[APP][5.0.2][IR]LG QuickRemote for AOSP [1-13-15]

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Sep 24, 2014
Baldwin Park
Does it work on AOSP with different kind of apps that are intended to use the IR blaster sensor, or only the ported and optimized version of LG G3 QuickRemote app will work on it?
Examples for different apps are either SURE or Control-IT.
I'm not sure what you're asking. This is just another app. It installs/runs on almost every ROM I've tried so far including AOSP Nougat / Android 7.
Far as I know it doesn't interfere with any other IR apps.

LG G3 D851, PAC-ROM 6, Tapatalk 4.9.5


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Sep 24, 2014
Baldwin Park


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Sep 24, 2011
Hi Im Trying to install it on LG PadX v521 and the icon dosent even appear on launcher. I read it works with Nougat but nothing happens. If someone has an workaround please let me know. Thanks

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    This zip installs the QuickRemote app and enables the IR blaster to work on AOSP Lollipop ROMs for the LG G3 (and G2). Not every device or rom has been tested, so flash at your own risk.
    Credits go to @sefnap for the original G2 port, @RieGo for the original scripts, and @zzeneg for updating to the G3 versions.

    The default SELinux policy for android was changed to enforcing mode in Lollipop to increase security. This restricts the functionality of some apps, so for QuickRemote to work we have to change the SELinux policy back to permissive mode until we have a better solution.
    This zip installs an init.d script which runs at boot and sets the SELinux policy, as well as other permissions. It will also create the file /sdcard/QRemote.log, which records the SELinux policy at startup.

    --Make a backup (or at least download the uninstall)
    --Install the latest SuperSU (highly recommended)
    --Wipe dalvik/cache (just in case)
    --Flash zip in recovery (TWRP or PhilZ)
    --It may take a moment for device manufacturers to load, so be patient.

    First, make sure init.d is enabled:
    -Check for /sdcard/QRemote.log. If the file isn't there, the init.d script did not run.
    ---Enable init.d support with this app

    -If it still isn't working after enabling init.d and rebooting, verify that SELinux was set to permissive at boot in QRemote.log
    ---Try this app to set the SELinux policy instead.​
    If the QuickRemote app force closes when you open it:
    -Make sure QuicksetSDK is installed. It won't be in the app drawer, so check Setting->Apps->All
    -Clear QuicksetSDK data, delete /sdcard/Quickset Setup, reboot​

    Thanks to everyone in this thread for helping figure this thing out!
    Congratulations for making the portal news. :)
    Oh, sweet! I didn't see that!

    So, here's another update that should set SELinux to permissive on boot. It will also make a log file (/sdcard/QRemote.log) to confirm that the init.d script ran and show the SELinux policy at boot. Hopefully this will help troubleshooting.
    This is a lot of trial and error since this stuff is all new to me, so I appreciate everyone's patience and feedback.
    @op if you want help getting this to work on enforcing im willing to help
    Here's the Quickremote zip with the updated QuicksetSDK (For CM12!):


    I hope you don't mind me uploading this here @zzeneg, all credits are going to you! If you want me to, I'll take it offline immediately.

    I think it should work on any 5.0 AOSP-Rom.

    For some reason my IR-Blaster isn't working, the app launches, but the IR-Blaster just doesn't work.
    OP updated with Lollipop fix!
    Man, it's good to have this back.. Thanks, @Xerionius and @ahk31!