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May 21, 2017
My company requires storage encryption to install work profile through Microsoft Company Portal app. I am on a custom AOSP rom A12 where storage encryption is not working.
Will Island app help in this case? I mean kind of mimic/fake storage encryption so that when the company portal checks for encryption it sees the storage encrypted?


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Mar 15, 2009
Anyone having issues creating island on Galaxy? S20 stock A11 rom, magisk rooted but can't seem to get it to work.

automatic ways don't work and I've tried manual ones and still get the error " can't create user"

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    What is "Island"

    "Island" is a sandbox environment to clone selected apps and isolate them from accessing your personal data outside the sandbox (including call logs, contacts, photos and etc) even if related permissions are granted. Device-bound data is still accessible (SMS, IMEI and etc).
    Isolated app can be frozen on demand, with launcher icon vanish and its background behaviors completely blocked.

    How does it work

    Island takes advantage of the "managed profile" feature on Android 5.0+, which is the also the base of "Android for Work", to create an isolated sandbox for apps and their data.
    App needs to be cloned in Island first. Afterwards, the clone can run parallel aside from the original one. (even with different accounts signed-in) It can be frozen on demand by Island. (NO ROOT REQUIRED)
    Currently, all operations are manual in Island. There's a plan to integrate Greenify with Island to provide automatic freezing feature.

    Common use case
    • Freeze frequently woken apps. Clone it into Island and uninstall the original one outside. Then you can freeze it to fully block its background behaviors. Remember to create launch shortcut for quick de-freezing and launching.
    • Prevent permission-hungry apps from accessing your private data. Sometimes runtime-permission may not be the solution, especially if the app refuses to work without certain permissions. App clones running in Island cannot access your contacts, call logs and sniff other apps outside. But SMS and location are exceptions since they are bound to device.
    • Use two accounts of the same app parallel. Clone it into Island and login the other account inside.
    • Archive rarely used apps. Like the first case, keep them frozen until the next time you need it.
    • Hide your private apps.


    This beta version may be dangerous on some Android devices, it may cause boot-loop and even brick your device. The purpose of closed beta exclusive for advanced users is to widely test and improve the device compatibility. Don't install it on your daily device and remember to BACKUP FIRST

    Opt-in the open beta test on Google Play: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.oasisfeng.island (May take several minutes to become visible after opt-in)
    Or download the APK here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3fmjigfejcu0kko/AABJy7du0DQx2Jn_R0uQcy6Ea?dl=0
    Manual override for non-encrypted device (NO ROOT REQUIRED)

    Currently, Island will prompt that it requires device encryption to work. You need either an encrypted device or the root privilege to create the Island.

    If you don't want to encrypt your device, besides the root option, there's actually also a manual procedure to create Island on your device for advanced users.
    Execute the following commands in the shell (in exact order):

    pm create-user --profileOf 0 --managed Island
    (remember the user ID shown, usually 10, use it in the following commands to replace the "<user id>".
    If you got "Error: couldn't create User", execute setprop fw.max_users 10 first, then retry the command above.)

    pm install -r /data/app/com.oasisfeng.island-1/base.apk
    (if you get "file not found" error, use "-2" instead of "-1" in above command and execute again)

    (Android 6.0+) adb shell dpm set-profile-owner --user <user id> com.oasisfeng.island/.IslandDeviceAdminReceiver
    or (Android 5.x) adb shell dpm set-profile-owner com.oasisfeng.island/.IslandDeviceAdminReceiver <user id>

    adb shell am start-user <user id>

    If all goes well, Island will start, showing the app list.

    Now, have fun without device encryption.
    Experimental "God mode"

    In normal mode, Island only takes care of apps inside the Island space. The “God mode” is an experimental mode, in which Island takes control of ALL apps, both inside and outside Island space. For example, you can freeze any app without cloning it first.

    It is still in beta testing and not ready for average users. At present it is only recommended for advanced users who is well understanding what is going on the device and how to deal with unforeseeable troubles.

    The limitations in “God mode”:

    • App Backup (Cloud backup for app data by Google Play services) will stop working on Android 5.x~6.x. (Not an issue on Android 7+)
    • If G Suite (Google for Work) account is logged in Island, Play store will switch to work mode and you cannot install most of the apps. Log out the G Suite account will revert Play store to normal mode.

    God mode could only be setup manually:

    1. Remove all accounts and "Work profile" (which is the Island space if you have already setup normal mode of Island) in system Settings - Accounts.
    2. Execute in ADB shell:
      dpm set-device-owner com.oasisfeng.island/.IslandDeviceAdminReceiver
      If you get error message in this step, please try executing settings put global device_provisioned 0 and then above dpm ... command again, followed by settings put global device_provisioned 1. (The last command is very important, otherwise you may face status bar locked and being unable to call or SMS.).
    3. Start Island app now and it will work in God mode.

    God mode could even work together with normal mode in Island, giving you full control on apps both inside and outside of Island. Just setup God mode first and then follow the steps to setup normal mode, as mentioned above.
    Is this the same concept as MoboClean? Interested to see how it works and save more battery for all of us :)

    No, Island never repack apk file locally, which is inherently insecure for users, since all your app data (including password input) are technically in the hand of MoboClean. (The same applies to other similar tools, e.g. LBE Parallel Space)

    Instead, Island takes advantage of the underlying mechanism used by "Android for Work". This ensures that all your apps run natively in Android system and their data are securely stored in internal location of Android which is never accessible by Island. It has the same level of security as "Android for Work".
    This will be another weapon against bloatwares.