to work with messages of WhatsApp.
But nonroot users still can use the app for sms.

Accessibility service

Some users of Samsung devices already know it.
Samsung created a bug which lets your phone talk.
(Here you can read about.)
All in all it will not be a problem, my app will tell you how to fix the bug.

Social networks

If you want to get notified about new apps, new big features or just want to like seebye, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

I'm looking forward to get feedback from you.
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Oct 11, 2011
Lost in memory
this apps is intended for whatsapp only, yes ? [may be, just maybe you can add FB messenger, LINE or even BBM into it :good:]
so for beta version...it's good...ich mag das App..., es ist simpel...danke...macht weiter :fingers-crossed:


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Apr 21, 2011
Hey folks,
today i want to show my app.

The app is called Seebye Chat Heads.
It's an app in the beta state.
And the app needs root rights.
So there could be some bugs.
With the app you're able to use the chat heads functions of Facebook in WhatsApp.

I'm sorry. I'm not able to post it clickable.


looks nice.
but, how to change icon size?


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Nov 1, 2013
Go to the side menu.
There's a point in the list called icon size.
Now use two fingers to zoom, just like you zoom in and out in the gallery.

Thank you.
FB Messenger already supports chat heads, doesn't it?
But i thinked about integrating sms support.
So i will think about integrating more messenger.
But i haven't decided it yet.
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Oct 16, 2011
I like your app, just hate it that i can't disable the notification, and that the order of whatsapp contact is just how i don't want them... never used on top....

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Oct 27, 2011
Yes, it display contact based on when you add it to your phone.. most used ordering is better for me.. also Its pretty slow for me..

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Aug 5, 2013
It is a good idea
Appreciate your work bro!!! :) :)
Some Suggestions From my side
App is a bit slow
Chat heads are not flexible enough as in fb chat heads
No popup turns out whenever new message arrives...

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Apr 21, 2011
Go to the side menu.
There's a point in the list called icon size.
Now use two fingers to zoom, just like you zoom in and out in the gallery.
Pinch zoom, right?

Can you make toggle to zoom in or zoom out, because i have very old devices that doesnt support multitouch.

Thank you :)

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Nov 25, 2010
you should work with crazyfool_1 on a Floating Notification add on ..this would blow up super quick ...great App mate!

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I was actually just coming here to say this.. If you're interested you can add in an extension to your app, so you can take advantage of FN's chatheads and integrate the Whatsapp functionality.
PM if you're interested, you can also find the library here: https://code.google.com/p/fn-extensions-library/

Regardless though, great job. I looked into this myself and there was definitely no simple way to do it so kudos to you :)


Feb 15, 2013
Great APP, needs to get way more popular!

However, I have one problem: if i am typing, my keybord is above the typing area, so i can not see what i am typing.. Is that a common issue?

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Nov 5, 2012
Well, it's a nice idea but very very slow for now, and it'll be awesome if, when arrive the message i can see it and reply quickly, like facebook messanger.... I wait and i hope that a day you'll make this ...

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