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[APP] 4G Toggle Widget v1.2 (6/18) - w/Sense disabled + SOURCE

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Senior Member
May 22, 2008
Las Vegas
i live in a non 4g area ... the stock 4g icon would "turn on" where as this one doesnt... think it is because there is no 4g service?

i am running the cyangenmod nightly rom

....CyanogenMod can not utilize 4G that's why. :( AFAIK, toast and madcoder(i believe) are working hard on getting it working, but they are having to build everything from scratch.


Senior Member
Nov 20, 2007
Has anyone found the fix that stops the 4g Beautiful widget, From turning 4g on after a reboot? Mines is still doing it, and I always forget until I see my battery dying and notice I rebooted and didnt turn it off :confused:
Jan 1, 2007
In addition to starting 4G on boot on my (unrooted <<<ducking>>>) 3.70 Evo, turning on Airplane mode also turns on 4G.

This is true with every 4g widget I have tried except HTC's (widgetsoid and Jason Calhoun's). This is true running both Sense UI and Go Launcher.

Maybe this will help with the debugging... thanks for your efforts!